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Life, not black and white lives


Sir: Good people build up nations. Bad people destroy fatherlands. Good people plan and sacrifice for the sake of the future but bad people believe in short-termism. There are good and bad people in every race. No race is pristinely pure without liability but good people underwrite the fault of others for the sake of humanity and they do not refer to lives as black and white.

There is no such thing as a black life. Humanity enjoys the glorification of drivel. Every human being deserves to be respected without negotiation; black and white people have red blood running through their veins not black and white blood, why refer to life as black life? Every human being breaks wind, dies, cannot live forever, and should be free.

A human being pass away when terrorists kill a Muslim or Christian and adherents of both religions shouldn’t say Muslims or Christians were killed; there is no such thing as a Muslim, Christian or Jewish lives when people die.


And so when a black man is killed in the United States of America by a white police officer, it should not be x-rayed from the prism of race but from the character of the white police officer and also the character of many black people in the news for the wrong reasons in America leading to shooting deaths of black people.

If only someone had not used a fake dollar, the attendant might not have phoned the police leading officers without character to ratify the death of a black man.

An officer with character is bound to do what is morally and ethically right, and that is to protect people without bias and such an officer moves away from stereotypes. These officers forgot about the values of the police unit that they serve.

Stereotypes about black lives shape people’s opinion and attitudes about white people and their supremacy thereof. White and black people have helped to rebuild economies, fought wars and shaped our world positively.


There is a need to campaign for modifications in laws to protect everyone especially the suffering minority that the system discriminates against, advocates should gun for real change to transform the way people live and not advocacy to denounce white people.
Simon Abah, a teacher, speaker, campaigner and consultant, wrote from Abuja.

Threats posed to the world are not carried out by only white but by all people. And those people do not think and reflect before the act. They do not even know who they are, their values. Society helps them by not setting standards for interpersonal relationships. A police officer in the line of duty therefore chooses whether to hold himself to the highest standards or not to.

Everything revolves around the character of a people and not about their race, gender, education and the pigment of their skin.
The measure of a man is sensed not at moments of comfort and convenience but in situations that tests character, a time that necessitates moral courage. A big man appreciates diversity, and that strength comes from diversity. They don’t go about killing black people after which demonstrators take to the street chanting, “Black lives matter.”

No life is black or white. No race is genetically superior. I can see the placebo, Pygmalion and delusional effects here. Lies.
Simon Abah, a teacher, speaker, campaigner and consultant, wrote from Abuja.


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