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Say no to zoning, invite anarchy

By Ade Babalola
26 May 2022   |   1:21 am
I want to take a walk down memory lane regarding how media men and some Nigerians fought for the realisation of democracy as a result of the annulment of the June 12 election. There were lots of lives lost.

SIR: I want to take a walk down memory lane regarding how media men and some Nigerians fought for the realisation of democracy as a result of the annulment of the June 12 election. There were lots of lives lost. At the end of the day, we thank God that the media men with the support of the masses, democracy was regained in Nigeria. Thereafter, they agreed to end whatever may bring anarchy between the North and the South. It was agreed that both the North and South would have two terms, which is four years each and any attempt by any registered political party in Nigeria to go against this decision is an invitation to the state of anarchy.

I believe the two powerful political parties in Nigeria – APC and PDP have better candidates that can represent them in the South. Why are you saying Northerners should take up your cap? If anybody from the South-West or South-East from the two political parties now gives their cap to the North, it will be a disaster to democracy. We see the former Vice President, Abubakar Atiku, who should be regarded as an elder statesman, he is a father. He believes people love him but they only love him because he has money. These people are not interested in anything but his money. Why can’t he use his money for the welfare of the youths and the nation in general? Atiku knew a lot of people benefitted from his university- American International University, Yola. There was a very large land along Lagos-Abeokuta Road about 17 acres with the C of O, why can’t he use his money to avail that property for American International Secondary School in Lagos. A lot of people will be a beneficiary of this rather than spending his money on a journey of no return.

Take Baba Obasanjo, for instance, who remained an elder statesman and people from every political party go to him for his grace and blessings, if you remain referring to Atiku as a elder statesman people would be coming to borrow from his wealth of experience. If you (referring to Atiku) want to be the President of Nigeria, wait till it is the turn of the North.
Ambassador Ade Babalola is the president of Nigeria People’s Voice (NPV).

But I want people to know that if we say the next time of the North, there are people who are better off from the North in the PDP and APC – Alhaji Sule Lamido, Aminu Tambuwal and El-Rufai. Lamido is a surrogate son of the late Alhaji Abubakar Rimi, who is also a surrogate son of Alhaji Aminu-Kano, the founder of PRP. Throughout the life of Kano, he fought for the poor and not the enrichment of his pocket. That is why people from Kano and Kaduna followed him massively. So, this makes Lamido a progressive. If he finds himself in PDP, he would be a better presidential candidate from the North when their turn emerges.

Same applies to the South. We have a lot of people that are good in the South. We have people like Tinubu, for instance, is a good candidate. The late Obafemi Awolowo produced Jakande, I didn’t know who he was before but because Awolowo made him known in Lagos and he was later known worldwide when we were living witnesses to his performance and his past records speak for him for life. Jakande transferred power to Tinubu who in turn produced Fashola, whom we are all living witness to his performance. You can see the Lagos/Badagry Expressway, the clearance of Oshodi and the installation of the street light park, the Lagos in the past time was worse; if you were in Lagos in the 70s in the evening you whether you bath or not, your body will shine, search from Palmgroove down Lagos, that yellow light was brought back by Fashola. The same Tinubu produced Ambode, we are all living witnesses to his performance and all his achievements. We saw tremendous development in Lagos like Abule Egba Bridge, he started an area which was completed by another person produced by Tinubu known as Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

We are living witnesses to his tremendous outstanding performance, who else is coming to say he wants to take over Lagos State? Who is Lagos for Lagos? The only Lagos for Lagos is Sanwo-Olu, any other one apart from him is a counterfeit. The good work started by Fashola along Lagos/Badagry road. We don’t want any intruders to end their projects abruptly; we want this government to complete the good work they have begun and continue further work. You can see what is going on at Obafemi Ikeja railway, another one at Allen, please we are seeing a lot of progress in Lagos State, don’t listen to them. I know there is poverty, people are thirsty, if they give you money take it but don’t go to them.

The Lagos State chapter of Nigeria Peoples Voice under the chairmanship of Reverend Apostle Joshua Onabanjo; Ikorodu born, jointly endorses Sanwo-Olu for second term and his Deputy Governor, Hamzat; anything different from this, rule them out. Come February 2023, we want him to continue with his good work. Anyone who wants to contest should wait till after 2023. Let’s see the performance and the end work of Sanwo-Olu before we can say we want to pick another one.

I will be grateful if my address is completely published in your worldwide recognised and honoured newspaper. I made mention of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, to establish an American International Secondary School in Lagos that would serve a lot of people. I was once a proprietor of a secondary school called States Community High School, Akowonjo. The school was taken over by the then governor of Lagos State, Jakande under the free education policy. I was unable to collect it back when Tinubu, the governor then, was returning the schools back to private owners because I was financially and medically unfit. I was suffering from glaucoma. Some of my contemporaries like Adebayo Comprehensive High School, Abuleonigbagbo, at Anthony too, Saint Joseph’s Edi Mango, Awaru Islam College were released to the private owners just to mention few. Some of the Muslim and Catholic schools taken by Jakande were returned to the owners but due to my sickness I was unable to have my own back. If you look at land at Akowanjo today, you hardly can get a plot of land 40 million. If you are going to look at three acres it is over a billion naira, how much am I requesting from the government?

I know the governor of Lagos is a God sent and listening governor, he will listen to my plight. I strongly believe in the truth and hard work of his government that is the reason, whole-heartedly, we are in support of his administration. He is a performer, he has done it and he will still do it better, among my ex-students at Akowanjo; we have three-time state legislators, Yinka Ogundimu, a woman serving in the state fire service, Funmilayo Johnson, a serving police officer, Sunday A from Oyo State. A lot of people just to mention a few and thousands upon thousands are in top places in Nigeria. Many of the proprietors have died but God didn’t allow me die in agony on my own request here I come.
Ambassador Ade Babalola is the president of Nigeria People’s Voice (NPV).

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