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Nigeria: A Complex Simultaneous Equation?

By Olumuyiwa Runsewe
28 June 2015   |   2:58 am
Opuro ngbinla, oniwayo ngbiu’gbado Sinu oko t’alabosi da. E o r’aiye? -Haruna Ishola in the 70s. I AM a not a member of The Redeemed Christian Church, my Christ Apostolic Church is good enough for me! However, I have some close pastor friends, like Pastor Segun Adegbiji, Pastor Magnus Maduka and Pastor Gbolabo Ogunsanwo, who often make it their business to keep me abreast of major Events in the Church, including Audio and Video Recordings of Daddy General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye’s Sermons.


Opuro ngbinla, oniwayo ngbiu’gbado Sinu oko t’alabosi da. E o r’aiye? -Haruna Ishola in the 70s. I AM a not a member of The Redeemed Christian Church, my Christ Apostolic Church is good enough for me! However, I have some close pastor friends, like Pastor Segun Adegbiji, Pastor Magnus Maduka and Pastor Gbolabo Ogunsanwo, who often make it their business to keep me abreast of major Events in the Church, including Audio and Video Recordings of Daddy General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye’s Sermons.

There was this unforgettable Sermon of about 20 years ago, in which Baba Adeboye gave an equally unforgettable testimony about himself, concerning a very Complex Simultaneous Equation he had to solve during his Ph.D. Programme.

For those who are not into Mathematics, Simultaneous Equation is finding two or more bundles of Unknowns, usually x and y, and is usually the first topic you are taught in Algebra or Additional Mathematics. The higher you go up on the ladder of Mathematics, the more the number of unknowns you are compelled to solve.

Oftentimes, such assignments can be frightengly daunting and, more often than not, only special Brains and Minds can come out successful. Such was the plight of Baba Adeboye, during his Doctorate Programme in Mathematics.

He had to look for Answers to 18 Unknowns. Within a short time, his Sharp Brain got him the answers to 10 Unknowns. However, that euphoria was soon followed by a complete blackout.

He continued to work very hard so as to get answers to the remaining eight Unknowns but after several days of a Constant pursuit, for answers that stubbornly refused to come forth, he opted to do the predictable by embarking on a three-day Fasting and Prayers, the only Ritual he had gotten used to from his Teenage Years. On the morning of the third day, whilst having his bath, the Holy Spirit came along, and in a “still, small Voice” whispered the Solutions to four out of the remaining mental log jam.

After a few more days of “Continuing Instant in Prayers”, the Solution to the remaining four Unknowns – a fitting reward for his Faith and Constant Prayers. The bottom line of that Testimony was that no matter how Complex or Impossible a problem may look, hardwork, Prayers and Fasting would get us the solutions.

Let us, for a moment go back to that Haruna Ishola’s philosophical Masterpiece, rendered in the early 70s in honour of that Famous social Club in Ilorin,”Egbe Omowunmi”.

The song conceives of a theoretical Landscape, a large Farmland where a group of Professional Liars and Cheats were engaged in the planting of Okro vegetable and another group of professional Fraudsters, Hired killers, Kidnappers and Thieves are engaged in Cultivation of corn and other Legumes.

Ordinarily, if those two incompatible and suspicious groups appreciate and respect each others’ Nuisance Value, there would be Peace- at least that type of Peace that is akin to the Peace of the Graveyard.

However, to make matters worse, a third Force, the “Alabosi Group, suddenly shows up to lay a claim of Ownership over the Farmland and insisting that for Peace to prevail, all proceeds from the Farmland must be shared along with them and the sharing manifestly skewed in their favour! What other name can we use to describe the day-to-day relationships on such a Farmland other than “a Complex Simultaneous Equation” to which, like that Mathematical dilemma faced by Pastor Adeboye, about 50 years ago, only God Almighty, has the Answer? Let us now expand the horizon of our analysis and extrapolate our theoretical Landscape to that of Local Government or State Government, and, indeed, a Nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Scholars and Students reading this article, Welcome to President Muhammadu Buhari’s Nigeria, a Country of 170 million, 36 States and 774 Local Governments, which, when added together, constitute his own Complex Simultaneous Equations he has to confront and find compulsory answers to within the 4 years of his Administration.

There are some deductions and Lessons arising from the outcome of the last General Elections that would and should influence some of President Buhari’s attitudes. No 1.

The outcome of the Elections should remind us of that famous Biblical saying, that there is always an “Appropriateness of God’s Timing.” The late Premier of Western Region Chief S.L Akintola, had a vision that it would be in the Political interest of the Yorubas to forge a lasting Political Alliance with the North.

Convinced that his Gamble would not fly, amongst the Rank and file of the Action Group Party, he went ahead to form the N.N.D.P, with prominent Yoruba Politicians like, Chief Remi Fani-Kayode, Chief Rosiji, Chief T.O.S Benson etc and aligned with the Northern Peoples Congress to form the Nigerian National Alliance (N.N.A). Of course, the NNA won the 1965 General Elections, but, to the extent that Baba Akintola’s Gamble was never appreciated by the Yorubas, and regarded that Gamble as a “Patch Patch Alliance”, turbulence, instability and “Operation Weti e”, all of which culminated in the fall of the 1st Republic.

The Lesson here is as follows. What Chief S.L Akintola attempted to do between 1960 and 1965 and failed, with dire consequences, the same Gamble has be so adroitly and painstakingly worked out by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and has succeeded, with Nation-wide applause and appreciation especially by the Yoruba South West.

Secondly, and a consequence of the first deduction, the South West Geopolitical Zone, would be operating from the Bedroom of Power, for the first time since Independence in 1960.

They are no longer going to operate from the Corridors and fringes of Power! Really? In the famous and regular outbursts of that Chemist Shop owner in the now rested Village Headmaster, Mr. Bassey Okon “Isi dati so?” From the day the Presidential and National Assembly Results were announced, in which the APC had a Landslide Victory Nationwide and up to the morning of Tuesday June 9th, that was my Optimistic perception of events that would unfold.

That treacherous masterstroke unleashed by Senator Bukola Saraki and his bedfellows in the senate, coupled with the complex intrigues behind that Election, one, opening the Gate of the Senate to only Saraki’s Loyalist Senators, and then locking it and announcing to the whole World that the “Gate of the National assembly had been shut”, thus sending those APC Senators at the International Conference Centre, a false sense of “yes, we are in control, nothing would happen until we arrived at the Senate Chambers…” I have looked into the two most famous English Dictionaries but I could not find the most appropriate definition of what happened.

Let me therefore manufacture an English word that best captures the events of that day – Sarambitious (please don’t quote me beyond this article ooo)!

How do we unravel this Puzzle? How come only 57 Senators were allowed in to conduct Saraki’s Votes and within a few seconds thereafter, the Gates of the Senate were opened and 20 more Senators came in to Vote for Senator Ekweremadu? What happened at the Senate on that morning reminds me of a Masterpiece of an article by the Late Chief H.O Davies, whilst writing on the Constitution of Nigeria in 1960, in which he described Nigeria’s Politicians as “spoilt children of yesterday’s colonialism”.

As it should be expected, the APC has not been at Peace with itself and, wait for this, a sizeable Collateral Damage has been inadvertently inflicted on this Buhari Presidency and indeed, one of the Complex Simultaneous Equations he must confront frontally or be perpetually burdened by this, what happened on June 9th, both at the Senate and House of Representative Chambers, which was again manifested by that show of shame on the floor of House of Representative on Thursday, June 25, might yet turn out to be an inadvertent but self-inflicted wound on the Buhari Presidency!

As for the South West’s influence in the Bedroom of Power, time will tell, but if the “Ides of June 9th” is to be correctly analysed and interpreted, it seems the South West Caucus in the APC, and, by implication, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Leader and the most visible Architect of the Party’s Victory, has been cut to size! In fairness to President Buhari, the relationship between him and Bola Tinubu is still very cordial and laden with mutual respect for each other.

However, the Northern Political Establishment and caucus within the APC must be counseled to tread carefully and see, in the APC Victory, the great opportunity for Progressive Governance and the Change in all aspects of our Social, Educational and Economic Development that the whole world have been waiting to see In Nigeria since 1960. Asiwaju cannot afford for this Grand Alliance to Fail. The Consequences of failure, would be for him, better imagined than described.

If I met Asiwaju Bola Tinubu today, I would counsel him to ensure that the APC Caucus should continue to sustain Loyalty and foothold in the Yoruba West by attempting to mend fences with as many of the aggrieved or estranged members in the AD, AC, ACN and APC.

Why on earth and for whatever reasons would former Governor Segun Osoba (especially) and Senators Akin Odunsi, Gbenga Kaka and Obadara ever be allowed to part ways from the Mainstream? In the major challenges that lie ahead, it is better to speak with one and consensus-laden Voice. Let us go back to another implication of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Victory as follows.

The Lord God our Creator, has made General Buhari’s Life and Times (up to the present, a big lesson and a Proverb to all of humanity and especially to all Nigerians. Simply put, when a Man (or Woman) falls down from the Horse of Life, Ladies and Gentlemen, please don’t ever write him off.

The Creator, who “Maketh those things that be not as though they were” (Romans 4:17) might yet smile on him and clear his path from the “Land of Egypt” to the Promised Land of Nigeria’s Presidency.

He did it for General Olusegun Obasanjo 16 years ago. He has done it again for General Muhammadu Buhari and the “stone that the Builders rejected” in August 1985, has now become the Cornerstone in 2015! After a whole four weeks as President, the era of Congratulations should be over, but, Congratulations all the same.

We strongly appeal to President Buhari to please, ask his Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, or that Golden Boy of Nigerian Journalism, Femi Adesina, to interpret that Haruna Ishola’s philosophical Masterpiece at the top of this Article, line by line and internalize the message. That way, the enormity of his Burdens that lie ahead would become a lot clearer.

But, wait a minute! The whole World reported through various TV channels and Newspapers, that during the Post Inaugural Party at Aso Rock on May 29th 2015, President Buhari silently walked away from such a joyous occasion, including World Leaders, to go and perform his 2 O’clock Moslem Prayers! It was such a consistently prayerful attitude that solved Pastor E.A Adeboye’s many Complex Simultaneous Equations for him 50 years ago.

Is Nigeria a Complex Simultaneous Equation? Yyyyess she is! But General Buhari is now in charge. Change has come. Solutions have come. Better days are here. God Bless Nigeria. Amen. • Olumuyiwa Runsewe writes from Ogbogbo- Ijebu via