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Trump’s new world order, family and tribes


[File] US President Donald Trump arrives outside the White House on the South Lawn before he delivers remarks and participates in the White House Sports and Fitness Day on May 30, 2018 in Washington,DC.<br />/ AFP PHOTO / Nicholas Kamm

In 2016 America elected a president like never before, a disrupter and novice who, true to his promises is having a fundamental cultural, political and economic impact.

The Trump doctrine is based on Trump, his family, tribes and gut feelings.

Everything must evolve around him, the boss and he brooks no dissent.

The family comes first, and play a major role in the administration irrespective of their qualification.

His tribes take precedence and include the White race, Republicans and the rich.

He goes by gut feelings and has no time for analysis, science or evidence based policy.

This is not really an order or doctrine, rather while Trump has a disruptive effect with implications for his party, the U.S., allies and the world as a whole, he does not have a logical or coherent solution.

Chaos ensures but he does not have what it takes for a new world order.

Trump’s pronouncements, policies, reactions to developments, the media and criticisms have demonstrated his egotistic tendency.

He has to be the centre of attraction, using tweets and bombastic pronouncements to constantly let his team, party, opponents and the world know that he is the boss.

In an interview with Fox News he stated “I’m the only one that matters. Because when it comes to it, that’s what the policy is going to be.”

Other than his father, he has always been his own boss and his approach reflects this background.

For him, loyalty and subservience are paramount as he recently admitted when he said he was aware that Omarosa, the White House staff member sacked, was not up to the job but was kept on because she was full of praise for him.

When he met James Comey, the FBI director he sacked, he demanded loyalty.

This unprecedented demonstration of fealty to the boss was captured in a cabinet meeting when members praised and pledged their allegiance to their dear leader.

He envies autocrats around the world and considers them to be his true friends.

His frustrations with the media, who as reported by The Daily Beast he has labelled as “enemy of the people,” is because they fail to give him the respect he feels he deserves and expose his lies as expected in a democratic state.

His recent spat with former officials, namely, revocation and threats of revocation of security clearance has little to do with security issues and more to do with the fact that he is asserting his power to strip former officials who have been critical of him, as punishment.

Ex CIA officer David Pries noted that this “is something that happens more in a banana republic than in the USA.”

Trump’s loyalty to his family is unprecedented. His children played significant roles in his election campaign with his son and son in law allegedly being the conduit for damaging information on the Democrats from the Russians.

His daughter and son in law have been given positions way beyond their qualifications and experience, neither of them having held government positions before Trump assigned them roles.

Kushner, his son-in-law was given a multitude of roles, never before assigned to anybody in the White House but has government security clearance issues.

Donald J Trump Jr although not part of the government is frequently lauding the president’s “achievements,” criticising his dad’s opponents and no doubt acting as a conduit for outside interests who want to influence the president.

Trump’s businesses and those of his family have benefited significantly.

His Mar-a-Largo establishment in Florida doubled its fees immediately after Trump won the election.

His company and daughter’s company have been awarded patents and licences by the Chinese government.

The Republican Party has spent $3.5 million on Trump properties since January 2017 in sharp contrast to the $35,000 the party spent in two election circles up to 2014.

The Trump hotel in Washington DC made a profit of $40 million in 2017, the first year of the Trump presidency and indications are that 2018 will be an even better year largely because foreign dignitaries and lobbyists stay there.

Trump more than any other President likes to hold court outside Washington DC and when he does it is often at his hotels, and obviously the U.S. government pays his fees.

Trump is very loyal to his tribes, namely, Whites, Republicans, the rich and through his Vice President, White Christian Evangelicals.

His American First ideology would suggest that this includes America but this is misleading because for him Democrats, non-Whites, intellectuals, the mainstream media and just about anybody who is not part of his tribes noted above or subservient to him is not a real American and since day one he has made no effort to be the president for all Americans.

His loyalty to his White tribe has meant that the Trump’s White House has fewer minorities than any President for decades as Politico noted that of the 55 highest earning staff only half a dozen were non-White.

USA Today has documented ten statements by Trump that have been deemed racists.

Trump’s racist pronouncements and actions started long before he made a bid for the White House, ranging from a court case when his company was accused of discrimination in housing to his campaign against African American and Latino youths who were absolved of crimes they did not commit.

His recent entry into politics started with the false accusation that Obama was not born in America.

He has used derogatory terms against Mexicans, railed against Central Americans who in his words want to “infest” America, called African and Caribbean countries “shitholes” and has frequently lambasted prominent African Americans for their” low IQs”.

And of course there was the Charlottesville incident when he failed to criticize neo-Nazis, calling them fine people.

His preoccupation with the Wall, attacks against African American sportsmen, hard-line immigration stand is no doubt due to his racist views.

In his comment on the recent death of Aretha Franklin, queen of soul, he said “she worked for me”, obviously, a Black woman who answered to her master.
To be continued tomorrow.

Rogers is a principal consultant at Media and Event Management, Oxford, United Kingdom.

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