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Nigerians suffering at home and abroad


Sir: I commend the person who said on Oh FM, Ilorin, that Nigeria cannot teach Ghanaians how to run their country. I disagree with the person who said on University of Ilorin FM that Nigerians should stop blaming their rulers publicly. What type of stupid talk is that? But I appreciate him for urging the rulers to reposition the country because too many Nigerians are suffering. I have always said that what Nigerian rulers are doing to Nigerians is worse than the discrimination or xenophobic attacks/killings they face abroad. Take the case of the unjustifiable and avoidable war against the Boko Haram Islamic sect-community of men, women and children that did not attack anybody until attacked by government forces under the presidency of Umaru Musa Yar’Adua/ Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, being perpetuated by the current President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB), who has even added protection of the Fulani herdsmen terrorists, inflicting carnage and economic destruction worse than under Yar’Adua and Jonathan. Yar’Adua abused his presidential powers to attack Boko Haram, to the satisfaction of the so-called Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA). Jonathan took undue advantage of the death of Yar’Adua to truncate rotational presidency against Yar’Adua’s northwest, and perpetuated the war against Boko Haram, committing corruption, carnage and economic destruction worse than Yar’Adua’s, because he allied himself with the leadership of the so-called Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), leading to Boko Haram bombing churches, abducting young and old people, etc.

Which of the three rulers has demonstrated any vision for Nigeria’s peace and progress? Yet even some stupid university teachers, blinded by religious bigotry, tell us Islam says you must not curse rulers, because good or bad, rulers are chosen by God. The same God who asks Muslims and Christians to be using jihadist and crusade wars to win thrones and enforce Islam and Christianity on people, to cow and exploit them? Nigeria has not been experiencing peace, since heirs of the Fulani Muslim imperialists and Christian imperialists assumed the presidency, 2009 till date (a period of more than one decade!).

And the Governor of Borno State, Prof. Babagana Zulum, is quoted as saying that the Army is not doing enough in pursuing Boko Haram, notwithstanding the obvious serious depletion of the Army, the Police, and the other security agencies. I urge journalists to find out if any of his children is among those fighting Boko Haram and where his other children are located. I disagree with AbdulHamid Funshọ Alaye, interviewed by Oluṣayọ Kayọde, Kwara Radio, that Nigerian schools need any COVID-19 security protocols, when Nigerian markets and public transport are crowded, without fumigation, facemask and social distancing and there is no COVID-19 crisis known to anybody other than the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), manufacturing any number of persons infected with COVID-19. If government is deceiving us and we are deceiving ourselves, we are bastards. Understandably, Funshọ is a government radio worker.

Even then, he agreed that reopening schools is long overdue. Since about three months, GMB has been using what he does best, deception, to say “Schools will be reopened very soon.” He hardly does anything positive until serious pressure is mounted on him. In 2015, GMB promised to do in six weeks, what he will never be able to do: defeat Boko Haram. He closed Nigerian borders against our neighbouring countries, promising to make funds available to crop farmers. Yet the farming communities are raped, killed and sacked by the Fulani herdsmen terrorists who have become much larger than life.
Prof. Ọlọ́jẹ̀ẹ́dé Oyeniran Abíọ́jẹ̀ wrote from University of Ilorin.


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