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The meaningful life – Part 2


FamilyThere is more to life than grabbing, getting and receiving. It is greater blessing to give than to receive.When you give of yourself, the meaning of life is mysteriously revealed to you by this act. There is no faster way to cling upon the purpose of life than to embrace life’s daily opportunity to serve those around you.

The more you give, the more you have. This is the beginning that will last you a whole life time. Life is adventure of self-discovery. Discover your best.You will just be different, just unique, just special, just a wander, just a marvel, just the best version of yourself.

How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
How do you move to the best version of yourself? The operative clause is, the self to be best. This is the only quality of self that can be involved in the meaningful life. Many of us are not present in our lives, because we stay at the general counterfeit self, which depends entirely on the mind. The mind is our driver. At times, it is perfect, at times it is reckless and research shows that the mind is guilty in two significant areas, which preclude the mind to be the master as some experts believe it to be.

The first is the issue of the mindset. Several factors are responsible for mindset; family values, upbringing, cultural values, the norms and values in the society and the environment we grow up, the schools we attend, the teachers we come across, places we worked, places we visited, the books we read, our religious belief, social status, the taboos about good and bad, the position we hold and have held in the society. The mind decides what is right and what is wrong, a lot of times erroneously.

At the family level for example, the mind considers it’s acceptable for first cousins to get married and start a family in some parts of our country. While some others see the practice as abominable. Some male adults traditionally inherit the widows of late brothers and produce new sets of children in some other parts of the country, excusing such a practice as a form of kindness and protection.

Some other culture disagrees with such a practice. In another part of the same country, the widows are disinherited of the property of her husband and she and her children are allowed to move out empty handed. The mind judges the situation as right or wrong depending on which environment you belong and what upbringing you experience.

The second problem of the mind is not totally unrelated to the first. It is the ego, which is probably the most difficult of the mindset. Ego is the conduit through which we transmit our mindset, believing we are correct, despite all available fact to the contrary. Ego is the false self. It sees the truth from a different lens and makes the mind very dysfunctional.

It is the proud and grand-standing mind that runs one’s affairs, when one disconnects with the consciousness of one’s real life. Ego perceives itself as a separate fragment in a hostile universe, with no real inner connection to any other being, but surrounded by other ego, which he considers a threat or rather, tools to be used for its own end. Sycophants take advantage of this situation to benefit themselves, also achieving their own ends and sharpening the ego of their egocentric leader.

The basic ego patterns are designed to contact its own deep-seated fear and sense of lack. Ego strategies are very clever. It arrogates and assumes all it lacks; yet, it never solves any of the problems, because ego itself is the major problem. It is just a survival machine, not always creative, but always on the attack, building up energy in the body called anger. Never truly happy.

Research has shown that strong emotions cause changes in the biochemistry of the body. People who carry a lot of anger without being aware of it and without expressing it are always attacked, even verbally. They are contradicted in their positions by other angry people in their ilk and often for no apparent reasons. They have a strong emanation of anger that certain people pick up sublimely which unfortunately triggers their own latent anger. Ego is always about I.

Indeed, while many of the solutions are largely based on the mind, the problem is also the mind. The problem of humanity is deeply rooted in the mind itself, or rather, in our misidentification of the mind. The big task required is the reconstruction of human consciousness to transcend the mind. This requires cutting through the layers of mental resistance to free oneself from the enslavement of the mind. It is then we can design the pathways of creative thought, including Limitless Reasoning, Initiative.

There are several proven methods to penetrate the mind to reach your inner self when your attention concentrates fully and intensely in the moment. You get beyond your mind to be present in your life.

Your very essence is immediately available to you. The feeling of your own presence envelopes you. It is not about “I am this” or “I am that”. It is your own being. It is about your real self, because you have cured the mind disease. The mind is normally a superb instrument, if used rightly. Used wrongly however, it becomes very destructive. It is a disease. If you don’t take over your mind, it takes you over with fears and agonies of life situations. People must not be mindless, but indeed be mindful of every step we take and every word we utter.
To be continued
Prof. Wale Omole, OFR, is Chairman Editorial Board of The Guardian.

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