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Sunday Adelaja: between truth and outright lies


Teach us to guard our tongue oh Lord.

This is a prayer every believer should say as regularly as we eat and drink. There is a saying that a falling man pulls down everything his hand can touch.

It is a great concern to me and should be for a every Christian, the activities of a certain Ukrainian based Nigerian pastor named Sunday Adelaja. The preacher is famed simply for deriding, criticizing, demonizing and tarnishing the images of some of Nigeria’s most prominent Christian leaders.

His videos are littered all over YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms where his followers, mostly Non-Christians, gather to make mockery of the move of God’s power in Nigeria through his prophets.

A few weeks ago I came across a video on YouTube by a certain lady named Mayowa. I will describe the video and its content as a heart wrenching display of crass ignorance and a devilish conspiracy against the body of Christ in Nigeria.

In this video, the said Mayowa girl, went to town with the name of Dr D.K Olukoya of MFM, calling the man of God a conman, demented devil worshiper, a destroyer etc.. at a point in that video she said referring to Dr D. K Olukoya “this man should be killed, this man should be jailed for deceiving people”.


Her vituperations were so horrible that even YouTube had to pull the video down for being of a violent nature and containing defamatory comments. But surprisingly such a hateful, violent and demonic video has found its way back on YouTube but this time around it was uploaded on the platform of no other than “Pastor” Sunday Adelaja.

In a moment of disappointment and despair I asked myself, why will a so called man of God make himself a channel through which the enemies of God and the church pass their message of discouragement in this end time, why will a pastor dedicate his time and efforts towards destroying other pastors and ministries, can God Call a preacher to the duty of sowing the seed of discord amongst believers?

As I pondered on these things, it dawned on me that perhaps Sunday Adelaja isn’t what he says he is. Looking at the many travails of the Ukrainian based Nigerian Pastor; one may wonder why a man of God should get himself engulfed in so many controversies. Too many scandals ranging from adultery to extortion and to misappropriation of church funds. Pastor Sunday Adelaja has been at the center of many unpalatable and unchristian activities leaving one to wonder if truly this man is of God.

A couple years ago, the Ukrainian Government placed a travel ban on Pastor Sunday Adelaja sighting that the allegations of embezzlement of church funds leveled against him by the leaders of the church had merits and therefore he was not allowed to travel out of the country because he was considered a flight risk.

It was a humiliating experience for the preacher who at one time confessed to having multiple adulterous sexual partners. Mr Sunday Adelaja has been everything but a true representative of Christ.

His utterances and his sold out goal of destroying every singular prominent pastor in Nigeria is very unbecoming of a man called by God.

Sunday Adelaja is leading a perfidious culture in Christendom. There is a verbal diarrhoea that has hit the body of Christ in recent times and this is traceable to the precedence set by Pastor Adelaja.


His unrighteous and unruly off springs are littered all over social media taking swipes at men of God, criticizing every word, every step and actions they take. We have seen half baked, over excited ignoramuses take to social media to teach on tithes, marriage and sundry topics and in the process releasing some of the most controversial teachings that has rocked Christianity the world over, and all these are precedents set by Sunday Adelaja and His “bring him down teachings”.

We must be vigilant and awake to the devices of the enemies of the Church of the living God in these end times and we must pray and work harder to arrest their efforts, If someone as reputable as Dr Dk Olukoya an amiable man of God with a track record of such a ministry as MFM that has brought men out of misery through proper deep teachings and deliverance be spoken about by the agent of SUNDAY ADELAJA, I can categorically say that the man has nothing to do with the KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST.

May God help his Church and his true Ministers?


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