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How to resolve the Biafra question




It is no longer news that a secessionist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by Nnamdi Kanu who is currently being detained by the Federal Government is seeking the separation of the South East states from Nigeria. The group wants the states to form a new country to be known as Biafra, the name by which the defunct Eastern Region was once known in 1967-1970. IPOB cites institutionalised marginalisation by the Nigerian state and state-sponsored killing of Igbo as reasons for its actions.

Successive Nigerian governments have responded with arrests, detention and outright killing of the group members. Some time ago, the Amnesty International released a damning video detailing cases where the Nigerian military under President Muhammadu Buhari killed not less than 150 members of the group inside a church and other locations in Onitsha, Anambra State on May 29/30 where the group had gathered to remember their heroes who died in the Biafra war four decades ago.

Also contained in the Amnesty report is a case where members of the Nigeria security agencies comprising police and soldiers swooped on unarmed IPOB members praying inside Ngwa high school, Aba, Abia State on February 9, 2016 and opened fire without warning, killing dozens of them and injuring hundreds.
 This, most certainly, cannot be the best way to solve the Biafra question. When a people complain of marginalisation in a country they call theirs and express a desire to secede as a result of that, it shouldn’t take the genius brain of Albert Einstein to know that the best way to attend to such a sensitive issue is not by rolling out the tanks against them. You don’t use force to keep an aggrieved partner in a relationship he/she has expressed a desire to quit. The easiest way to keep this aggrieved partner in the relationship is by addressing his/her grievances. This is what I believe the government of President Muhammadu Buhari should do with the Biafra issue.

Regardless of what anyone may think about the Biafra question, what even Buhari himself cannot dispute is the fact that some of the grievances of the IPOB group are genuine. It defies common sense that the government has repeatedly vowed never to negotiate with this unarmed group. Personally, I find it criminally offensive that a  Buhari government which is currently negotiating with the deadliest terror group in the whole world, Boko Haram, cannot bring itself to hold talks with the unarmed IPOB group which has been largely peaceful in carrying out its activities. You cannot be negotiating with the Boko Haram terror group which has killed thousands of Nigerians and displaced millions and protecting the murderous Fulani herdsmen with a strong 1000 man military taskforce while you are busy killing the unarmed and largely peaceful IPOB members. This cannot be right!

The president must understand that as an employee of the Nigerian people, he is under both moral and legal obligations to listen to grievances from every section of the country and do his best to address them. The recent launch of a military task force code-named “Operation Python Dance” in the south-east a few days after the damning Amnesty report on the extra-judicial killing of the IPOB members by the army smacks of a deliberate attempt by the Buhari government to create terrorists out of the IPOB members. That no soldier is facing trial following the damning video recently released by Amnesty International lends credence to the insinuation that the continued extra-judicial killing of the IPOB members has the blessing of Buhari. This is a moral tragedy. And it paints a very horrible picture of a government hell-bent on using soldiers trained, equipped and paid with the tax payers’ money to kill the same tax payers they are meant to protect. This is nothing short of murder.

Our conspiracy of silence over these senseless killings is becoming more nauseating than the actual crime. How can the president keep using the army against the unarmed pro-Biafran guys even when herdsmen adjudged the fourth deadliest terror group in the world are allegedly being protected by the same army despite their murderous activities all over the country? How can this be right? We need to understand that grave injustices such as these are the main reasons why the Biafra agitation has refused to go away.
The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu has been in detention for close to two years now. The government has defied a court order issued by Justice Adeniyi Ademola of Abuja high court that he be released unconditionally.

In a country where the murderous herdsmen yet walk the street as free men and high-ranking Boko Haram fighters are being released from detention, the continued detention of Kanu who has never killed a fly cannot be justified under any circumstance.
 Injustices such as this will only end up gifting the IPOB with more sympathisers. The president should as a matter of urgency release Kanu from detention and enter into talks with the IPOB. A man who wants peace must learn to talk with his enemies, not friends. Using maximum force against IPOB as the Buhari-led government is currently doing will only escalate the agitation and make the government come across as a  morally bankrupt. It might even win the ‘war’ for the government but it will certainly not win the peace which is the most important thing.
Ogbu, a social analyst, writes from Port Harcourt.

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  • Nwankwo

    Nigeria State is an estate of Fulani and they can do anything they like and get away with it. They forgot that change is constant. Charles Taylor never believed that one day he will be behind bars. Obama once thought that the world was his but in less than one month now he will be ex-president. Fulani population in this country is less than 9%. They arrived in Nigeria 200+ years ago. They destroyed indigenous culture of the Northerners and introduced their Satanic religion to them and murdered opposition. Now, they have their eyes on the entire country that is why Buhari sidelined Igbos in his government because only Igbos can ask questions of things they don’t understand. Based on what I can see on the political system of this country right now, change is about to take it’s cause naturally. No amount of hypocritical consultations of Sultan of Sokoto can stand on the way of this very divine time change.

    • Iskacountryman

      you should learn to bow to the fulas…look out your window…can you see cows?…do you hear hoof beats?

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  • Ezekiel Okeke

    Neither Buhari nor the government in this territory presently called Nigeria can or in the position of such negotiation etc. as far as Republic Of Biafra now in existence is concerned- it is not negotiable, they only have to respect it, then cordial separation now, which if not, the consequences is separation with war.

  • igboham

    Nigeria had many opportunities to build a nation out of the country Britain created. The last opportunity was the Aburi Accord which was again scuttled by the arrogance of those the wield power. It is too late unless someone could somehow bring back to life the over 3 million of those Biafrans Gowon ordered murdered for daring to be free. We can negotiate a peaceful dissolution but freedom is never negotiable, it is a gift from God. I will only restate to the writer that Biafra is not Igbo, Biafra is old Eastern region plus our brother/sisters scattered in other zones.

    • deles4u

      spot on my brother. no going back . on biafra we stand. biafra today, biafra yesterday, biafra tomorrow (biafra forever)_

    • Okorobinako

      keep dreaming.

      • AriseNigeria

        Poor parasite keep waiting and expecting Biafrans to feed you, your papa, your mama, your children and great-grand kids. “Allocation” will soon be a thing of the past, if you can’t produce, you won’t eat.

      • Kingsley Nnabueze

        Fool no one achieve that which he can’t dream about

        • Okorobinako

          Just like Hitler dreamt of having a super race that would dominate the world. Small boy.
          Same way your fathers dreamt of a Nigeria that they could rule. But today you are killed in the north, deported from the west such that decades after your foolish tally clerk Ironsi tasted power for few months, you are still crying.
          Bottom line: Stupid dreams will always be dreams. No place in reality.

          • I sigh

            An oppressor that does not know when to quit is as good as dead. We say no more to your Islamic Sharia Nigeria. Biafra is here and the 1914 marriage must be dissolved as marriage is not by force.

          • Okorobinako

            why must everyone who disagrees with you be a Muslim. I am not a Muslim.
            And for your info I support Biafra but not the greed to corner the access to sea and oil by begging Niger Delta to be part of your Ibo Biafra.
            This is not 1960s.
            Your generation do not even have the courage and wisdom to achieve that.
            You will forever be online Biafra citizens.

          • I sigh

            Saying that Igbo does not have access to see is part of your divide and rule lies and whishful thinking. The town you renamed PH is Igbo of River state and has access to see. The towns name before renaming was Igwecha. The other towns around it are Umuigbo, Umuokoroshi, Obigbo. Tell us what these names mean in HausaFulaniYoruba or anyother language in the World if not Igbo. That being said, Biafra is bigger than Igbo. There are other tribes that make up Biafra including but not limited to Igala, Idoma, Ibibio, Ijaw.

          • Okorobinako

            clap for yourself. I am not the one to be convinced. It is the Ijaws, Itshekiris,Urhobos and others you need to convince.
            You have turned your Biafra clamor to a joke .

          • I sigh

            Why are you taking Panadol for the headache of the tribes you mentioned then?

          • Okorobinako

            and who told you I don’t have a stake in the Izon nation?
            You guys are so pathetic. Ojukwu tried to coerce the Niger Delta into his mis-adventure, he failed woefully.
            Your generation don’t even know anything at all and possess no intelligence compared to your fathers, yet your fathers failed.

          • I sigh

            You exonerated yourself as not Izon while asking me to leave you alone and convince the Ijaw, Urhobo,Itshekiri and now you have turned around and become a stake holder in Ijaw. Which “YOU” should we believe? Yoruba is always everywhere on the map but actual no where on the map. Leave Egun tribal land of WW and move back to Benin Republic or Upper Volta my friend.

          • Okorobinako

            Nice one. I feel your pains. Ibo land is so dry that you must have the Niger Delta to succeed. We understand. Continue the begging. But it wont work. Biafra is for only Ibo land.
            Does anyone care if you Ibos leave? The earlier the better as your parasitic tendency is second to none.
            I did not know Yorubas own Upper Volta. Thanks for the heads-up.

            Maybe your parents did not tell you,the Yoruba nation is majorly bounded by the language.It is a nation of many tribes,abilities and talents. You see why you Ibo people will always tag behind?
            I am from the only Yoruba state where Ijaws are also Yorubas.
            Of course, your dad couldn’t have known that to have thought you.
            After the Ibo thrashing during the 3-day Ore face-off, your fathers ran nakedly into our villages waving white flags and begging not to be killed.So much for Ibo bravery.
            Of course we had pity on them and used them as house boys and domestic servants.

          • I sigh

            I have responded to you with sound rebuttal but Vanguard is withholding my comment which was polite in it’s wording. I hope they release it to debunk you.

          • Richard Wilson

            shot up my friend. port harcourt is a town inhabited by ikwerre people with lots of villages. ikwerre call the name of each of those villages rumu meaning children.the igbos call theirs umu meaning children. when we were in the same eastern region with the igbos, they now started removing the R in ikwerre rumu replacing it with ogbo umu that was why after the war, those names were reverted back to their origenal ikwerre name.not only the village names that the igbos changed. street names too were changed to igbo names. they succeeded in the name change because power was then flowing from enugu the capital of eastern nigeria.that was the major reason they lost the war.

          • I sigh

            You are a divide and rule fool. how does the Ikwerre Igbo use the word children in a sentence when speaking? Is there any book or literature known to man say 70 years ago that knows any village in Ikwerre with the prefix RUMU. The strongest identity of a tribe in Africa is language and in extention the surnames and first names before the white men came. You cannot invent a tribe within a tribe without inventing a separate language. In Igbo land from lower benue to Igweocha that you call PH dialects change every 3 kilometers or thereabout. The Imo, Abia and Anambra Igbo will understand the IGbo dialect of Ikwerre before that of Igbo dialect of Ebonyi or Nsukka. You fools that cry more than the bereaved do not even know these facts. Shut the up and know it now that the IslamicHausaFulani divide and rule with Gowan’s map is dead. All you divide and rule aim is to say that Igbo does not have access to the sea thereby land-lock to deny us self determination or weaken it, but you have failed.

          • Webber

            WHat do you mean by Ibo Biafra? I am a Niger Deltan and i crave for BIAFRA.. Have you ever heard of someone being deported in his Country? Shame on Nigeria.

  • Apeh Ifeanyi Malachy

    There is no better way to say it than this.
    You can never use for to keep a country united.
    I pray that the close aids of Buhari read this and pass it to him.

    • Xanthos1

      I don’t think he needs any aides to read this if you and I can in this information age… No leader has any excuse not to feel the pulse of his people anymore….

      • Apeh Ifeanyi Malachy

        I concur with you.
        But often times, our leaders due to their poor sense of leadership may be carried away that they may not really know what to do at a particular point in time in resolving pressing issues.

  • Nzeribe Okechukwu

    The Biafra spirit embodies the desire of the African man to be free to chart a course that guarantees a meaningful life for himself and his generation. No intimidation or mockery will kill this growing hunger. Those who were neutral are beginning to be won over because things are gradually unfolding that raises question about the genuineness of the Nigerian project.

    If you have to use force to keep your country united then your singsong about one Nigeria is a Farce. Time brings all things to manifestation. Nigeria must either restructure or break into smaller African countries. 56 years as a Country and we are still an embarrassment to the comity of nations.

  • JohnSonOfBiafra

    With Nigeria it’s all over!! Biafra all the way. And we can either do this the easy way or the hard way…and we Biafrans are ready for whichever way Nigerians and its government wants it. Biafra is my root!!

  • Augustine Dike

    The only viable alternative for Eastern region is the Republic of Biafra. Nigeria was created in faulty foundation and there is nothing that can make Nigeria to work as an entity. The earlier we understand this, the better for all of us.

    How can you live with a murderous entities that derive pleasure in shedding blood and expect them to change?

    Enough innocent blood has been shed to keep Nigeria one. It is now time to divide the country based on cultural line.

  • Okorobinako

    Typical Ibo rubbish. There will be Biafra surely. But it shall be only the for the Ibo speaking states.
    This idiots really think this is 1960s.Biafra shall be limited to the landlocked Ibo land filled with erosion and gullies.

    • Lawrenece Ifo

      Even though that you so called Igbo states is not Igboland, I just want to remind you that Botswana is landlocked while Somalia and your Nigeria is not.
      So tell me the story????

      • Okorobinako

        Are you joking? Is Botswana a country? please get serious. You know quite little of Somalia.
        The truth is being landlocked is a major shortcoming. However it does not mean a state cannot function without sea access.
        The contention is you always begging Niger Delta to go with you. This is not 1960s.

        • I sigh

          The Delta of a River means were the River empties into an ocean and in the case of River Niger, Ijaw land is the only Niger Delta. Nigeria has formulated many names to divide the Biafrans but Nigeria has failed each time. Kanu has finally destroyed Nigeria. If you like come up with EXTREME SS or DEEP Niger Delta, it is inconsequential. Tell me what Asaba, UmuIgbo or Obigbo towns in PH Igweocha means in HausaFulaniYoruba Islamic Language if not Igbo?

          • Webber

            Dont mind that Useless Idiot.. I am from Isele Ukwu.. Igbo speaking Niger Deltan and my mom is from Bonny Island and I am Biafran.. I am not a Yoruba man or Hausa man.. I am Biafran

        • Webber

          Botswana is a country not a ZOO like Nigeria… And its Landlocked.. My wife is from Botswana.. BIAFRA is here already.

          • Webber

            And their Constitution was written by a Yoruba Man..

    • I sigh

      Keep dwelling on Gowans map without knowing that every state in Biafra has Indegineous Igbo speakers among other tribes including Benue and Kogi. It is only 4 states that have 100% Igbo speakers.

  • AriseNigeria

    When we say give peace a chance, it does not mean we are afraid of war, it only means, we can avoid war through peaceful dialogue instead of using war to keep peace which resolves nothing. Common sense will tell any rationale thinking person that Nigeria cannot remain as one in this current arrangement. We have deep seated resentments that cannot be mended. We have NOTHING in common as a nation, NOTHING that is unifying. We have no common history or ancestry, religion or culture. Nigeria is a mistake that has bloody cost. We can never move forward, becuase there is nothing in the future for Nigeria. Yourba may want “one Nigeria” but does not think about anybody else but themselves, how is that “one Nigeria”? Huasa does not like or accept anyone that is not Huasa even if such a person is a muslim, so how do achieve one Nigeria? Sultan said that Igbos are not HATED, they are killed becuase they are prosperous, so Igbos need to be poor to be liked and protected? The fact remains that Nigeria is just a name that means absolutely nothing but perhaps it is means to Acquire Power, Subjugate others and ravaged economic resources of others by Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba coalition. Nnamdi Kanu has started a RESISTANCE FREEDOM MOVEMENT, as of now it is peaceful, but like I said earlier, Request for Peace does not translate the unwillingness to fight. Biafra is non-negotiable. There is too much bad blood in the system, no dialysis can purify it. LETS GO OUR SEPARATE WAYS, WE ARE NOT BROTHERS, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN BROTHERS, AND WE WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BE BROTHERS, BUT MAYBE WE CAN BE FRIENDS, BUT DEFINITELY NOT BY FORCE OR BY THREAT OF FORCE. ALL HAIL BIAFRANS,

  • William Norris

    I didn’t read any solutions, just the usual whining about being victimized. Nothing special in that since EVERY TRIBE in Nigeria is a victim of the British colony called Nigeria. The entire spirit of Biafra is that the Igbo want to have their own colony where they can be better slaves of the British.

    The present predicament of the Igbo in Nigeria is self inflicted. I’ve explained this is some detail in the past. It appears there’s still no inclination to self examination among the the Igbo. So let me be as blunt as you’re obtuse – THERE WILL BE NO BIAFRA and there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

    • Correctness

      ”THERE WILL BE NO BIAFRA and there’s NOTHING you can do about it.”- keep your fingers crossed.

      • Lawrenece Ifo

        Well said.
        Ask him what happened to his liberators and states that was created for him as a compensation for murder and abandoned property and what did he finally do about it except whining, wailing and lamenting, looking for Igbos to vent out his frustration??

    • ndubuisi

      The writer stated the solution which is diplomacy. I think you should read the text over again.

      • William Norris

        Diplomacy doesn’t apply to this case. The British didn’t create Nigeria with diplomacy.

        • ndubuisi

          So because the British didn’t create Nigeria with diplomacy that means we should not advance ourselves. People like you would still support slavery if the British didn’t put an end to it.

    • marc umeh

      I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I find it difficult to decipher the logic that underlies some of your thought. For example—“the entire spirit of Biafra is that the igbos want to have their own colony where they can be better slaves of the British “. How this relates to the struggle of the igbos to free themselves from obvious marginalization is beyond me.
      As for solution , I have made suggestion which i intend to pursue at the appropriate time starting with the fact that the igbos must elect leaders who are NOT afraid to call a spade a spade. If igbos are being slaughtered or jailed , the condemnation should come FIRST from the igbo govs and elected officials. I will not discuss my suggestions on economics here.
      So the idea that there will be no Biafra , is one informed by a myopic view of history. I guess some white racists could have prophesied that for Black America in the 1800s— you will never ever be free !!!!

      • William Norris

        Feel free to be rude if you wish.

        I’ve started this before. A shorthand repeat….

        1. Among the major tribes, the Igbo were the primary supporters of One Nigeria in the lead up to so called “independence “.

        You can Google and find many BOOKS, quotes and speeches by Awo & Sarduana vilify in the idea of One Nigeria…..but none from Zik. These 3 men enjoyed almost absolute loyalty from their people.

        So why wasn’t Zik and the Igbo supportive of TRIBAL AUTONOMY back when it mattered?


        2. The Igbo will never win because this is a dispute between BLACK AFRICANS.

        White Americans fought a Civil War among themselves and killed 500,000 of their own kind to free the Black Slaves.

        The Igbo haven’t been able to abolish their Osu Caste discrimination despite claiming 99% Christianity.

        Do you get my drift yet? Like I wrote earlier, self examination isn’t part of the Igbo character.

        • marc umeh

          Well , I could have let the sleeping dog lie but I am still nagged by your word view.
          Zik had a naive pan – African view that may be erroneous but at that time was termed progressive. So
          Are you saying that the sins of the father will be perpetually visited on their sons and daughters ?
          You said the igbos will never win because this is a dispute between black Africans. The dispute is more than that. It has taken on religious dimension.
          Have you read the history of the civil war ? If you did , then you would have noticed that the gallant Biafran soldiers came close to overrunning the west and winning the war. They were on their way to lagos through Okitipapa.
          Almost !!!
          If that had happened , history would have been different.
          As for the Osu caste system , it will never be TOTALLY eradicated. In the west racism is still there despite every effort to eradicate it. It can only be confined to a certain segment of the population.

          • William Norris

            Yes I’ve read about the war. NEARLY can’t kill a bird or win a war. The Igbo lost and they will lose again – whether in war or by diplomacy.

            Apart from that, the Igbo have already consigned themselves to servitude by their mass conversation to Christianity. Their self hatred as thus manifested means the Igbo will ALWAYS be a subjugated people. So Biafra is really a secondary issue.

            The Black African is worse than an animal. No wonder you didn’t even invent the wheel.

          • I sigh

            You are pouring out your wish without being pragmatic. Your faith designed you that way and it is foolish.

        • Lawrenece Ifo

          We don’t care about goats that regurgitates whenever they are starved in their present sate and want to remember their pleasant past meals??
          If you are Osu, it is not a bad thing and Igbos have abolished it and the true story is that they are special specie like priest that appease and belong to the God until the white men twisted the whole thing in order to destroy the core religious and ethics of Igboland. The usurpers in power then, conjured a new meaning to Osu caste and there was no political power to protect them in the new order. That was why they became like outcast. But in some part they are still revered, and the Gods they serve are still powerful and serve as agent of community justice.

          Biafra or Igbos as you like to call it did not win, not because of dispute between black Africans but because the intentional legal order and politics as at that time, was based on the principles of ‘uti possidetis’, which gave paramountcy to colonial boundaries over self-detemination.
          The sole object being to maintain harmony among various colonial interest and avoid conflict, which was at the expense of the Africans and others. It was based on conquest.

          So on that basis, groups that want to further their own agenda like the British and other colonial masters can hide under that principle. But it is no more the case. As there is what is called obligation orga omnes which imposed an obligation on all comity of Nations to take actions to further any norms of ius cojens which includes right to self-determination.

          So the Igbo character just like every other character that was attacked by alien characters cannot be examined without first of all removing the external imposed social political system which came into being and become the grand narratives of every norms, ethics and morals without the people have the opportunity and even power of resistance to examine its undertone.

          So I can sometimes, understand what you are trying to say but you sometimes overreach, digress and end up creating more problem than you pretend to solve by eliciting seemingly intelligent questions.

          This is the era of self-determination and it is not qualified by either past histories or perceived future challenges.

    • Lawrenece Ifo

      What type of solution do you want in a matter that borders on self-determination which is embodied in the peremptory norms of all Nations(ius cojens)? you seems to be ignorant of the what this dispensation entails?? Stop regurgitating on your naive past which is hurting you inside! As it has no role to play in the present!

      You seems to be obsessed with ascribing predicament to the Igbos or equating agitation for inalienable right to be a sign of being in a predicament and absence of such perceived predicament in the lives of others living in the country you murdered to have and turn around to whine and wail about?? No it is not so! That is the different is your maxima-ethical and that of Igbos!! So go and deal with that bitter reality and carry your inconsequential ranting to where it is needed in your environmental polluted enclave….hahahahahaha.

      The zoo must go down by your own making….mark my word!

      If you have been so blunt with yourself, you should have been blunt enough to make correct predictions about the outcome of your country when you forebears were murdering in vain and handing over their inheritance???? The out come have shown the emptiness of your bluntness, and on that basis therefore, the emptiness will be extend to your recent once as far as BIAFRA is concerned.


    • I sigh

      Who should you blame, but yourself for not reading the hand writing on the wall? Biafra is here.

  • ndubuisi

    The president is not going about this Biafra issue like a wise man. He seems to think that sheer force can end an agitation but it has never worked. I think the president needs to read some books about power and old Europe to know how they achieved peace after years of infighting. A wise man seeks diplomatic solutions to every problem. 5the era of using military force has never worked for Nigeria. Ken saro wiwa untimely murder created odi and odi created the niger delta militants and look at all the damages they are doing to the economy and the price subsequent governments have to pay. The boko haram menace is still bearing its fangs in our face. I hope this president won’t create another monster for subsiquent government to inherit. The best path to toe is the path of diplomacy. That’s the essence of human existence. I think our president needs to read some political science text books to understand what governance is all about. Nobody is wining these wars, rather it’s Nigeria that’s losing. God help us.

  • Prince Jude Onuchima

    If only Nigerians are lucky with the kind of leadership that rules over them. But they have been very unfortunate. I think the solution to the Biafran problem is the Nigerian State to study and borrow a leaf from Canada. our solution lies in a confederal state of governance. let’s go back to the regions as constituted before the Biafran war. Let’s have a weak central government as it was before the war. Ironsi made a fatal mistake introducing a Unitary system of government after the Nzeogwu coup. The counter coup of the Northern military jaunts against Ironsi had no other interest but to exploit Ironsi blunder in association with their civilian think tank in Kaduna. Since then Nigeria has beena mistake to the present. Buhari

    • I sigh

      Good try but your half baked solution will not solve a full blown problem created by desire to dominate through Sharia and the military. Keep Ironsi out of it because Nigeria of today is more unitary system than Ironsi era who still maintained regional government as we saw in Western, Mid western, Northern and Eastern regions then.

  • Lawrenece Ifo

    The right to self-determination is an inalienable Right which Buhari or anybody cannot take away.
    The funny thing is that Buhari and his seemingly ignorant advisers do not know the position of the world in matters that borders on a peremptory norms of all Nations(ius cojens)

    This because if they are in tune with the contemporary international politics and law on the issue of self determination, they will know that they are wrongly footed to be using force to deal with legitimate agitation for self-determination.

    As the recent indicting report by the Amnesty International with the follow up petition by sixteen members of the EU parliament should be a wake call to them before they end up like Albashir.

    Unity by force have expired!!

  • Collins amaechi

    As usual, Charles Ogbu, you nailed it.

    Let them keep shifting the goal post, our people has wholesomely made it clear to the world we seek to be regarded as biafrans.

    God has since left nigeria and what is left of it!

  • Oduche Azih

    “That no soldier is facing trial following the damning video recently released by Amnesty International lends credence to the insinuation that the continued extra-judicial killing of the IPOB members has the blessing of Buhari.”

    I put it to Mr Ogbu that it does not take the genius of Eisntein to deduce that the Nigerian military has the full blessing of Gen Buhari, for whom the civil war is not return over, to kill and main Igbo youths. For that reason, I refuse to dwell on the morality of his actions and inactions. It is all criminal. He just has to live long enough to find out.

  • Itayen P. Itayen

    u hold a country together wen u cant meet their needs. Nigeria is a joke. Flora Shaw and Fredrick Lord Lugard will never rest in peace till we are vindicated.

  • 100%Iboguy

    This writer should rather be using his talent to write comedy script for Mr Ibu or Aki and Paw Paw instead of coming to ridicule the collective intelligence of the already discredited biafran clowns.

    No responsible governor or member of house of assembly talkless of a president will ever dialogue with a group of people that think they are better than the political leadership elected by the people.

    As a matter of fact the government needs to deal decisively with the mischief makers as an example to those individuals who think they do not have to go through elections to overthrow the elected governors, council chairmen, senators and other politicians who submitted themselves to the electoral process. .