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Uncurbed population rise


The new global population report released on Monday by the United Nations will undoubtedly raise fresh concerns in practically all civilised world. The steep rise projected to hit the 8 billion roof in 2025 from the present 7.7 billion will have serious implications for world security and peace and development.

TheWorldCounts Newsletter, looking at the economic scenario, warns darkly that if the world does not radically change human beings’ abuse, the planet with over-crowded population, mankind would be headed for a complete collapse of its consumer society. It argues that at the current trends, the planet cannot sustain twice as many the number of people being touted and a 26 times larger economy. The figure, at the rate the population is growing will reach 9.7 billion by 2050 and 11billion by year 2100. The newsletter speaks of the urgent need for a new industrial revolution where “economic wealth goes hand-in-hand with environmental and social sustainability. And fast. We are reaching critical tipping points beyond which it will be too late to reverse negative trends.”

In its account of the UN report, Aljazeera points out that more than half of the projected increase would be coming from only nine countries—India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Egypt. The population of Sub-Sahara Africa is projected to nearly double.


Indeed, Liu Zhenmin, the UN Undersecretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs corroborated the findings that the fastest growing population are in the poorest countries, “where population growth brings additional challenges in the effort to eradicate poverty, achieve greater equality, combat hunger and malnutrition and strengthen the coverage and quality of health and education systems to ensure that no one is left behind.”

Amidst the population explosion, however, the UN report has observed decline in some countries. It is in fact such that China, the most populous country in the world would witness a drop in her population by more than two per cent by 2050. As a result, China would, according to the projections, be overtaken by India come year 2027. The UN report states that all told, 27 countries or territories have been experiencing drop since 2010 and this has cumulatively come to at least one per cent of their population. This is attributed to fall in birth rates which tumbled from 3.2 births a woman in 1990 to 2.5 in 2019 and is expected to further decline to 2.2 in 2050. The fall, however, is raising fresh concerns of the land largely to be inhabited by aging population because already deaths of the older folks are outpacing births.
With the fall in able and productive population in the future, there is the implication of the gaps being filled by immigrants. The worry is said to be particularly pressing in countries and territories listed as Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Serbia Ukraine, and Japan. The UN report says a minimum of 2.1 births a woman is required to ensure the replacement of aging generations and avoid long-term population decline in the absence of migration. The report states also that although birth rate may be falling in affluent societies, global life expectancy on the average is expected to reach 77.1 years in 2050. Currently it is 72.6 years. In 1990, it was 64.2 per cent. In poorer countries life expectancy trails behind the affluent society and seven years below the international average.

As things stand today, the concerns of over-population in general remain regardless of the source of population boom. The report says natural eco-systems are losing their ability to adjust. “They are reaching critical thresholds beyond which they will no longer be able to recover.”

Nigeria’s population is currently 200,732,534, according to the latest United Nations estimate which is 2.5 per cent of the world’s population. About 51.9 per cent of the population which translates to 104,282, 822. Population density is 221 per sq. kilometre. Total land area is 910,700 sq. km.

The world population explosion must continue to give cause for worry. In countries where this explosion is not curbed, and there is deficient leadership capacity and poor attendant policy implementation, there is evidently corresponding rise in the state of insecurity. What is beneficial in the long run is to have an all-rounded picture of life’s other correlations. By this is meant, what is connected with our world and with what is our world connected. Hardly do we know that there is no division between this world and the Beyond. It is one whole Creation in which there are planes and realms. And so there is the material Realm and there is the Spiritual Realm. In the material Realm, there are planes as there are in the Spiritual Realm. Beyond only denotes world beyond the physical capacity through our sense organs to see and perceive. The all-rounded picture can only arise from familiarisation with Higher Knowledge available and spreading on earth today.

It may be asked, what is the cause of over-population? Is it willed by the Creator? Where are the people who cause the over-crowding from? Why are they here? What is the beyond the surface meaning of the troubling phenomenon?

In the Beyond, there are vast regions of Darkness. The regions themselves are in different compartments shared in accordance with evil propensities, weaknesses and deeds. Thieves will encounter robbers; greedy people will meet their kind. Arsonists will experience unceasing fire. Murderers are put together such that with mutual radiations they propel themselves fired in a wide rage to inflict heinous crime against one another. The strong will find the stronger and the stronger will meet yet another stronger than himself and the strongest still. The sections are unspeakable regions of torment, in hellish environments the revelations of which hit the inhabitants of the earth as hell. The inhabitants of the hellish regions are drawn there through the automatic outworking of the Law of Similarities more correctly called the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species as well as the Law of Spiritual Gravitation. With the latter, each person finds his level in accordance with his weight which weight is determined by the amount and density of the dross clinging to him. A liar cannot be in the same section as a killer, an act that is sordid and drips with horror.

Those who are noble and who make swinging in higher values their preoccupation rise through the instrumentality of their lightness towards the Light Region which is Paradise. Anyone who still has one error or so to settle but is not of evil intent will be in another section of the Beyond. In this vast region of the Beyond evil men are pulled together and go through torment so that through suffering they inflict on one another, in ones, in twos, they begin to feel disgust for their environment and what they go through. The longing to get out of the environment then arises and they supplicate for help. Before some arrive at this point, we are told in higher knowledge that it could take centuries or thousands of years.

On earth, good and unscrupulous as well as criminals mix together as a result of the ponderousness of our bodies. On earth the separation is not as sharp as it is in the Beyond. The advantage of the association is to enable good and noble people to learn from the aberrations under which some may be laboring or from the ways of criminals and those with criminal tendencies in general and resolve never to yield to evil doing. Criminals themselves who are open have the opportunity to learn from noble and high-minded people and resolve to turn a new leaf. However, because of sharp decline in standards and the emergence of the belief that material pursuits alone are of value, worsened by the fall of woman who has self-evidently abandoned her assigned roles in Creation, to ape men, the world is suffused with wrong doing. The consequence is that a bridge of radiations has been built between this earth and the Dark region of the Beyond through which fallen and immature souls have found their ways to the surface of the earth through attraction. As a result of the unscrupulous lifestyle, hands have been stretched to the immature souls to reincarnate whereas they should have been left in the Dark region until they have longed to change and mature. It is at such point they can be considered for another earthlife to continue with their development. No one can fail to see the over-sexualization of our lives through fashion, and warped music principally directed at whipping up sexual instincts. In consequence, undesirable souls have been attracted to the earth plane, bringing about over-population.


The design of the Creator is that only souls from light regions of the Beyond should incarnate on earth in order to continue their development towards spiritual maturity.

Women bear the highest tasks in Creation because of their special and richer spiritual make-up. The special spiritual endowment which men lack is to ensure uninterrupted flow of Radiations from the Light, radiations which only women can mediate. With the make-up, women constitute the receptacle for the supply of power, sustaining force and strengthening. Thus, the principal task of women is, through her spiritual power, to purify her environment, make the earth homelike and harmonious. They are to engender wholesomeness in our world and even stretching to the Beyond. Indeed, the existence of genuine womanhood is expected to ensure the unceasing purity of the entire Creation. The woman is to, through her charm hold the man to turn his gaze unto On-High and facilitate his ascent to the Light Realm. The tasks of women on earth are the same as they are in Higher Spiritual planes, the Realms of Light. Because of the failure of the women, the world is upside down. There are upheavals everywhere, in all parts of the world. Is there anyone not born of woman? Because the conduct of woman is agreeable to man’s own weaknesses, women are encouraged and hailed to overstep the mark altogether.

The remedy for population explosion, therefore, cannot as yet be in sight until there is widespread appreciation of the revealed higher knowledge on the face of the earth in this End Time. The multitude of inferior souls will continue to raise the population and will unremittingly continue to hanker after wars, press for violence and bloodletting and make the condition of our earth all the more hellish in the years to come.


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