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In support of Abalaka, HIV curer



Things and events happen so fast in our clime to the extent that any ardent follower of such things and events cannot but impeach his feelings relating to them once new developments stream into his consciousness.

For a newspaper columnist, an event or report or any happening can easily be trimmed from his writing imagination and consciousness at the very moment he decides to put pen to paper and blast away. Before he knows it a great thing he wants to capture can easily become stale and no longer great as a new thing flows into the thought and vicinity of his pen or laptop.

Many matters I have been intending to dwell on here have been unexpectedly torpedoed from where they are not expected to be torpedoed – even when I try ceaselessly to subrogate or subpoena them.


Matters such as Congress of University Academics (CONUA), the “new” university union or congress that recently held its inaugural meeting at Ife (Obafemi Awolowo University); the latest development on Wadume the Taraba crook and scoundrel and his fellow scoundrels and crooks in the military and police; the N30,000 minimum wage that our governments do not want to pay to workers despite the conclusion of negotiations by all the parties; the recent report on sex-for-marks or sex-for-admission rocking one of our great universities: these matters and others were open and ready for me to reflect on before Dr. Jeremiah Abalaka’s story hopped from nowhere into my pen and lap-top with a particular and moving urgency.

Do you still remember Dr. Jeremiah Abalaka, the medical doctor and surgeon who bounced into our medical and journalistic imagination in the late 1990s as the inventor of his peculiar vaccine that could prevent and cure the much dreaded Human Immune deficiency Virus (HIV)? The inventor suddenly disappeared from our consciousness after his traducers including his medical doctor colleagues, immunologists, microbiologists, ministries of health and our federal and states governments descended heavily on him.

The narrow entries (that is one way of viewing them) did not accept his revolutionary style of medical research, composition, and engagement. Now the great man is back fully after our federal court in Abuja gave him a very clean bill of health and of medical research. Last Monday, October 07, 2019, this paper gave him a robust and lavish coverage, starting from page 1 and on to pages 54, 55, 56 and 57.

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019 this paper also did a follow-up feature piece on him on page 51. Oh, mine! Everything The Guardian gave out offers a number of brilliant investigations into Dr. Abalaka and his HIV cure.


The offerings were provocative, exacting and stupendously controversial, but everything the authors, Chukuma Munya and Nkechi Onyedika-Ugoeza, respectively issued from a remarkably sharp intelligence that forces us to equally face the truth and reality of the temperament and sharp intelligence of the brilliant, immaculately psychoanalytical medical doctor and curer of HIV made interesting reading.

Why do I believe Dr. Abalaka and support him and his claims as to the curer of HIV? The reasons are simple. His traducers and antagonists are creatures whose “pride, ego and jealousy” have locked their sane minds against Abalaka. Their main claim, factually their only claim against the inventor of candour, and of abundant humility, is that his invention was (and still is) devoid of the scientific rigour and analysis required for such an enterprise and engagement. This is balderdash. Let me speak experientially to help my case for Dr. Abalaka, the HIV curer, who needs the support of everyone including high-profile persons.

I have traditional healer-friend. He cures HIV, prostate ailment and other things. He uses plants mainly to get his cures. How do I know? A few years back a very pretty lady of bright evening yellow colour came knocking on his door. Her health problem was that she was diagnosed with HIV. She journeyed all the way from Abuja with supporting documents. How she dug out my friend, a very young man, who did not (and still does not) look like a traditional healer, I should like to keep in abeyance. The pretty lady, suffice it to say, demanded that my friend sleeps with her a number of times to prove to her that my friend’s medicine was it. They checked into a hotel for one week, all expenses paid for by the pretty carrier. My friend, the bomber that he is, bombed the bombable as the situation allowed. Let me shorten the tale: The bombed carrier was successfully treated, cured after three months or better within a three months spell, to be exact. When I asked my friend how scientific was his method he simply said that the science of his method was in its profound efficacy. Different people, men, and women, married and unmarried, flock to his “clinic” up to now, I dare say. His method is not in the domain of orthodox medicine. But this does not make him a quack.

Now, how did my friend get his healing power? His paternal grand-mother bequeathed the power to him (and his other siblings) just before their granny passed on in the eighties. What he was given his other siblings were not given and vice versa. By the way, HIV medicine my friend inherited from his grandmother is actually for the treatment and cure of AIDS. But my friend was good enough to tell me that no AIDS sufferer had come his way. Now let me underline here that I did not accept everything my friend said hook, line, and sinker. I will provide no more details in obedience to the law of silence relating to the experience recounted.


Let me give another example that is not HIV-related. Another friend of mine narrated to me the case of an Urhobo lawyer who “unscientifically” was cured of a repugnant stroke ailment in thirty minutes by an Ishan healer who happens to be a junior police officer. He is a native of Ugboha in Edo State, and he inherited the healing or curative medicine from his father. His charge was one hundred and fifty naira only (although any patient he cures could use his or her discretion to give anything on top of the mandatory little sum). Let me spare you the details of the recipes and incantations and method of the Ishan, Edo State healer that cures stroke within thirty minutes! The healing and curing process can never be scientifically and medically demonstrated and proven in line with scientific or medical ethics as our medical and dental council would wish.

Let me give one more example. Precisely four years ago, my better half had a compound fracture in her church on a drizzling Sunday morning. What caused it was as mysterious as anything can/could be. Let me not go into detail. What is important is that she was cured fully by a traditional bone expert from, again, Ugboha in the Ishan land of Edo State. This was after we made all necessary arrangements for her to be worked on by an orthodox surgeon (an elderly friend of mine) who confirmed that what she had was a compound fracture after examining her. The traditional healer’s method was unorthodox, scientifically/medically speaking, but it WORKED! For about the six months his treatment lasted (in our house he regularly visited to administer his recipe and medicine) we saw the power of the African healer. In the United States, the compound-fractured leg was given a clean bill when my better half went for a routine medical check-up.

What I am trying to do so far is to let us know that Abalaka’s method, whether or not it is subjected to scientific proof, is efficacious. The man should be left alone. The federal government should cooperate with him and compel or encourage him to prove what he must prove on his own generous terms.

Of course, he must know the implication of any false claim. His elaborate examples of great inventors whose inventions were once-upon-a-time rejected by reactionary scientists can’t escape our lens, especially since the inventions have since seen the light of acceptance. And up to now has science agreed that our earth is truly and completely round? Are there not still some people, some scientists around, who still think and believe that our earth is flat? We know that the idea that the earth is flat has been scientifically discredited 2000 years ago, but that has not stopped the rising belief in the conspiracy theory. So long as Abalaka’s method is working, all conspiracies against him will fall and fail. And we thank God that Abalaka is still alive to continue his humanitarian work despite the global gang-up against him for economic, political and egocentric reasons. And now may some good high-profile fellows start the Abalaka Movement! before a Pharaoh that knows Joseph comes.

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