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Our medical doctors and our cruel governments


Many times I have had more than several and unpleasant thoughts about our country and those who govern it at all levels. Perhaps ‘govern’ is the wrong word to employ here. Perhaps ‘govern’ is the wrong word and verb to employ here. If this is the case, I must then use the negative verb and word ‘rule’ to replace ‘govern’ because our helmspersons at all levels of our respective governments seemingly rule us instead of governing us.

As a matter of fact, they wear the togas of maliciously magisterial rulers, and not those of astute political leaders. And as malevolent rulers they assume and demonstrate the conduct and carriage of monarchs who are not really royal majesties in all they do and do not do. Their direction in politics or, better stated their direction of politics is a monstrous and malevolent abuse of acts, actions and words of power. Most of what they do or say in their politics are devoid of the inculcation of kindness, morals, religious sensibilities and their equivalents.

Hence, in criticizing them, we are not or cannot be wrong in our perception of their sensibilities and whatever knowledge they possess (or do not possess) of politics and its art and technique. Examples upon examples abound in the land for anyone who really cares about the current suffering of our people, and medical professionals in this coronavirus season of our hideous political epoch.


Indeed so much has happened in our country since we have seen what we have seen concerning the pandemic wahala which has been really a concerning national worry for us all. However, professionals such as medical doctors who were benevolently trained and prepared to treat, cure and care benevolently for those troubled by various diseases such as the deadly coronavirus, have been shabbily remunerated by our cruel governments. In our current experience nothing can be more despicable. I doubt if this judgment can be successfully controverted or belied. And before anybody ever tries to criticize or contradict me, let it be known that current popular impression in our country clearly is on my side – and this is very indisputably so.

Early this passing week, it was reported in one of our popular television channels that the Ogun State government had replaced the medical doctors at a prime isolation centre for victims of coronavirus in the state’s capital with new medical doctors ready to “volunteer” their services. I am not very certain of the preciseness of the report since I ‘walked’ into it when it was tailing off. But the precision I am trying to give it here is a valid one on account of the state’s government’s blunt refusal to give the laid off medical doctors their rightful due.

The Nigerian Medical Association would find the conduct of the Ogun State government contumacious, but as far as I am concerned it underscored (and still underscores) the cruelty of the government. Why have those who run the government left all the affected doctors in the lurch, so to say, in this fatal time? And how, after all said and done, would the action of the government benefit the coronavirus victims in the long run? Clearly, the medical doctors who have succeeded the used and dumped medical doctors would sooner or later have more than a mere sip of the wine in the chalice of their new masters of woe who care far more for themselves than for the masses of our people. This columnist will not be proved wrong.

Our medical doctors will not continually surrender themselves and their benevolence and knowledge to the cruel rage of our governments of monsters who don’t appreciate their strikingly ethical humanitarianism in accordance with their Hippocratic Oath. From what I know, experientially, and which you need to know now, if you didn’t before now, medical doctors know that their progress as medical scientists is a continual self-sacrifice but this is not at the expense of their essence as human beings whose welfare should be ignored as our governments, our cruel governments, have been doing over the years and especially at these perilously horrible times of coronavirus that crushes everybody and everything near and far away. Once it grips efficiently, it grips efficiently. No society and no country can thrive if and when its citizens are not healthy, hearty and happy. Of course, without beating or going around the bush, we must stress that a happy health strongly supported by a solid education (and vice versa) holds the key to the building and growth of a country.

We must insist that our governments, no matter how cruel they are or maybe, develop and nurture this consciousness throughout the period they hold way, and swing us to and fro in the land.

The British governments and several foreign governments know the worth of Nigerian medical doctors. This is why, as reported in this paper recently, that the British government allowed fifty of our medical doctors to enter Britain, barely ten days ago, without visas. Of course, the doctors were to procure their visas on arrival at the airport of their host country.


Indeed our doctors have since entered the new country that will help them further to develop their consciousness as professional scientists who will help to stimulate the emotions of British citizens for healthy living. I can picture the total, comprehensive burst of admiration which the British government will give them for coming to help build and nurture further the health of Britain. I can also picture their fabulous sensations of work-satisfaction in their new country and home of joyful joy.

Rather than feel sad that our aforesaid well trained medical doctors have been stimulated by Britain to leave our shores especially in this dreary period of pandemic coronavirus, a top medical personage in our central executive council cruelly pooh-poohed them for departing our shores for a place where their work, worth and welfare will not be obstructed – as they were obstructed here. The reaction of this deliberately un-named (yes, I am not naming him here) frontline central executive member is nothing short of the average monstrous personage’s that we find in our respective governments.

Things cannot go on like this in this country of cruel people in power, government and authority. We must make something now out of the current vile attitudes and impressions bereft of vitality or delectability. The time has come, I believe, for this our dear country to be de-nazified. Yes, it is time to de-nazify the mentality of every monstrous reactionary in our respective governments and all their allies. What do you think?
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