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Horrendous revelations of COVID-19



There is no dispute about the country and city where the deadly novel coronavirus had originated. The country is China and the city is Wuhan, double-hosting the powerful biological weapons’ laboratory of the Communist nation of China and the country’s biggest live animal market. However, where there seems to be a huge disagreement is how this deadly virus began in the city of Wuhan and how it spread out from there to the rest of the world sparing as much as possible the greater part of mainland China with its mammoth population.

While the official narrative maintained by the Chinese Communist Government is that the deadly virus escaped from live animals sold at Wuhan Market, the rest of the world is largely not buying it. However the Chinese Communist Government is not giving up hope to persuade the rest of the world to accept its narrative that bats sold at Wuhan live animal market are responsible for spreading the virus throughout the world. But despite her best efforts her bat narrative has so far not garnered any credibility as it hardly accounts for how the Wuhan bats released the virus in the first place, and how the government managed to contain its spread throughout mainland China only to let it loose in the west and across the world where it continues to wreak deadly havoc costing thousands of innocent lives. Out there across the world not many are willing to accept the Chinese official narrative which appears riddled with aching holes. The popular theories across the world are that the Chinese Communist party produced the virus to test the strength of her biological arsenal, or that the virus accidentally escaped from China’s biological weaponry lab at Wuhan, or that the virus originated from Wuhan live animal market but was covered up and allowed or manipulated to invade the rest of the world with deadly intent and consequences. There are many other theories on the origin and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic drawing and feeding from the conspiracy theory mindset that is rife at the present time.


But no matter what theory one may advert to, the Communist Chinese Government cannot be fully exculpated from the catastrophic pandemic that has continued to wreak havoc in the world.  No matter how China may continue to market her hypocritic innocence, she is as guilty as sin of having aided and abetted the catastrophic effects of COVID-19. At best, China is negligent on both the origin and the initial management of the spread of the virus, and at worst, she secretly launched a biological attack on some selected places in the world. Either way she is guilty as charged and must be made to pay some price for her crimes against humanity. Another scary revelation from the pandemic is that America and the west ain’t as tough as they had been pretending to be before the outbreak of COVID-19. Before COVID-19 America and their allies in the west had been boasting and stockpiling nuclear weapons for a world-ending nuclear war they have always had on their imagination. And to save themselves from the nuclear war they had been dreaming about they invested in digging up bunkers in their enclaves where they hoped to escape into when the rest of the world would be engulfed in a radiation fire which they hoped to set off when the need arose. But hardly did they know that their elaborate plans for their security would be undone and upended in an instant by a little virus.

The COVID-19 has revealed how the powerful nations of the world had for a long time engaged themselves in wild-goose chasing in their security architecture. It has therefore given them a new assignment for a new frontier in their fascination with a world-ending Armageddon. Now they have to refocus on building new arsenal against viruses of all kinds, both natural and lab manufactured The most to be pitied in this new reality revealed by COVID-19 is the United States of America. For most of the 20th and 21st centuries she has presented herself as the bastion and beacon of security in the world. Since winning the bitter war of independence against the British there has hardly existed an American president who did not boast and take pride in the fact that America is the most powerful nation ever created by God. And to a great extent this has always been a truthful statement.


Until the outbreak of COVID-19 America exemplified real power that both intimidated and held the rest of the world in check. But COVID-19 appeared to have revealed the soft underbelly of America as the most powerful nation in the world. Henceforth, America’s power may have to be qualified. She might be said to be militarily the most powerful but less powerful in other areas. The number of casualties the USA has recorded as a result of the pandemic should be very humbling to her going forward. It is clear that the USA flunked the test of the pandemic at every turn. It is unreal that the most alert nation on the planet with security antennae planted across the globe was caught napping by the outbreak of the pandemic in a place it claims to have a huge watchtower outpost. No matter how President Trump tries to spin the situation recording 100,000 deaths in the virus war is a clear defeat.

Any general that loses such a huge number in a battle or war must be stripped of his rank! As it is with the USA so it is with the rest of the western world. The virus and whoever is behind its outbreak, whether by omission or commission, are teaching both the west and the USA a great lesson about security in the contemporary world. These self-acclaimed guardians of the planet must go back to the drawing board to map out strategies for the security of the planet going forward. Another important revelation from the COVID-19 pandemic is about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill and his wife Melinda had until the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic proven themselves the bastion and beacon of philanthropy both for the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
To Be Continued Tomorrow

Rev. Fr. Ihenacho is of the Ahiara Diocese, Imo State.


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