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The magic of love

By AbduRafiu
06 May 2021   |   3:27 am
It cannot be without cause that we are told it is love that makes the world to go round. Everyone can sense and appreciate love beamed at him. I am talking of genuine love not sham, pretended love borne out calculation.


It cannot be without cause that we are told it is love that makes the world to go round. Everyone can sense and appreciate love beamed at him. I am talking of genuine love not sham, pretended love borne out calculation. There is an uplifting feeling when we are seized by love. Because of their special nature manifesting the abundance of grace and power women carry, true love can sweep a woman off her feet to the zenith of the mountain. She is sensitive and she is readily more able to tell right from wrong. She has been so constituted to absorb and open the world to streams of radiations of the Light Power of the Most High to disperse darkness. So is it that no man can equal a woman in love and for the one from among them that falls, no man can match her in cruelty. It is the same power that raises her high up when she strives for high ideals that she uses to bring herself down should she pursue ignoble causes. It is the same power she calls up to ennoble her society. A woman, like mother hen, will any day fearlessly face threats to her child with absolute disregard to personal consequences. As I watched the protest marches on television over the abducted students from the university in Kaduna, I could see that the difference is clear. On such occasions, one can see the women easily lose hold on themselves and break down almost inconsolably, indeed completely.

I have stated this to show the power of love which women carry in matchless abundance. We learn in higher knowledge that love is the greatest of God’s gifts. This is clearer when we remember that God Himself is Love and Creation came into being out of His inconceivable love and through the exercise of His Will. When He said let there be Light, He exercised His Holy Will which took on form in the Holy Spirit in what we know through the scriptures as the Spirit of God that moved over the waters. The Holy Spirit thus became the first in-born Son of God. Through His Power Creation arose, and He at the summit of it to govern the entire Creation. When it became urgent to arrest the decline erring humanity had brought upon Subsequent Creation and themselves, evoking His Love, God the Father sent the Love Part of Himself, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. The Lord descended to this earth as an act of emergency to save mankind that perdition was staring in the face. The coming of the Holy Spirit was reserved for another epoch, the Age of the Holy Spirit. He was to come, being Justice, to give judgment, but for the supplication by the Lord Christ when he saw that the end of His Ministration was nigh and obstinate mankind were still moored in their evil ways and in need of help. The Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, was therefore to come in these times. He would reprove the world of sins and of righteousness and bring judgment. An average Christian knows that we are in that epoch today. All the signs of the judgment foretold are now here in our world. Everything is boiling up under the pressure of the Light, the power of the Holy Spirit. Natural catastrophes are increasing, intensifying and accelerating from day to day, from week to week and from year to year; anyone who is discerning enough can see. Every kind of tribulation is increasing to the point of despair. Terrible happenings accumulate and the whole world is being purified and as we learn in higher knowledge spreading on earth today, “the world judgment is in full swing in its final fulfillment.”

As late as it may appear, two things still remain the sure guarantee that can save our world. These are knowledge and love—knowledge of how our world, nay Creation, is governed; the knowledge of the self-enforcing Divine Laws which govern it. This is saying that the knowledge of the Laws is not only compelling, but urgent. I have referred to these laws on countless occasions before on this page. The Lord Jesus said, for example, that whatever a man sows, he will reap in multiple fold. A grain of maize produces at harvest time some 400 grains of its kind clinging to just one cob and there may be three or four cobs on a stem or stock at harvest. Since activities of a man amount to sowing, an act of goodness or love is returned similarly in multiple folds, hence it is said it is more blessed to give than to receive. At harvest, they are thought to be good luck because the sower may have forgotten as the sowing goes through maturation process which the he may not be conscious of. The nature of what is sown counts, too, in the maturation the seed has to go through. Maize takes three months to be ready for harvesting, yam, nine months and bitter kola, between 21 to 30 years, depending on the species. It is also said that he who sows sparingly reaps sparingly. The recognition of this law must therefore send cold shivers down our spine to realise what harvest awaits evil doers, those who kill their fellow men as is sweeping through our land today. Those who participate in the sordid act, the sponsors, those who rejoice and clap, or look away when they could have done something about it are trapped in the same threads of fate, of course to the degree of their participation. All the laws, the Law of Sowing and Reaping, more correctly called the Law of Reciprocal Action; the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species also known as the Law of Similarities, and the Law of Spiritual Gravitation, all work collaboratively to weave the web of the fate of each person—the parents, the environment, and where his path leads him here on earth and hereafter in the Beyond. Thoughts constitute sowing too. Thoughts and actions take on forms that evoke effects. Everything is driven by the Laws.

The magic of love, we learn, is that as soon as pure love stirs within a man, regardless of what may have led to it, he obtains direct connection with God. It does not require much to realise that connection with the Almighty Creator affords the strongest help. An act of goodness is reinforced by beings in absolute loyalty in the service of the Most High. Called substantiate beings, they set good volition aglow and this is attracted upwards. A man bereft of love, even if he has all things and everything, is no more than, it is said, “’a sounding brass or tinkling cymbal’—cold and without light and life. Therefore good volition can help to change of direction of our land, while at the same time we are not careless or negligent in the world of the unscrupulous.

It should be made plain that the Love of the Most High cannot in any way be likened to the love of man. That will be preposterous, to say the least. True love seeks what is of benefit and not what gives pleasure and is agreeable to the recipient. This becomes self-evident when it is recognised that Love of God is Justice and Justice is Love. Both are in God, that is Jesus who is the Love Arm (Part which is Son) and the Holy Spirit who is the Justice Arm, (Part which also is Son) together forming the Holy Trinity with the Most High. God in love and justice seeks and weaves only what is of benefit to every human being.

How does all this fit into the context of the experiences Nigeria is going through today? I am certain that tension will begin to go down when President Buhari demonstrates greater love, sensitivity, empathy and care towards the afflicted in the frightening situation. He is aloof thus creating room for conjectures and the reading of his body language. Everyone can imagine how relieving and reassuring it would be if he were to have called the father of Dr. Fatai Aborode who was killed by herdsman who drove their animals to feed on his farm. He complained and there and then he was murdered. He came from Glasgow, Scotland, heeding the call to young Nigerians to return home and contribute to building their fatherland. You forge friendship and unity when a person such as Chief Reuben Fasoranti, leader of Afenifere, the Yoruba socio-political Organisation, whose daughter was gruesomely mowed down, is called, not once, not twice but many times to ask after the old man’s health with the assurance that you share in his pains. Many communities have been rendered desolate in Kaduna, Niger and Zamfara. How wonderful and salutary would it be for the President to visit at least one community in each of the states and call the village heads in selected others! Or put a call through to the vice-chancellor of the university in Kaduna or the provost, college of agriculture whose students are in captivity. A President cannot just say that kidnapping is one of those things! I wonder if there is anything wrong in rubbing minds with Professor Banji Akintoye and Dr. Amos Akingba who are pressing for self-determination for their people, and have a virtual meeting with selected leaders of IPOB. Provincialism and lopsidedness in appointments are transgressions drawn up loud and persistently against President Buhari. If I were in his shoes, as a sign of respecting sensibilities, I would have turned my gaze in the direction of Akwa Ibom for a retired officer to pick to chair the committee on small arms, and not again from the North! The power of arsenals cannot overturn the power and magic of love. For everything and in all things, it is love that binds. A leader must show understanding, sympathy and goodness; and in kind words is love evinced.

In his monumental book, A Gate Opens, Herbert Vollmann wrote: “Peace can only arise when it is recognised that men have a common origin and a common goal, and live strictly in accordance with Divine Laws in Creation, which they will then have recognised. All this will be regarded now as an impossible happening, but it is good and beneficial to begin already to occupy oneself with it in thought. For thoughts too have an effect and open ways into the new time which under the effect of cosmic radiations is powerfully announcing itself.”

For all human beings today, there is no other rescue from chaos and confusion that have engulfed the world other than availing ourselves with knowledge. Knowledge, beneficial knowledge! Have we not been told in the scriptures:” My people perish from lack of knowledge?”