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Race for government house Asaba: Right of reply

By Felix Ayanruoh
28 October 2018   |   3:02 am
Don’t be fooled by Mr. Abraham Ogbodo spurious, mischievous and specious analysis captioned “Race for Government House Asaba” published in the Guardian Newspaper of October 14, 2018.

Don’t be fooled by Mr. Abraham Ogbodo spurious, mischievous and specious analysis captioned “Race for Government House Asaba” published in the Guardian Newspaper of October 14, 2018. To say the least, his analysis is a political hack job filled with smoke and mirrors, innuendos and intellectual sleight of hand. The objective is to inject divisive and selfish politics into our electoral process and deny Deltans the right to choose who will lead them come 2019.

Let me be clear, the urhobo’s are independent and hardworking people who are free to express their views without fear or favor. In the bright lexicon of the urhobo nation there is no word as “Bona fide Urbobo man or woman – all Urhobos are genuine and authentic. The reference of that term by Mr. Ogbodo in his write-up is at best silly.

Let it be known that contrary to Mr. Ogbodo’s diatribe, Great Ogboru is the only candidate that can unseat “The Ibori Dynasty” in the state and subsequently dismantle the PDP in the forthcoming elections. He has the broadest base of supporters, has NOT accepted ‘political money’ and is the least compromised by big money and special interests. He has no ties to the corrupt political class. Great also known as the “People’s General” inspires people of all ages across the state to action. His unwillingness to cross the line into the dark side of politics has touched a fundamental place in the hearts of many who are eager to believe that the political process is not entirely cynical.

Mr. Ogbodo’s oxymoronic reference of sentiments of where the next governor should come from shows his bias and unveiled who is sponsors are. He failed to mention the fact that Governor Okowa an Anioma candidate contested against former governor Uduaghan during the PDP primaries in 2007. It is also on record that Peter Okocha, Fidelis Odita, Godswill obielum and other Anioma candidates contested against Ibori and Uduaghan at various times.

Suffice it to state that Chief Ogboru’s right to contest for political office – any political office including the office of Governor is constitutionally guaranteed. His prima facie qualifications under sections 177 and 182 of the Nigerian constitution 1999 as amended are not in question; nor is there a credible dispute as to the credentials of this particular candidate. It should be noted that Great Ogboru’s mother is from umukuata in Ndokwa – Anioma

It is imperative to state that producing the next governor transcends tribal or ethnic coloration, but a governor that will work for the interest of all Deltans. The candidate presented should share its political and economic views. The People’s General has shown that with his forward-thinking initiatives and proposed policies, to be that candidate. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way he managed his vast business empire, with his ceaseless demonstration of dignity, superior intellect and unparalleled innovation.

Make no mistake we are in a consequential moment in the history of Delta State. These are extraordinary and dangerous times that demands urgent and good leadership. It is axiomatic that if we don’t step up our political will things will get worse, wherever there is a vacuum in politics… the society suffers.

This is the summary of the PDP led government in Delta State for the past nineteen to twenty years – Corruption, Poverty, Impunity, Unemployment, Bad Roads and Dearth of Infrastructures, Thuggery, Kidnapping, Youth Restiveness, Ritual Killings, Failure to Pay Salaries, Trickledown Economic(AKA – I am loyal) Nepotism, Tribalism, Close down of Airports, relocation of Companies from the State among others.

The General if elected governor has a “Marshall Plan” for improvement of Human capital development and revitalization of our infrastructures pursuant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The once thriving economy of the state is predominantly allegorical. It is a place where the real and unreal merge. Ogboru will within the First 6 Months in government create programs that will transform the state economic growth. These are programs in the areas of revamping our transport infrastructure – seaports and airports and roads, energy infrastructure, water infrastructure, , green infrastructure, digital infrastructure, social infrastructure, steel company, primary healthcare and public health, among other.
• Ayanruoh is Director, Strategic Communications Ogboru Campaign Organization

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