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Put the looters through the grill


corruption- image source bulgarianbusiness

corruption- image source bulgarianbusiness

Sir: I always believe that corruption thrives in our society because the perpetrators live to enjoy their loot. It is a damning shame that the legal system that is supposed to enforce order is not separated from the menace. Very often, we believe that there are no men of weak morals in America. The truth is that they exist but only a fool will indulge. The wrath of their laws is more punishing than the stamp of the hot rod on a slave.

In our simplistic approach to criminality, some of us accuse President Buhari of brutality in his treatment of the rogue elements that have made us paupers. Although they live like kings while mocking us for our imbecility. Whether it is our belief in religion or our intractable ethnic docility, we bend backwards to give tolerance to stupidity.

Evidently, we cannot escape the hardship of our foolish attendance to civility.

Therefore, anyone suspected of looting must be put through the grill of the criminal justice system. The horror of being thrown into detention among a pack of hungry wolves that have marked their space in the cell of hell will squeeze your humanity to infinitesimal stature. But that is just the beginning because slowly you will find out that the world is a very lonely place. The judges, the lawyers and the police will assist in bringing you down to a code in the law books. They will prefer to designate you as the suspect in the face of all your fancy titles.

The message is simple; let our people know that crime does not pay. If you are selfish enough to take undue advantage of public resources, you must be made to cough it out.

Pius Okaneme,
Umuoji, Anambra State.

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