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The relevance of ECOWAS should be reconsidered



Sir: Any talk about development strategies by the President Muhammadu Buhari is deception and a recycling of the same foolery that he has been peddling since 2003, only to focus war against Muslim minority groups, with particular reference to Boko Haram and the Shiites, coupled with protection of the Fulani herders terrorists and his own self-aggrandizement.

The Imam Abubakar Ali-Agan and the Imam, Dr. Abdul Hamid Olohunoyin, chieftains of the Masquerade Team, have expressed regret that fear of God is missing in Nigeria to a large extent, and is responsible for some pastors selling human heads to some Alfa, vice versa, and why a wife will be preparing to go on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia or Israel without prior notification of her husband.

Fear of God, the divinities and the ancestors/ancestresses is the essence of life in traditional Africa, notwithstanding some witches and wizards that are taken care of with prayer to God and the application of magical antidote.


I grew up in the hands of African Traditional Religion, of farmer-hunters who used to express shock at ritual murder that started trending in big towns: Ibadan, Lagos, etc with large Muslim and Christian populations, in those days and nowadays. Where did the knowledge of the money-making ritual murder come from? Money-mongering people search for power everywhere: in the Bible, Quran, Asia, Saudi Arabia, etc, and they experiment with all sorts of things, including eating bread with faeces. Note that bread is an imported food variety and so a little window into the international nature of the prevalent money-making ritual murder. How many of the magnificent churches and mosques worldwide were built from clean money? The Yoruba say the source of wealth is corruption -dirty (Ìsàlẹ̀ ọrọ̀ lẹ́gbin).

Why should Nigeria rulers hijack public basic schools for Islam and Christianity, against the Constitution that prohibits state religion and grants religious liberty and freedom of association to all citizens? Look at the indoctrinations: unless you have Jesus Christ in your life, God Almighty will not favour you; unless you are a Muslim, Christian, or a Judaiser, you are doomed to hell, etc! The public schools misappropriated for Islam and Christianity must be returned to all Nigerians, to mark the beginning of societal justice and propriety. Christian and Islamic indoctrinations should be restricted to Christian and Islamic schools. The rulers who misappropriate public schools for Islam and Christianity are guilty of Boko Haram.

The chief terrorist, GMB, is going to plan with the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) on how to eradicate terrorism. Isn’t that ridiculous? Christianity and Islam (the world’s most imperialistic, materialistic and exploitative religions) are imposed on Nigeria, against the Constitution that prohibits state religion. ECOWAS should disband itself if it cannot talk about societal justice.

If ECOWAS cannot address those facts, it should close the shop. Unfortunately, too many Nigerians troop to church and mosque worships to fuel the fire that is roasting them alive, so it can roast alive their children’s children. GMB’s wife, Aisha, should show patriotism by joining the Army and lead the war against the armed bandits and kidnappers occasioned by economic degradation wrought by her husband. The wife of Ifakayọde Ifayẹmi, playing First Ladyism in Ekiti State, should also enlist in the Army or Police.

Prof. Ọlọjẹẹde Oyeniran Abiọjẹ wrote from the University of Ilorin.


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