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Readers’ nutrients for ASUU

By Tony Afejuku
13 May 2022   |   3:40 am
Let me make it plain at once that I am delighted to announce that I am partaking in the act and art of interpositions and interpolations today.

[FILES] Federal Government’s team and the National Executive of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Let me make it plain at once that I am delighted to announce that I am partaking in the act and art of interpositions and interpolations today. In times past, I must dig each one of you my readers in the ribs to draw your full attention to the subject(s) of thrilling sensations debated or argued here; I never really cared if what I created in this column got anyone’s approval – or if anyone was against me and my subject. Of course, if anyone was against me or my subject, I found it unfortunately thrilling. And if anyone was for me and my subject I found it thrillingly pleasing and pleasantly pleasant.

The responses of my readers to last week’s article, through different means, including calls and written words, were admirably indicative of the columnist’s thrilling thrill. In fact, they served as alible nutrients to my journalistic imagination. But they more importantly decked ASUU with purple honours; and most importantly, they served as nutrients for ASUU’s national officers and each branch’s leaders and rank-and-file. Take it or don’t take it, ASUU is tightening the noose on the subject, and then with a little patience more, the devastating stranglehold at the end that is nigh.

Now behold the alible nutrients that shall relieve the voices and hearts of ASUU leaders and glorify the will power of the rank-and-file.

Good morning. What a thunderous attack on the establishment’s minnows. Congratulations. Well done.

Oga! That was a bomb! Very acidic indeed. But positively so.
You and others contributed to the nastiness. How? You don’t oppose International Monetary Fund and World Bank and move mass action against them for imposing IPPIS and other nefarious policies on government.

Good morning. Just read this. You expressed your anger in a most dignifying way.

You draw me out from my bunker. Your words are arrow heads smoked with poisons. How do we pay for this seminal sacrifice, being just your readers? Do the War Lords see what we read? This live coal fired originated at birth. Your father/mother mortally brained you to fatally destroy these ministers of Igbo stock, or our aching Ivory Tower in the Nasty Age of mindless ministers held together by the messy secrets of Northern Nigerian Politics? “Charm too dey fade,” to echo your phrase, dear Afejuku, my favourite columnist. Will these Igbo mindless ministers live with us after the collapse? The break is here! Break, thunder, break?

Truth is that Ngige is challenged in all fronts: Physical, intellectual and in integrity. The fact that he once bowed before the illiterate gods of the Ubas tells who he is: “Swine”! ASUU is in its last oxygen and it should realize that. Call off this strike without the full implementation of the 2009 agreement and the Union will be fined and fired for life! The Union must rescue our future (sound education) without which we are doomed forever. It is worthy of note that there is a poet and a priest somewhere who is nudging the conscience of the government. This piece, “ASUU in the age of Nastiness,” cannot be quantified; it is bigger than the strike itself!

Sitting inside a banking hall, I was able to read your column. Your conclusion sounds optimistic, that Buhari’s successor would be more effective. Well, I join my prayers to yours on that. But so far I have not seen that holy and stout revulsion from the citizens… signaling never again. On the nameless one from Imo State, he did his law school internship in the late Major Aminu Dahiru’s Law Firm in Lagos.

Then, he was Mohammed Abacha’s best friend. He and Abacha’s first son who died in an air mishap served in that firm. Apart from that, I know nothing about him. But even during his days at the Law School, he [allegedly] had started attaching himself to powerful dudes. Take this as “Breaking News” on the nameless one, our dear brilliant columnist.

Thanks for your great column. ASUU’s warning strike ends today and indefinite strike is about to start. Government is looking away. Reason: Their kids are schooling abroad. The government is knowingly and unknowingly moving books away from the youth and moving guns closer to the youth. And the ASUU strike is now normal to the government. Our normal school is going down. Bandits and Boko Haram are taking the opportunity to recruit the out of school students. And now we have Bandits School of Technology! One more thing: Airline operators were going to strike. Government quickly stepped in to settle the matter. Reason: They need to fly up and down. Most especially, they have an important meeting coming up soon. They can’t move by road because it’s not safe for them to do so. Selfish, self-centred, greedy leaders who are not really leaders. Our universities can die; they can perish for their greed!

Great job! Great article! Accomplished holder and pusher of the pen. I commend your weekly consistency and commitment to writing articles in your column! I know it isn’t easy, especially the fact that your write-ups are always known for high quality based on factual knowledge…. I particularly appreciate the fact that you pinpointed the Ministry of Education as a central part of the problem.

Your hot-worded phrases laced with sarcasm should serve as a pointer to our leaders (in the educational sector and otherwise) that all eyes can see the rot in the public sector of education, while they implicitly promote their private schools and send their children overseas.

Your article is a “must read” as forwarded to me by a senior lecturer in UNN. As usual, your writings are cerebral. If only we could have more great writers like you who would help to expose charlatans like the junior education minister and the labour minister for whom they are. Thanks for your commitment to the struggle. I remain your faithful follower from… Alex Ekwueme Federal University.

The above words, the above nutrients (and others that I have kept in abeyance), are from evaluators of ASUU’s patriotic struggle(s).

Their evaluation is nutritiously nutritious. And as Nietzsche informed us long ago: “Evaluation is creation: hear it, you creative men! Valuating is itself the value and jewel of all valued things.” Our people value ASUU. So stick it out, compatriots and comrades! The nutritious nut of the existence of the Union would cease to be if you don’t. And you would become hollow people. Tighten the noose. ASUU must be the ASUU and remain the ASUU that is the ASUU. Thunder!!! Descend! Descend! Descend! Thunder!!!

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