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The world of a Queen

By AbduRafiu
29 September 2022   |   2:41 am
She was a Queen like no other. Several world leaders were wont to gather at her feet to learn wisdom. Dignitaries sought, protocols permitting, to catch her attention. Hundreds of thousands lined her route

Queen Elizabeth II… end of an era

She was a Queen like no other. Several world leaders were wont to gather at her feet to learn wisdom. Dignitaries sought, protocols permitting, to catch her attention. Hundreds of thousands lined her route, with shining eyes and filled with warmth, waving enthusiastically and breathlessly. Famous footballer David Beckham said he joined the queue to pay her his last respects at 2 a.m. and did 28,000 steps over 12 hours to get in. Many thought it was enough honour for them to simply catch a glimpse of her even more so to shake hands with her. She was idolized; honoured in life, and showered with love in death.

“The Queen! What a queen, what a life! What a departure! What an endowment of Grace from Above!” so reads a note I received from a revered lady. It continues: “The good Lord appointed her when she was not in direct line to be queen. He gifted her with wisdom to see her life’s work clearly, the personal discipline to fulfil onerous duties, the strength to weather all her life’s storms and the special Grace and help to depart on the Day of the After-tones of a High Festival specifically ordained by God for womanhood.”

It is an occasion new strength is mediated for women to fulfil their high tasks in Creation. Queen Elizabeth took her flight on the crest waves of the sacred Event.

There were 14 queens in several parts of the world. After the departure of Queen Elizabeth, there are 13 left, the one in Denmark, 78-year-old Queen Margarethe 11, being the only Head of State as Queen Elizabeth 11 was. The remaining ones are queens by marriage. Even then, attention was riveted only on Queen Elizabeth 11. Some of the others are Queen Maxima of the Netherland; Queen Silvia of Sweden; Queen Sonja of Norway; Queen Mathilde of Belgium; Queen Masenate Mohato Seeiso of Lesotho; Queen Rania of Jordan and Queen Letizia of Spain. What did make Queen Elizabeth 11 so special and excitedly much sought-after? What manner of human being was she? Many certainly concluded that she must have been a special being. What with the rainbow sighted up, up there showing after clouds and morning rainfall were clearing and news of her passing was broken on 08 September. Onlookers were said to have marvelled at a double rainbow seen opposite Buckingham Palace. Another was seen on the eve of her funeral. A government official named Joe Porter shared a picture of it and wrote: “The most incredible rainbow over the Palace of Westminster on the eve of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11’s funeral.” All this was as if to confirm the truism in William Shakespeare’s thoughtfulness: “When beggars die, there are no comets seen, the Heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.” What do the cosmic occurrences reveal about her and life?

It is, however, not given unto men to know. We can only make informed or uninformed speculations. As human beings, we are too limited to survey the totality of the life of a fellow human being and his path with cold specificity.

Those mercifully permitted to so do can only be counted on fingertips. And these will not number among those who seek public acknowledgement and renown. The veiling is to curb conceit where the gift is made widespread among the multitudes. It is also to help the generality of people so we do not work to the answer but live naturally. Besides, it is known that in most cases, the man displays only what he wants the world to see. It is to be noted, therefore, that what is contained in this column today can only be speculative borne out only of personal reflection which is governed by my own limited grasp of the higher knowledge made available to mankind today.

We learn in this higher knowledge that even when the path can be guessed at, a man’s volition in the exercise of his free will can alter the course of events around him. How far we human beings can go is to sense or recognise and reflect on the cosmic influences in which a fellow man may have been seized and enveloped. When the question is, therefore, asked who was and who is Queen Elizabeth 11, it is to invite us to enter into contemplation over influences in which she may have basked that her life was so spectacular. It is glitters and solemnity around her in effulgent dignity and disarming charm and aura. She was blessed—in terms of good health, prosperity, splendour, luxury and indulgences, and a hail of showers of love and affection, loving prayerful wishes to accompany her in death and hold it, the appearance of rainbows to boot–in the horizon. It is with such self-evident Grace a great many would long to be endued in life, and a celebratory farewell at the hour of exit from this earthly plane. King Charles 111 wished her mother “flights of angels” on her path.

There are the beyond-the-earthly correlations that guide the path of every human being. Through the higher knowledge mediated and made available in these times to all mankind, we come to the recognition that love, peace and wellbeing have an exact cause and effect relationship. It is the same as sin and suffering. Every quality of the spirit whether in a negative or positive sense and the circumstances of birth and living are self-earned. In the words of Buddha, one of the Teachers of mankind, “All that you are, is the result of what you have thought.”

Thus, foundational recognition of the varied circumstances in which all human beings live lies in the understanding of the mechanisms that govern life. These mechanisms which are laws bear the Will of the Creator in Creation. In their outworking, each harvests what he has fed into the threads of the loom of life and is captured without fail by the laws. How we fare is dependent on how firmly anchored we are in the mechanisms; how hinged a person is to the ever-widely opened gate of the Grace of the Almighty Creator. The Will of God the Father, therefore, is everything.

The mechanisms are automatic and self-acting. They have been recognised over millennia but ignored and scorned for the same length of time. In their consistency, regularity, and immutability, they have become recognized as Laws. All laws express the Will of the lawmaker whose primary aim is to ensure order and harmony as well as development. It follows, therefore, that similarly, Natural Laws variously called the Laws of Creation, Spiritual Laws or Divine Laws and to lawyers, Laws of natural Justice, must express the Will of the Maker of Creation, the Creator of the Universe. Any wonder, therefore, that they are so perfect, immutable, and self-acting because they are living, uniform in all Creation and just, nourishing as well as furthering development. The Table of the Lord is richly laden; each approaches it to take according to his ability.

How does all this apply in the life of Queen Elizabeth 11? Lao-Tse, another Teacher of mankind, espousing how the Will of the Almighty woks, said:
“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
“Watch your words, they become actions;
“Watch your actions, they become habits:
“Watch your habits, they become character;
“Watch your character, it becomes destiny.”

Lao-Tse was born in 600 B.C. in China. All the Teachers of Mankind and Prophets were sent by the Creator to bring enlightenment through unveiling the Truth and that if we adjust our lives to the Will of the Almighty Father we would know joy and happiness, attain development and achieve the purpose of life on earth. Prophets were also sent, but some of the Teachers about the same period and others at different times although to different parts of the world to lead human beings from one level of development to the other. Among the Prophets were Elijah (830 B.C.); Isaiah (720 B.C.) and Jeremiah (630 B.C.). Several years later, Prophet Mohammed came, in 571 A.D. The Teachers included Moses, among the Jews; Lao-Tse (600 B.C.); Buddha (550 B. C.) in India; Zoroaster (600 B. C.) Persia today known as Iran. Indeed Prophet Jeremiah came at the same period with some of the Teachers. The forms may have varied, each Teacher or Prophet according to prevailing circumstances in each part of the world, and the necessity, each also in his own way. They brought Truth from the same Source, the Creator.

From the tributes paid to Queen Elizabeth 11, we hear so much about her love, her affection and service to her subjects. Mention was made of her humility and generousity of heart. It is said of her that she was a bridge between ages. The United States President, Joe Biden said she was a stately woman of unmatched dignity. Some said there was a special relationship between her and members of the public, and that she taught them how to serve. Her calm and dignified presence gave confidence. Where there was division, she made efforts to unite them. They said her reign is unforgettable and so, they consider her “our forever Queen.” That is her glittering testimonial pasted on her forehead and the goodwill in which she was enveloped to take on her journey into the Beyond.

It should go without saying that if she gave so much, she would receive that much and even more because harvest is usually in multiples. It is the law of sowing and reaping that is at work. It is called the Law of Reciprocal Action. Where there is no sowing there is no harvest. Nothing can be built on nothing. He who gives receives. It can be said that her swinging and activities in her a previous earthlife and reinforced in the just concluded sojourn must have put her at a vibrational level that she attracted help from On High. The law takes effect with certainty and force in the smallest as in the biggest and the most delicate. Unknown to a great many, there is no vacuum in creation in which we are sojourners. We are in the midst of surging waves in untrammeled, ceaseless activity. From what we can ferret from the statement of Lao-Tse, thoughts and words are products of a man’s volition. Volition itself is an unstoppable force which, being product of the human spirit, attracts, and is attracted. It is woven by a species of Nature Beings into a carpet of fate. The seed of the volition and the fruits it bears are connected with the sower—all in absolute certainty. Our volition gathers invisible power currents. We bear responsibility for the use to which we put the power waves which in character, like the electric current, are neutral. Thus it is the volition that brings reward or retribution with unfailing certainty.
Reference to reward and retribution already touches on the laws in which the Will of the Creator is expressed. Creation issued out of this Will and is maintained by It. It spans everything that is in existence–even beyond Creation into the Divine Realm.

Elizabeth! What is in a name? Everything is in it. As I was saying last week, each person is the name he bears. It is acquired through the way we live, our thoughts, volition and activities. Noble or ignoble. To show that names are not arbitrary, I have not read of any parent who names his son Judas Iscariot! Every human avoids the name with as much distance as there is between Heaven and earth. I can even see the picture of many fleeing if a man were to appear in their midst and calls himself Judas Iscariot! Nothing in the life of a person is lost and all these are woven into the soul of a man by Nature Beings in the preparation for incarnation or reincarnation as the case may be. In the names are contained talents and abilities as well as destiny, all wrapped in the fore names and the surname, each has gathered and the carpet of fate he has woven into his carpet of fate. It is what has been inscribed in the name as its content that constitutes the pages in the proverbial Book of Life.

In the highest Heights in the Divine, there is the Queen of Heaven. She is the ideal Primordial Queen of Womanhood in all Creation. She embodies the radiations of the Love of God in conformation. She is thus the ideal womanly conformation of the radiations of the Love of God, the Primordial Queen of Womanhood, a picture that is awesome and beyond the contemplation of all human beings. It suffices to know that women in all Realms of Creation stand under Her protection. Her sacred symbol is everywhere we turn but to which we hardly pay attention. The sacred symbol is to remind us of the imperative, indeed the bounden duty to honour women at all times and to support them in their in their high tasks. The principal task of women being to mediate rays of Light power and help keep awake and set aglow in men the ardent longing for Paradise. It is to turn the gaze of men to On High. They are to ennoble their society and environment in general. With their special constitution, laden with abundant spiritual power, they stand half a step higher than men such that like flowers absorbing the rays of the sun for the plant, they too absorb the radiations of the Light and pass them on to men. Their bodies are made supple and delicate penetrated as it were by the abundance of spiritual endowment to permit drawing of Light power rays. In other words, they are to stand as mediators of Light power from On High to men in their quiet working. They are to offer upliftment and strength to men in the way but much more glorious, the Primordial Queen mediates the Love of God embodying all virtues. Thus she is the embodiment of all virtues and in planes below are Eternal Gardens of all the virtues.

There are prototypes for all humanity in connection chains each of whom personify one virtue. Some of the virtues are diligence, faithfulness, grace, humility, modesty, wisdom, truthfulness, courage and heroism. The prototypes are in male and female ideal figures. The prototypes dispense their radiations to the Realm and planes below which are received by mediators and helpers, who in turn pass them to human beings as far down as this earth– to those who are open and striving towards purity and nobility of spirit. They are strengthened by the fine threads of the virtue and possess it. It will not be surprising if through noble activities and ardent in seeking purity of heart a spirit aligns with the currents of ideal womanhood to fetch her the name Elizabeth over time along her path dating back from a previous earth life or lives! Does it not call for contemplation that another Elizabeth, (Elizabeth Truss) steps into the saddle as Prime Minister preparatory to the Queen’s departure? Three days after appointing her Prime Minister she departed for Balmoral Castle evidently urged on by premonition that her time was up. How come their paths crossed in the last days just before her exit? The Queen is also Marie and Alexandre who are love and courage and boldness, respectively. We have all heard about Alexander the Great, for example, who conquered the Kingdom of Israel in 322B.C. We can from all these contemplate the powerful influences that may have hovered over and guided the life and times of Queen Elizabeth 11. Food for thought, you would say. Food for thought, indeed! They are a powerful combination Queen Elizabeth packed into her life.

In numerology, figure 7 is the number of perfection. Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne at age 25. In the consideration of a numerologist it is simply 2 plus 5. She left the world at 70 which is 7 plus 0 which is equal to 7. This can be interpreted to mean she was driven to swing under the influence of figure 7 seeking perfection. Has anybody asked why each person is so conscious of his or her birthday and religiously consults the Zodiac sign for what it has in store for him or her? We brim with smiles when we receive congratulatory messages rejoicing with us on our birthdays. A nine-year-old girl rushes in full of joy and says to her mother: “Mummy, do you know that tomorrow is my birthday”? And the mother says, “Yes, I remember!” What awakening thread touches the little girl’s spirit, we may ask? Of course, when there are means our birthdays are celebrated. Life is certainly not an accident nor is it governed by arbitrariness. Bow we must our spirit before the Omnipotence of the Most High in worshipful adoration of His Holy Name!