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Ondo election: The president deserves an apology


Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

Sir: Nigeria’s judiciary is one of the freest and most independent the world over going by the dutiful dispatch by which it dispensed justice on the Ondo PDP convoluted election primaries.

For the Appeal Court to come with such expeditious delivery is not only a testimonial of its unfettered jurisprudence, it shows clearly that the judiciary is in no way subject to any threat by the executive.

The president deserves an unreserved apology from rabble-rousers and naysayers led by Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose, for dragging him into an extraneous conundrum triggered by the PDP itself.

Where is the dictatorship the opposition is using to railroad Nigerians into an alienage of the president?

The Supreme Court must be applauded for asserting its leadership of the bench and for saving the PDP from its shameless and money-driven politics and a political culture that demonises the president for every perceived discontent.

The attack on the president has reached a crescendo with members of APC now co-opted into bringing down his government as if corruption is their article of faith.

As long as these attacks are unabated and the deranged Niger Delta Avengers are on rampage, the economy would remain comatose.

Notable Nigerians who should raise indignation against NDA have joined the fray of people crying of hunger against the president, some of them have thrown ethical ecclesiology to the wind by fraternising with corrupt suspects in EFCC custody rather than visit the vulnerable and the downtrodden.

Far from perceiving or projecting the president as a perfect man, it is rather uncautionable to ascribe dictatorship to him on account of his relationship with the judicial arm of government.

The National Assembly seems to be the most aggressive and tending to dictatorship by seeking to appropriate the power of the president in the CCB ammendment, its latest licentious act being the purchase of luxury cars worth N3.6 billion for House of Representatives members without giving a damn.

Bukola Ajisola.

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