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Re: The future does not belong to rogue herdsmen



Sir: The opening paragraph of the article is too clinical and gory to include empathy for the victims of the recent military aircraft air crash. May their souls rest in peace. 

Boko Haram, as a snake, has been scorched but not killed as you concluded. The improvement touted, in fighting the terrorist group doesn’t impress those who suffer attacks. Travelling in the North-East is still a dangerous undertaking. 

Nigeria was “a purely British idea.” So was the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria and that of Northern Nigeria. So were Ghana, Sierra Leone and indeed virtually all sub-Saharan African countries. It’s what the inhabitants of these new nation states did after Independence that now matters. Nigeria’s origin needs not detain or hold discussions about its future hostage. It has been independent longer than it was under colonial rule (1914-1960 v 1960-2020). 


Secessionist sentiments are the products of elite thinking being ventilated by poorly informed and educated. The Sunday Igbohos who receive public applause as Yoruba activists/nationalists and IPOB terrorists whose governors and other politicians in the South-East quietly support in their murderous attacks on security agents. The outbreak of secessionist sentiments under the Buhari administration cannot be disassociated from ethnic politics that have, today, seized the political stage. 
Since it is the right of the Yoruba to live under one government within Nigeria if possible…….” the Yoruba political establishment should demand the merger of all Yoruba states to form the region they so ardently wish on others. After all, state creation was important a goal for the Action Group as free (primary) education. This U-turn had become necessary because the purpose – to weaken Hausa-Fulani influence in the politics of Nigeria -was not fully achieved. 
Just as we must not allow the future of Nigeria to be determined by “rogue herdsmen, the Boko Haram terrorists, the purveyors of mass murder……..” the Sunday Igbohos must not have a hand in determining its future. Whether the Yoruba political establishment will drop them from its “arsenal of persuasion” is left to be seen. 

M T Usman. 


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