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Our children, our future, collective responsibility



Children are a significant piece of society saddle with the responsibility of lifting future goals; they serve as the pendulum to swing our economy, politics and Social Potential in manna days. They are requisite players Of our Tomorrow world Knowing full well by us yet we tend to turn blind eyes and deaf ear to their Interest, we claim to be their guide and saturate all their promising vision, We do sing the most beautiful melody to allure them to our part but we offer them less attention. Then how do we define our responsibility in the face of this impediment? Because the children are known to be our later Leaders coupled with the fact that all that we built will later be their possessions or could it be that if they are born their future lies in their hands. Sequel to this, I don’t want us to forget that if we have gone they are next in order which implies that they are our successor.


Every now and then, a question poses an inward thought to my deductions, how can a responsibility rest on one hand? To be honest and candid, parents and non-parents have a robust duty on this part because as for the parents you are responsible for your child’s care and upbringing; you are nearly always liable for the child’s maintenance (financial support). These are two track factors: The first suggests that, if you are responsible for a child’s care, you have to provide them with food, clothes, education and somewhere to live. While the latter unravels the extent of acculturation Implanted in children nowadays.

Most of the children indulge in anti-social behaviour such as thuggery, juvenile delinquency, Prostitution, Begging and vagrancy; they became bad Eggs in the Society due to their parent’s nonchalant attitude towards them. This aspect of responsibility seems so crucial because it defines children with Fundamental needs, which is an integral part of the social system. Every parent needs to subject to this notion because without this our overarching purpose will never be achieved.

The government also needs to Constitute major role in this issue, this could arise by these relevant questions what plan do they have for children? How can they help the young to ignite their talent? How can they transform their dream into reality? This is an open notion to us that education is one of the most driven force to attain development yet much of the criticism on earlier government efforts Towards development were leveled on the apparent lack of concern for the Children, as it is now a proving fact that if there is a need for developing the government need to invest greatly in the children.

The children’s obligation is the last parameter that spotlights the Pertinence of responsibility in the Society. Children also have responsibilities, like adult members of society. Children are also described as the basis of “being responsible” as underscored by two core values (honesty and fairness) and indicated that responsibility was a crucial part of their moral worlds. These responsibilities can also be viewed on the aspect of a child’s right, a child has the right to education at the same time his or her duty is to attend the school and pay attention to whatever he or she is taught, a child has the right to choose his or her peer group but are they of good influence? All these give the child the right to exercise his/her rights and bear obligations. A child needs to be responsible for himself first before he or she can be responsible to society. Children and young people can also be blamed and frequently punished for “irresponsible” or anti-social behaviour.

Nevertheless, these responsibilities can never be sustained in the isolation of one part. It has to be a high sense of collective responsibility. The parents have their own part and the government has its own part as well as the children. For we to attain a good future, every commitment of responsibility counts. We need to take the responsibility now so that we can provide an enabling environment for development and have a better tomorrow.

Kayode is a Mass Communication student, wrote from Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai, Niger State.

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