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Inside Buhari’s second term in office


President Muhammadu Buhari has obviously not done well enough.

Indeed, he has not met people expectations. Also, the APC federal controlled government has not implemented some of the laudable programmes as contained in their manifestoe.

But, it’s germane to reflect on the following developments; foreign reserves have hit $47 billion and very soon, it’s on its way to $50 billion mark. Through the act of providence, oil price is presently at $72/barrel. Inflationary rate has impressively declined to 13.4%.


In the forex market, the domestic currency has stabilised to N360-361/$. Gradually and steadily, Nigerian economy is being diversified. New set of Agric Entrepreneurs are emerging across the nation.

It’s the same scenario in the IT sector where young Nigerians are breaking through on daily basis. The only major exception in the nation’s quest for diversification is solid minerals, where Kayode Fayemi performance has been abysmally low.

He has done nothing in the last three years, other than appropriating all revenues meant for the nation into private accounts.

The president has also recorded significant success in securing the nation territorial integrity, with the exception of herdsmen that are still terrorising our compatriots in Benue, Taraba, Zamfara and Yobe. We hope the president will be resolute enough to see off this scourge in the months ahead.

The president deliberately constituted battle against corruption as centre-piece of his policy, since his inauguration.

Even though, there have been incessant attacks from opposition camps that, only their members have been the target, it’s instructive to re-emphasize that the battle is not endless and must commence from somewhere.

It’s also instructive to note that of all Nigerians leaders till date, Buhari soars higher in integrity test. This perhaps account for the respect and honour he commands across the nation, most especially in his geo-political zone, North West.

It’s not that this writer is oblivious of Mr. President’s weaknesses; age, nepotism, religious fundamentalism etc, but who amongst the aspirants in APC, PDP and other opposition parties has his credentials?

Atiku Abubakar was Nigerian vice president under a tough president and one of the accomplished Army Generals the world have ever known, yet, this didn’t prevent him from appropriating sizeable chunks of nation assets unto himself.

Lets imagine him as Nigerian president and C-in-C of Armed Forces! He will be ruthless and reckless with the nation resources and also, uncontrollable.

Landmarks performance of Sule Lamido as governor of Jigawa State notwithstanding, he’s no longer to be trusted as he is presently embroiled in fraud related issue alongside with his children.

Besides, he strikes one as a personality who does not really have the heart of steel, the nation topmost job requires.

Former Kaduna Governor Ahmed Makarfi operates mostly in his cocoon. His tenure in the Senate was less salutary, as he remained a dark horse throughout.

A Nigerian president must not only have ability to command the respect and honour of all, he must have general acceptance across the nation.

It’s doubtful if Makarfi has these attributes. Ibrahim Dakwambo is youthful, vibrant and resourceful personality, at least, as his tenure in Gombe State has reflected.

But, he needs more time to assume a difficult and onerous task of Nigerian topmost job; otherwise, the nation risks a president who is susceptible to bully, all times by the Aristocrats.

The same goes for Mallam Aminu Tambuwal who in all reasonableness requires a special training in leadership if indeed, he desires the presidency.

His political antecedent reflects an unstable and unreliable personality. On his way to the leadership of House of Reps, he ditched PDP, a party that ensured his election to national assembly.

Also, as governor of Sokoto state, he’s been having nocturnal meetings with PDP top hierarchy with the sole objective of undoing his party and even, the president.

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is one of the most volatile personalities in Nigeria. Give him Nigeria to run as president, the Yorubas, Ibos and other ethnic groups would find plausible reasons to leave Nigera.

In essence, despite Buhari shortcomings, he still towers above the contenders in the crowded group in all the test of leadership; capability, stability of mind, firmness, integrity and above all, capacity to hold the nation together. To those who are oblivious of likely voting pattern comes 2019 and consequently doubt his re-election, here is a poser:

The president will record landslide victory in all the states in North West geopolitical zone. The same pattern will resonate in the South West states, particularly, with the formidable influence of APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

In the North East and Central, the president is also expected to coast home to victory, with the exception of Benue and Taraba states where there may be pockets of protest votes, consequent upon the incessant attacks of herdsmen.

Nigerians will remain shocked to their marrows, with electoral victory that would likely come the way of the president in the South East and South South geopolitical zones.

Indeed, the primary focus of this piece is not the re-election of the president but essentially, the likely events inside his second term.

His second term will herald the gestation of many laudable developmental initiatives the government have committed huge resources; Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, Lagos/Ibadan rail project, Abuja/Kaduna rail project, second Niger Bridge, flurry of investments in power sector, construction of roads network across six geo-political zones, massive investment in security architecture, investment in agricultural sector and other initiatives aimed at economic diversification as well as flurry of empowerment programs that funds have been committed.

Also, curtain might gradually be drawing on the overwhelming influence of the Obasanjos, IBBs, Danjumas etc on the nation. Their grip hold on the nation may be subject to check.

In view of the supposed orderliness and normalcy that would prevail in the APC emerging government, Nigerians should also expect harmonious and cordial relationship between the Executive and Legislative arms of the government.

The era of senate leadership deploying the instrumentality as a tool of oppression and vendetta in the pursuit of selfish interest and also, using the office to collaborate with agent of darkness and sworn government enemies to frustrate the government policy implementation might be over.

The nation should also expect the president to decentralize major governmental activities. Vice president is expected to be a major beneficiary of this initiative. This may herald a new horizon in economic and infrastructural as well as constitutional development in our nation.

We also expect the president second term to usher in massive development of Niger Delta Region in a bid to ultimately restore peace and orderliness to that part of the country.

Kola Amzat is a Consultant.

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