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State development and union’s loyalty




Sir: In Africa, for instance and Nigeria in particular, where every new governor sees political office as the opportunity to establish his own dynasty and set a retirement table for himself and his cronies, the culture of continuity of plans, project execution, completion, sustenance and maintenance initiated by a predecessor becomes an uphill task. This notwithstanding, when one takes a critical look at Lagos, one cannot but admit that indeed a suitable governor has been found for Lagos.

All over the place, there are on-going projects, both old and new, that have hands and can touch lives; put smiles on the people’s faces and also effect in them a positive change. Governor Ambode is working, not only to restore the dignity of old Lagos but also to make the city a home for all. His presence is felt in the entertainment industry, the civil service, the award of scholarships to young inventors, the illumination of streets, disbursement of loans to small businesses, and the construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges to mention just a few.

The task of nation-building is not without cost and, of course, damage to existing infrastructure, human displacement and discomfort, the attraction of perceived foes and many others. The on-going Oja Oba road construction is worth mentioning. From all intents and purposes, the state government’s intention is not merely to construct a road, but also to beef the city up with some befitting aesthetics and glamour of some sort. So far, many structures and buildings have been demolished, including the office of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).


The present leadership of NURTW, Lagos State branch, under the chairmanship of Comrade Tajudeen Ishola Agbede, needs to be commended. Leading a large group, such as the NURTW, is not easy. Association of any form has both loyalists and those disloyal. Managing human beings and maintaining the sanctity of the union can only be facilitated by a man of experience, astuteness, perseverance, and tolerance. The union has, through its leadership and performance, proved to the generality of the people and the government alike that in this period of acute economic and political crises the government itself is not alone. What the union has done is an act of support, for the government of the state.
Victor Atarah,
Akoka, Lagos.

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