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The mind of haters!


Sir: Haters are a product of their existential and dreadful lives. We live in a borrowed world, and we shall leave it with a continuum sigh of history. The good, or evil things people do will live after them while the world remains an unending space! The world is in dire need of pacesetters to reconstruct the nuances of hate in the lives of haters to love. There is too much hate everywhere!

Even in your closed environment, you have enemies, coworkers, schoolmates, and associates, etc that are surreptitiously vindictive but pretend to love you. They’re a product of hateful beginnings. We must constantly put evil-minded people in our close circuits as code yellow or red (i.e be vigilant of their pseudo-love and pretenses). We must not fall into the trap of pretentious people in our environment.

It is high time we began the reconstruction of minds through love by planting unconditional love in our children. The minds of children are like the process of pollination; hate or love is carried from parents (anther) to the children’s mind (stigma) Once this cross-fertilization completes its cycle, hate is pollinated, the stigmatization festers into the society, the results of which are dangerous to the global world. We are seeing the manifestation of hate-induced conundrums in our society today.

Love conquers hate, and hate destroys its agents or carriers (sociopath people) and the good people around the carriers of hate in the long run. There is a temporary reward for hateful behavior and long-term consequences for haters!

It is imperative to catch the children young because they will eventually become the products of our good, or misdemeanors, deeds, and misdeeds. In retrospect, on my birthday last year, I got a birthday message from my son, and the message blew my mind. The message reads: “I learn more moral lessons from your behavior more than what you morally tell us every day.” The message has remained guidance and indelible referential marks in my subconscious mind. Good children are the salt of the world and catalyst for good transformation. When the hater begins to get scared of himself, if he is not checked and tamed, the society he lives will be in trouble and burdensome of his antisocial behaviour.

He will be in a constant state of negative thought process and self-hate to consuming himself and the lives of other people in his vicinity. Hater lives in a state of self-denial and evil ideation. The mind of haters is constructed not to create but to destroy, and to destroy completely any inkling of righteousness in other people. We must strive hard towards promoting pro-social lifestyle and positive behavior through our social and domestic interactions with children. We must teach our children to imbibe the spirit of love, compassion, and brotherhood for the collective and common good of humanity.
Love and Peace endure!
Yahaya Balogun, wrote from Arizona, United States of America. 


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