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How INEC should reply Atiku


Atiku Abubakar

Sir: I know that Arisekola Popoola knows much about gender and marital issues. I believed when he advised men to beware of women who don’t know how to say, No. The Yoruba call them, Kò mọ̀ ọ́ kọ̀ (apology to my late, much older friend, Ayinla Adegoke – aka Adegator). What about female students who conspire to tempt teachers, so as to expose them to ridicule and sack? May God Almighty save us from all of them. What I will advise Arisekola is that he should avoid using his own example, as last Sunday, which was what Ustaz Olayiwola Imam once told me, even though my being stiff-necked has not totally disappeared. Nevertheless, since the emergence of Christianity and Islam, and all the deceptions about virgin birth and Angel Gabriel (Jubril), truth has recoiled for foolery and credulity to reign, internationally. Look at how some shameless agents of the All Progressives Congress (APC) are saying that it was wrong for some agents of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to hack the server of the so-called Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)!

No, I don’t know if the server was hacked, but, can a thief complain that his or her own server was hacked? The Yoruba say talking is not sweet (odd) in the mouth of a thief’s mother. Should anything be secret about INEC’s server? When you use legalism to protect a thief, it means that Nigeria is back in the dark age of virgin birth and primitive/mythological angelic era. When the presidential/national assembly elections were postponed unduly, the President, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) said INEC would be queried after the elections.

I said the query would happen if GMB was not declared the winner. And since he was declared the winner, INEC has not been issued any query, meaning that GMB knew about the postponement and was only mocking Nigerians.

Why must the PDP be denied the same logic? Whichever way the PDP got the figures over which Atiku Abubakar was jubilating, what is important is for INEC to throw open its server and display its contents for the whole world to see. After that, Nigeria and the world at large can begin to debate whether going all out to expose a suspected thief is right or wrong. Laying bare the contents of the server is more crucial than for a suspected thief to be complaining that someone was spying on him or her. Jesus Christ is quoted as saying that nobody can get to God except through himself, but as far as Jesus of Nazareth is concerned, the law is made for human beings; not vice versa. And so, let us leave the law, momentarily, and pursue the truth that elevates a nation.
Prof Oyeniran Abioje wrote from University of Ilorin


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