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Love above all


All those who have fecund minds will always look for ways to arrest our feculent surrounding, situation and condition quite feculent indeed and frightfully nauseating and sickeningly sickening. My God! How did we get, ride, hop or swim to where we are now? Why should I ask this question as I join others questing for a solution or solutions to what we must stop from hurting and wounding us further? The feculence in the land must fecundate my emotions to produce something arrestingly new in the endeavour to save Nigeria from Nigeria. We must prevent the wind from wounding the wind.

The poorly tackled security problems everywhere, the hunger and pain of the innocent everywhere, the stealing and stealing everywhere, the gnashing and gnashing of teeth everywhere, avoidable death and avoidable death everywhere that are unavoidable and unavoidable everywhere, how I give spiritual thoughts to them earnestly and earnestly on a daily basis creatively and in such a manner that shall, should or ought to give birth to a new kind of creativeness! Maybe I react in excess of the stimulus that prompts and propels me. Annoying thoughts plague me as some obscure obstruction prevents me authoritatively from entering where I should enter and landing where I should land.


And then the news and denial hit me. A man called Bagudu, one obscure man called Bagudu and a governor, an APC governor, somewhere in Northern Nigeria was allegedly pin-pointed as the late General Sani Abacha’s foreign money-keeper and launderer who allegedly hid some massive one hundred million dollars somewhere in New Jersey in the U.S of America. Several newspapers said so in their respective reports. It was stated that the obscure but definite keeper of vast accumulations of our money, our allegedly salted away Niger Delta money, had bargained with the United States authority for a kind of quid pro quo that kept him out of jail in a New Jersey Island. Our federal and central Minister of Justice and Attorney General and the obscure money trader and dealer on behalf of the since gone to the great beyond General Abacha allegedly had denied the charge against the central government and the obscure governor in the financial storm.

But their denial is not really what is plaguing my emotional and muscular experience. So the late General Sani Abacha lavishly looted our treasury, I wonder ceaselessly and painfully so! So his alleged corruption extended very far! And if he had not died, would we have known what we have ceaselessly been told about him! If the ruthless General of our once-upon-a-time great Army, who was a truly professionally ruthless head of state of our country, had not died ruthlessly, allegedly through mango and apple business, who would have known of the likes of Bagudu and company and their alleged feculent deals?


My God, our God, who truly knows how much our living heads of state, including our one and only military president to date, are truly worth? What they own and what they are worth are indefinite in our limited and indefinite knowledge of their vast accumulations. O General Sani Abacha, why did you leave us when and how you left us, ruthless and mirthless gentleman officer of our land, who ruthlessly dealt with our commonwealth in ways many who knew and did not know him, will be using words with different meanings to be talking about ad infinitum? You must be an unfinished analysis of the corrupt and uncorrupt ones of our land. Your loot, repatriated and un-repatriated, must appear as a law, a rule that is not made in the true form of justice by those who are now administering and re-administering it according to their precepts of justice that they are employing as a saving of time in their bogus systematization of re-administering it.

Perhaps GMB and his lieutenants are the greatest exponents of bogus systematization of questionable laws and rules relating to the utilization and re-administration of all repatriated moneys whose exact and definite figures are affairs of emotions of leaders and rulers who don’t exhibit emotions of love their people truly, sincerely need from them and which they should genuinely give their people. With love above all they do or do not do, Nigeria will develop and progress and Boko Haram and Miyetti Allah and killer-herders will vanish and cease to be. Without love we will never know the road and river to true peace. Without love we will never know true development. Boko Haram and killer-herders, whether they are Fulani or non-Fulani, will live and kill in vain. Without love Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) will breed cattle in vain and live and kill in vain the owners of the land they brazenly seize or want to seize. They cannot and will never conquer other parts of Nigeria.


They cannot and will never dip the Holy Koran in the sea. Their soothsayers’ “prophecies” and juju-people’s insurance potions and charms against bullets are deceptive prophecies and potions and charms. GMB and his lieutenants should give Nigeria and Nigerians love above all. This is the creative energy and solution to our myriad of problems. The Living Spiritual Masters including William Blake (1757-1827), English mystic, Romantic poet, painter and engraver have told me to say this to you all: leaders and the led love above all is our medicine. We need it to remove from us the pernicious effect of emotions in us all.

East, West, South- South, North West, North East, North Central, and Middle Belt, this is what will illuminate Nigeria. This seems easier said than done, but it is the powering stimulus and not a mere spiritual scaffold upon your perceptions. Love above all is real power. To create development, to create peace, to create wealth we must embrace love above all that creates creativity and the creative imagination our politics definitely needs.
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