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Leadership: The barrack model


[FILE] Nigeria Army.<br />Photo: TWITTER/ HQNigerianArmy

Sir: Even though soldiers die at a moment’s notice, many still do for the love of fighting for the country.

When war breaks, commanding officers do not indulge foot soldiers with fairy tales but tell them eye-to-eye that they may die in battle.

Yet, many go into battle and die unquestioningly with gung-ho spirit.


How many professions are there that put country first, to die for her when duty calls?

I wish people aspiring for political offices can be mandated to go live in the barracks for weeks and attend leadership training courses delivered by top notch military strategists.

This surely will prepare folks for the art of governance, especially mission driven governance and to acquire the arty skill of working with diverse classes of Nigerian people.

The lack of which has seen the glorification of intemperate behaviours by many people. Over time, many who sit on pedestals in different professional calling have failed to secure our lives.

I do not begrudge people the right to express views but not all views are sacrosanct and, therefore the feeling of entitlement to these views must be questioned. ‪

The fight against insurgency is fought by soldiers from the microcosm of the Nigerian state and unlike other facet of society that works with the principle of and campaign for, “separate sovereignty” the military campaigns and works with the principle of the “whole”.


Anything short of that is a deviation from the military’s strict code of working as a team.

The military work in teams, while civil society work in groups, reason for group philosophy, accountable for sending countries to the netherworld.

All the wars in Nigeria (Sharia crises, militancy, Boko Haram) were caused by politicians and the military cleans up the mess of these politicians.

Military leaders have helped shaped societies. More than half of America’s presidents had military service, and Bill Clinton was even taunted for not having had a military service (he was a draft dodger).

Could we consider sending some governors and would-be politicians to the barracks to learn the art of communalism and leadership? I’m shocked to see politicians who do not dignify the offices they occupy.

Politicians must all learn to play down on their individual ego and begin to see life from the prism of “how may I impact the lives of others in our microscopic way.”

Simon Abah

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