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Service of sacrifice


Image source dsto

Image source dsto

Sir: Our society has lost the joy of national unity. Our consciousness has veered off from the trajectory of common goodness. Individualism has possessed the zeal for us to progress the nation. We have turned into monsters who want to conquer the national resources at all cost. We have grown churches like mushrooms. The sermon remains the same: materialism. Evangelists see visions of prosperity. They pray for the success of our leaders. They ask God for them to grow abundantly in wealth. It never touches their spirit that the intention of the leaders that they are praying for may be corrupt.

We have lost the moral compass to navigate the course of our collective growth. Every eye is focused on cutting a big chunk of the national cake. Luckily, nature has baked a mountainous share for us. Our leaders get too fat and turn into a league of gluttons who grossly gulp down our goodies. Hungry ants crawl from all over and devour our crumbling cake in their stupor.

Civilized nations task their governments to give their people the best.
They formulate models of governance that will facilitate the vision of a greater society. Officials selflessly lend their ingenuity to expand the scope of possibilities to better their people.

Our leaders use their political wizardry to cause our wealth to disappear to their private possession. They shall not prosper for they have contravened the cosmic order. Consequently, we have failed to rise up against those who defiled our national conscience.

I will prefer to believe that the hardship we suffer should elevate us to a pristine reflection. We have muddled in the gutter of unpatriotic mannerism. The path that we have followed has not justified our tremendous endowment. I believe we should be born again as a country in the spirit of service of sacrifice. We should work to build a beautiful Nigeria and not for individual aggrandizement.

Let us close our eyes to materialism, tribalism, ethnicity, religious intolerance and other ills that pull us down and focus on building our paradise in our own soil. We have what it takes. We can do it if we can find our national consciousness.

*Pius Okaneme,
Umuoji, Anambra State.

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