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Ruga settlement: Dear Mr. President!


President Muhammadu Buhari

Sir: One-day-one-dose-of-trouble for a beleaguered (troubled) Nigeria. Our needless problems are recurring problems.

At times, you forget not to listen to people who advise you not to follow a popular set of priorities! It’s understandably true that most of your enduring and popular programmes are unpopular among some Nigerians. But your government seems inadequate at explaining to all Nigerians your popular and futuristic programmes in the areas of agriculture, road constructions, exports, and imports, war on corruption and indiscipline etc.

The politicised and tribalised monstrous herdsmen saga has warped our psychology to understand the role of your government. Anywhere the name of the herdsmen is mentioned, the monstrosity and killings of these mindless farmers readily come to mind.


The dwarfed fact is that not all herdsmen are killers. But the killer herdsmen have soiled the names of other law-abiding citizens. Sir, while we are grappling with the confusion, contradictions and nauseating COZA helmsman’s rape tragedy in “God’s vineyard,” RUGA settlement rears its ugly head into our collective conscience and consciousness again! RUGA settlement has been politicised, polarised and ethnicised in Nigeria.

The intention of your administration is good but the imports of your policies are miscalculated and misplaced and under-reported. Your political handlers are ineffective and ineffectual at explaining to Nigerians the pros or advantages of the RUGA settlement to all interested states that want programme settlement. Your handlers seem to be your greatest political enemies at explaining your policies! Thousands of Buhari’s in Nigeria will be ineffectual to the plebeians if they are not being informed of the government’s policy and programmes.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to ask if your citizens are suffering from generic sins? Do Nigerians really need collective atonement for wrongdoings or generic sins? Failure to answer all these concerning questions among others truthfully will continue to make us go around (circumlocute) our mundane problems. And the buck wittingly stops at your official table in Abuja.

Mr President, what is RUGA at this polarise period in our nation’s history? Why is RUGA’s priority not being explained? The more we try to disinfect our bad breaths in a polity, the more your government put the indeliberate mess in our fouled mouths! What is the intention behind this decision at this period? Whatever the intention that brought this policy at this period, it may be a big problem to appease the absence of peace in a divided country. Your government needs to explain the long-term benefits of RUGA settlement to the country.

The unexplained RUGA settlement is a big COMMA in your popular efforts at bringing the country together from the inanity of the past to enjoy immediate and future sanity and tranquillity! We have so many peculiar messes ongoing in Nigeria! RUGA settlement among others is not being communicated in a way to de-emphasized ethnic suspicion in Nigeria. I am sure the protagonists (advocates) and antagonists (adversaries) of your government’s policy may not like my opinion on this burning issue! But it’s just my honest and patriotic opinion.

In conclusion, at the infancy of your second term in office, we want you to succeed and entire Nigeria to grow to prosperity. You need to walk a fine line to govern your countrymen and women grappling with the pervasive state of squalor, confusion and contradictions. This is just my honest and concern advice as a concerned Buharist to your troubled administration.
God bless you, may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yahaya Balogun wrote from Arizona, USA.

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