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Solving the conundrum of counter-extremism strategy


British Prime Minister David Cameron / AFP PHOTO / POOL / TORU HANAI

British Prime Minister David Cameron / AFP PHOTO / POOL / TORU HANAI

Sir: Britain is in the throes of democratic process for the next two months; the first of which are the elections in all the nations, including London, that make up the UK; and the All Pervading and fateful EEC Referendum. I tell you at this point that we do need to go back a little bit in history.

What is now called the European Union (EU) was initially known as European Economic Community, which was dreamt and designed purely to be what the name suggests. That was in the days of General Charles De Gaulle of France. It was not easy for Britain to gain admission into the Club. Actually, membership did not happen until after the demise of the President of France.

Then came the issue of Euro, the transaction currency. Britain joined, and later, I can remember that fretful night , when our then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Norman Lamont had to announce our coming out of the Currency league! Earlier, late Sir Harold Wilson with his ‘the pound in your pocket’ expression, conducted the Membership Referendum of 1975; the result of which was a ‘YES.’ Those of the age who lived through the aftermath can recollect what followed in the political village at Westminster. Then came Sir John Major’s Maastrich Treaty of 1990. And now 2016 comes David Cameron’s “IN’’ or ‘‘OUT’’ Referendum.`

What am I trying to achieve with this History? The answer is simple: ‘EU is in a state of metamorphosis’ . Again what does that mean? It is changing, growing and expanding and could shrink; even redefining the philosophy of the vision. Again, what does this mean?

On the morning of Friday, June 24, this year, we shall all wake up to learn the truth about the reality of Democracy! There would have been a winner or a loser of the two camps of ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’. The Politicians owe us the citizens, good governance. And they must give it.

Pst. Moses Owolabi,
United Kingdom.

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