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Of NDA and NMA: The bottom-line


Sir: Apparently, the attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy is a coup de grace to the social realities of domestic terrorism perpetrated by possible anarchists or extremists, who may well be ‘progressives’ in their own perspectives of nationhood. There is, though, a thin line between ‘bandits’ and ‘terrorists,’ and I don’t think it semantically ought to constitute some form of intellectual contestation, let alone proposition. What we ought to focus on, however, is how these deviants of national unity have taken siege and hostage of the very precinct of ‘Nigeria’s Defence.’

It’s a shame to hear – call it heresies – how some political personalities are the tree-behind-the-backyard. And, if true, it would be so perverse and callous that some ‘trusted’ politicians who are preaching unity and oneness are the ones knifing the cake – eating and having the cake – in a practical bid to renew their covenants, whatever they may be, in the corridors and verandahs of power. Making money from peasants via their kidnapped schoolchildren even struck my already distraught nerves, hearing the not-so-pitiable crackdown on the NDA. And the founders of this terrible business enterprise are, I suspect, presupposing, rather intelligently and strategically, that, first, the NDA has solely been responsible for the evil spawned by leadership dementia or dilemma; and second, even more terrifying, that the NDA is also liable to victimisation, terrorisation and usurpation. Let me hasten to add here that the sponsors are sacrificing constitutional services of key organs of government simply because of self-consummation in self-perpetuation ploys, often at the detriment of modern democratic accreditation.

On the flip side, the Nigerian Medical Association has itself threatened to join the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors. Not personally, it is inglorious that our competent medical professionals should be unpaid and, in consequence, ‘bought’ and brought to overseas where, obviously, their services are commensurately compensated, thereby leaving the healthcare system ever otiose, deficient and paralysed.

Just to be brief, Buhari, as well as the ‘jagabans,’ has got to be fully persuaded: the purveyor of trained military personnel, NDA, and the very capillary of nationhood, NMA, must be dutifully taken care of. And the strike of the NARD indeed further doubled-down on the slippery-slope of the general operation. And NARD, which is the very hope of the potpourri hoi polloi, is even more climatic of the potentially devastating neglect wrought by the elite – who’re travelling to secure medical placements abroad. How disconcerting to note that it is yet the same ‘repatriated’ Nigerians taking care of them!

Technically, unstable leadership system breeds unstable systems meant for the upkeep of the country’s national development. If Buhari and co had stayed back, thoughtfully noting that they’re contributing grossly to the GDPs of these developed countries (especially the U.K.), Nigeria would have been better off.
By Segun Ige, a freelance journalist, Lagos


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