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Trump insurrection and failed resurrection 



The earth-shattering, violent attempted coup in the US, erstwhile beacon of democracy, and arbiter of all things democratic, beggars belief. In broad daylight, the citadel of American democracy was overrun by an invading force, seeking to nullify a free and fair election and lay waste to democratic institutions and processes.

The aforementioned deeply unpatriotic criminal actions were masterminded by Trump. The disgusting betrayal was the final test of loyalty and blind obedience he demanded of his flock of sheep. They did not disappoint. They showed up in the thousands to usher Trump into his mad kingdom. This was to be a day for his cult that would be akin to, or even rival Easter Sunday, the highest holy day in the Christian calendar.


For Easter Sunday marks the day of the triumphant resurrection of Christ from the grave. Leading up to His last hours on earth, He had been mocked, scourged and made to carry a wooden cross, the very instrument that he would be nailed to until he drew his last breath. The entrance of His tomb was sealed by a rock to prevent His body from being spirited away by his devotees.

However, 3 days after His burial there was a great earthquake, and an angel descended from the sky and rolled away the stone. Christ resurrected from the cold clutches of death and the narrow confines of the grave, to inherit an eternal kingdom of glory and power, promised Him by his father as a reward for his sacrifice. His resurrection is the foundation of the Christian faith.

On the fateful day, the faithful gathered at the Ellipse in the nation’s capital, where their messiah preached a gospel of lies, hate and insurrection. He falsely claimed he had been robbed of his rightful authority to rule the nation and by necessary implication – planet Earth. His poisonous diatribe elicited rapturous applause and lavish praise from the riotous throng of believers, who were to a person, chomping-at-the-bit to do his bidding. And so it came to pass, that Trump pronounced a benediction on his supporters, sending them on their way and promising to join them.

Their solemn duty was to forcefully put an end to a 200 year-old system of government, by laying siege to and ransacking Capitol Hill.


The nefarious events that unfolded were antithetical to the events that transpired on the Hill of Golgatha, where Christ after agonisingly shedding tears of blood would make the ultimate sacrifice for humanity by allowing Himself to be crucified. His final actions amounted to a public manifestation of his humility and unconditional love for mankind.

It was up to the wild, unmoored mob that had gathered at the plexiglassed shrine to pull off a resurrection of their lord and saviour, who had been dealt an electoral defeat by their fellow citizens.

The system was in the process of sealing Biden’s victory, after over 50 failed Trump lawsuits and the confirmation of the electoral college votes in Biden’s favour. The final death blow to Trump was to be delivered by the ratification of the results by the US Congress. The certificate of Trump’s political demise was entombed in the Capitol building.

Indeed, the horrific stench of death and decay coming from their champion, was unbearable and polluted the air. Its putrid odour causing incessant fits of choking and retching, to those who neither carried nor were infected with the Trump plague, known as Trumpism. The miasma emanating from the decaying husk increased at an alarming pace, reaching an off-the-charts level when he arm-twisted the Secretary of State for Georgia, ordering him to steal the election for him or face criminal prosecution.


The Trump gospel of sedition and insurrection was amplified by his high priests, whose very presence also fouled the ether with their unbridled hate, greed and power-lust. They did not minister good tidings of unity, peace and love, to the crazed, bloodthirsty rabble.

The workings of the depraved minds and hearts of Guiliani, Don Trump Jr. and Mo Brooks, were as far removed from the promptings of the Holy Spirit, as Hades is from Paradise. They further incited the agitators by belting out violence-laden invectives spurring them on. This was overkill on their part because at this point they were singing to a well-rehearsed choir.

The unruly multitude clearly understood that as a demonstration of their fealty and devotion to the cause of Trumpism, they had to meet the moment, by preventing Congressional certification of the electoral college votes, which would hand victory to Biden. An outcome that would be the final nail in Trumps shame-draped sarcophagus.

So with murder and mayhem on their minds; and unbridled rage, hate and bitterness in their hearts, they marched on the Capitol. Arriving at the Capitol at high noon they received a warm reception from Senator Josh Hawley. His deplorable antics in cynically challenging the results of a secure election, contributed significantly to the shenanigans to overthrow a duly elected government. His raised clenched fist of encouragement to the mob was at the same time, uplifted to heaven, as an act of proud defiance as he relished his role as an oath-breaking-coup-plotter.


The rabble had been unleashed to sate their need to kill and destroy, and ultimately overturn the government. They were good to go and needed no further goading or encouragement. Armed with nooses, ‘pitchforks’ and ‘pikes’ they sacked the Capitol in a naked display of the sick symbiosis existing between the faithless, unworthy leader and his robotic followers. They were his weapons of war and their mandate was to rain such chaos and terror on the apparatus of government so as to overturn his downfall and political demise. Thereby, paving the way for their ‘Christ’ to spectacularly and triumphantly ‘self-resurrect’ to reign as king, sovereign and ruler.

Alas, there was to be no Christ-like resurrection. Indeed, they could not even pull off ‘a Lazarus.’ Consequently, Trump’s defeat and death were certified and the stench of the rot he wrought reached heaven.

“You said in your heart,
I will ascend to the heavens;
I will raise my throne
above the stars of God;
I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,
on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon.
I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High.”
But you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit”.
Isaiah 14:13 -15 (NIV).


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