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The political revolution can start now



41 years ago in the 1978 Nigeria Presidential Election – the front runners were Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the Chief Nnamdi Azikwe, (all now late).

The Nigerian power brokers at the time stressed the need to elect a Northerner to balance power rotation, elect a Muslim to balance the Christian leader of the outgoing government and elect a more simple man as opposed to men of seemingly more robust personalities.

This was despite the fact many Nigerians were keen on the latter 2 based on their seemingly superior intellect, their impressive track records and their seemingly superior plans for governance. 


The power brokers argued that once the power has “rotated” to the north then in 4/8 years post 1978 power will rotate back to one of the two more savvy political actors from the south afterwards and he can push his development agenda.

Any discerning Nigerian knows that much the same script / argument is being run now by much of the same actors. Now ask yourself, can you honestly guarantee that if you do not break this cycle now, you shall not still have this scenario in another 41yrs time?

Ethnic, religious, language, tribal and complexion difference is not now and has never been unique to Africa or Africans.

However we Africans remain the only nations that openly argue that these base traits are the primary determination factors for our leaders. Regardless of intellect, plans, past records and character! 

Africans and black people are severely discriminated against the world over for their colour, origin, ethnicity, religion, etc – discrimination is abhorrent and reprehensible – however we Nigerians shall never have the moral authority to robustly denounce such widespread racism and discrimination the world over until we can denounce it amongst ourselves. 

2019 Presents an opportunity for every Nigerian who has ever sought a revolution but did not know how to go about it to see one happen in his or her very own lifetime.

The existing government is spearheaded by a 76yr old man that for his entire adult life has earned his living by only working for Nigeria (he has never ever worked for any other entity or institution).


Meanwhile, he had the nerve to say most Nigerian youths, (who have never gained anything significant from the Nigerian state) are lazy! A government which by every measurable economic indices 2015 -2019 has failed Nigerians had the nerve and gall to run a campaign with the slogan “one good term, deserves another”.

The major contender in this 2019 election who is 72yrs old is also someone who’s entire working life has been as an employee of the Nigerian government.

Despite the Nigerian civil service being world renowned as an institution with poorly remunerated workers, this man has inexplicably amassed enough riches to be revered amongst a venerable who’s who of corrupt enrichment and pilfering in Nigeria’s political class. 

Fact is the vast majority of enlightened non politically aligned Nigerians will never pick either of these 2 as their preferred options but based on calculations of ethnic sentiments, religious arguments, selfish quid pro quos of the existing Nigerian Political class, these 2 candidates have been forced on the Nigerian electorate as their ONLY genuine options. 

However, the 2 actors genuinely are not the only options for Nigerians. 

The ballot paper upon which all votes which will be counted in 2019 also has the following candidates 
Kingsley Moghalu –  YPP
Oloyede Sowore –  AAC
Fela Durotoye – ANN
Donald Duke – SDP


For any and every Nigerian that has ever wanted to revolutionise Nigeria’s politics and has ever wanted to punish Nigeria’s political class and politicians, the best chance Nigerians have ever had or may ever have will be the 2019 presidential elections.

If Nigerians in their largest ever numbers boycott the 2 main parties and vote for any of the above listed candidates instead – the Nigerian political space may NEVER EVER return to a state where politicians in Nigeria take the electorate for granted. 

This write up is a plea for as many Nigerians as possible to do just what the above paragraph suggests. Boycott the 2 leading candidates and their parties and vote for 1 of those listed above.

I will not betray my feelings and say I do not have a preferred candidate from those listed but the aim of this is not to argue for any of the above candidates.

It is to argue for us Nigerians to start that revolution we have always sought and that we so desperately need. 

So please I beg you, go out in massive numbers and vote! Encourage everyone you know to do the same and remind them if they want the revolution to start now! 

The easiest, quickest and best way to revolutionise Nigerian Politics is to boycott the 2 dominant parties in this election and vote for one of the remaining options.

God bless you all and God bless Nigeria!

•Akin-Olugbade, a concerned Nigerian wrote from Lagos

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