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Why Buhari should listen to David Mark


Senate President, David Mark

Senate President, David Mark

SIR: The outgoing Senate President, David Mark, is quoted as advising the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (GMB), “to embark on genuine reconciliation of all sections of the country upon assumption of office, saying that the nation desires reconciliation of all sections.”

Mark is not necessarily a good man, but he is very clever. Hence I am enjoining GMB to take kindly to Mark’s advice, in the same way Jesus told his followers to do as the Pharisees enjoin, but not to do as the Pharisees do, since they do not practise what they preach.

Why did Mark not give the same advice to his friend, President Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ) who gave all the key positions in Nigeria (Finance Minister, Petroleum Minister, Governor of the Central Bank, and Secretary to the Federal Government) to a single ethnic group, the Igbo? Mark has been GEJ’s most powerful ally, as Nigeria’s Senate President.

There was hardly any issue going to the national assembly over which GEJ didn’t confer with Mark. But, GMB should avoid an eye for an eye.

GEJ’s intention was clear: to bribe the Igbo to support his misplaced ambition. For Mark, GEJ, and all those involved, their stomachs were their gods.

Mark’s advice should embrace rotational presidency, for Nigeria’s peace and stability. No terrorism could have overtasked Nigeria if she was united and strong. There is haram in political inequity inflicted on others.

Financial imbalance is another terrible form of haram, and it is all book (book) centered. Why did Mark see nothing wrong in the extremely wide gap between what the national law makers are getting, and what the rest of Nigerian workers are getting?

Why should parents of Nigeria’s graduates involved in the National Youth Service Corps be responsible for their children’s transportation, feeding, and lodging, while the lawmakers get so much money to relocate and settle in Abuja for their own job? Politicisation of religion is another haram that must be eradicated.

A government should pay workers well and provide infrastructure.

GMB should tell Boko Haram to come out of the Sambisa forest for reconciliation. War is prohibitive/hopeless! We wait to see if GMB will set a standard political practice.

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  • Proud Yoruba

    David Mark is bottom of the barrel scum. How can you lock out members of NASS in contravention of our laws and call yourself a law maker? Horribly corrupt man!

    • Foa

      I always enjoy Pius’s writings. He is a very sensible Nigerian.