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The political cabal


Sir: The word cabal is derived from the Hebrew word Kabbalah, meaning ‘‘received doctrine.’’ In modern language, cabal simply means secretive group with mystical power and often insidious influence.

It is coalition and fusion of shared interests where secrecy and conspiracy is the source of their power. There are individuals in the society with enormous resources at their disposal who influence government policies such as education policy, agriculture policy, monetary policy, communications policy and whatever policy one can think of. As a matter of fact, they practise politics of convenience and wield the big stick against caricature opponent without necessarily holding political office. Cabal is also found in the business world where the guys at the top worship self and careless how economy policies affect the masses.

This article tends to provoke questions as to the veracity of cabal presence in different nations of the world. In the Animal kingdom, Lion is known to be the king of the beasts, in cloud nine realm, where we have, angels, spirits, saints and venerated ancestors, we have the Supreme Being who rules all over the spiritual powers, in the terrestrial power, human being has been given the power to rule other things on earth. However; everyone must be subjected to the governing authorities within a given colony. The point here is that, there are invisible cabals who rules behind the scene and control those vested with positions of authority. From the modern definition of cabal above, political cabal is an assumed theory which proposes that collusion and cronyism intertwine within a nation and constitutes a hidden phenomenon.


But the questions are:
Are there truly political cabals that operate independently of elected officials?
Are there unseen hands pulling strings from afar?
Are some presidents merely serving as ordinary puppets?
Are these cabals only there to feed their gluttonous appetite?
Are their decisions meant to satisfy their narrow interests? So many questions unanswered…

Greece became a full-blown dictatorship for seven years when a cabal of colonels seized power in 1967.In Nigeria, the claim of cabal is opaque and mysterious, it is alleged mutedly but no one can prove it. It is a broad belief among the people that some powerful cabals have been determining the destiny of Nigeria since independent and are still in control. Not too long ago, the wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari claimed that her husband’s government has been hijacked by a cabal but up till now the cabal is faceless and no one heard further details since then.

In the advanced country, there seems to be rumoured of political cabal. In America for instance, it is alleged that a narrow group of pro-Israeli neoconservatives have their presence with occupations in government, think tank, academia and the news media. But it is still largely unproven.

It was once said that former Cuban ruler Fidel Castro told a U.S. journalist that he believed President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on orders from cabal within Washington. Again, it was an allegation unproven. In some autocratic world, Political Cabal don’t keep their mission veiled. They loudly trumpet their trumpet and persistently drum their drum for whomever they support.

What is the role of a cabal in a nation?
As mentioned above, they control and frequently reshaped polices of the government. On very sensitive matters, they perpetually keep everyone in the dark. How they do this is to operate in the dark to carry out their plots.

They have machineries within the coffers of government who serve their interests. Come to think of it, some even sponsor elected officials to add more nest to their feathers.


Some people in Africa believe that political cabal is akin to witches where they organise themselves into covens on local, national and global level. It is also believed that they feed on flesh and blood of human beings. In my book, titled ‘‘A Treasure Trove of Poems I,’’ I put more succinctly:

Like a colossal genus of the sea
The Lords of the woods, air and the sky
Hacking and making use of the world’s knowledge at will
They do what mere mortals cannot do
Bearing privileged information
Hidden from public knowledge
With unrivalled intelligence
They manipulate the ‘world’ at will…

Political cabal differs; they however have similarities on the recruitment of stooges to work for them so as to ensure that they continue to spin infinitely.Without a shred of doubt, no one can prove that there is no imaginary engineer directing the affairs in a given nation as the reality shows myriads of polices emanating from the central government is hardly ever friendly to the masses.
Olusanya Anjorin wrote from Lagos.


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