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Our President’s unhelpful theory



Sir: Jordan was a rather faraway and inappropriate place for President Muhammadu Buhari to theorise that a “lack of inclusiveness” is the reason why Boko Haram and other terror gangs thrive in Nigeria; whatever this “inclusiveness” was, Buhari made it seem like it was something close to economic integration or empowerment.

Well, Mr. President, economic integration and empowerment come from attaining proper schooling and it is not helped by bombing and killing and this is where Buhari’s theory fails; a “lack of inclusiveness” surely wasn’t the reason Boko Haram invaded the Christian-dominated girls’ school at Chibok and snatched over 200 maidens and it sure was not the reason why Leah Sharibu is still in captivity.

Something drives these terror groups, and if one cares to listen to their record-sermons and other audio releases, the thing that drives them is religion; now, until humanity (especially the United Nations) do reality check and admit that terrorism like we know it today is faith-based, we’ll all continue to move in endless circles of subterfuge and people likeTrenton Tarrant will pop up like mushrooms in sudden bloom once in a while and it will be futile for leaders like Jacinda Ardern to try to take on miffed right-wing elements.

The world is changing and no one likes the idea that their hard-earned civilisation will be taken over by barbarians who will plunge them back a millennium or more; surely, the people of Great Britain railed against the Romans and Pax Britannia survives. Back to our president: that Kadaria Ahmed’s show really exposed the true Muhammadu Buhari that certain vested interests will have tucked away behind an inscrutable screen, thus if someone does early morning tweets in the mould of Donald Trump on behalf of Buhari, then this is un-presidential because the man who was sworn into office must demonstrate a level of intellectual grasp of things that would shape opinions unique to his perspective and for posterity to judge.

The president must not give blanket imprimatur to tweets he did not generate because those tweets were not his true thought on issues, and those micromanaging the president and assuming executive functions should be told the wrong they are doing.
Sunday Adole Jonah wrote from Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State


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