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Under the shadow of war


This picture taken on July 4, 2017 and released by North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on July 5, 2017 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (C) celebrating the successful test-fire of the intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 at an undisclosed location.<br />South Korea and the United States fired off missiles on July 5 simulating a precision strike against North Korea’s leadership, in response to a landmark ICBM test described by Kim Jong-Un as a gift to “American bastards”. / AFP PHOTO / KCNA VIA KNS / STR / South Korea OUT / REPUBLIC OF KOREA OUT —EDITORS NOTE— RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – MANDATORY CREDIT “AFP PHOTO/KCNA VIA KNS” – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS<br />THIS PICTURE WAS MADE AVAILABLE BY A THIRD PARTY. AFP CAN NOT INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY, LOCATION, DATE AND CONTENT OF THIS IMAGE. THIS PHOTO IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY AFP.<br />/

Our world is under the spectre of war which, if not counter-balanced by the efforts of all men of peace and good will, may escalate to the dreaded Third World War. There is the beating of chest by the North Korean strong man Kim Jong-Un and the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The young man of Pyongyang, intoxicated by the assemblage of fire power at his disposal, is busy poking his nuclear arsenal in the face of Mr. Donald Trump, he himself who rejoices in the so-called American invincibility. Kim seems to want this rivalry settled once and for all. Pyongyang has conducted six nuclear tests—in 2006, in 2009, 2013, 2016 (indeed two last year) and this month, September. Mr. Jong-Un is irritated that the United States has territory of about 162,000 people and a formidable military base in Guam, South Korea peninsula. As far as Mr. Trump is concerned, a dog can bark, but cannot take on an elephant.

Here is Mr. Trump’s muscle-flexing: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. As I said they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before.” North Korea is brandishing its intercontinental ballistic missiles which are feared to be capable of reaching mainland United States. Kim Jong-Un says Pyongyang is putting on hold its plan to fire the ballistic missiles into the waters around Guam to await what the “foolish Yankees” would do next. BBC reported Kim to have reviewed the plan for “the enveloping fire at Guam …to see if the Yankees will persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean peninsula.”


The United States Defence Secretary, James Mattis, and Mr. Trump are miffed and have separately issued warnings to North Korea. The Defence Secretary said any North Korea missile attack “could escalate into war very quickly,” demonstrating Washington’s show of force by flying B-1 bombers over the Korean Peninsula. Trump said on meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after North Korea’s testing of its missile to fly over Japan: “The world has received North Korea’s latest message loud and clear: this regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbours, for all members of the United Nations, for minimum standards of acceptable international behaviour.” And at the just concluded United States 72nd General Assembly, Mr. Trump said, after calling Jim Jong-Un ‘depraved’ and warning him to give up his nuclear ambition, “Rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.” He went on to say: “If the U.S. is forced to defend itself and its allies, U.S. will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. But hopefully this will not be necessary.”

Scientists say North Korea attack firing its nuclear missiles can reach Seoul, capital of South Korea within six minutes and Tokyo in Japan within 10 to 11 minutes. According to the experts, the nuclear weapon in question can land in Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Washington in 30 to 40 minutes. U.S. own nuclear power when unleashed from its Guam base is capable of reaching Pyongyang in five minutes and when it uses its submarine missiles, in 15minutes.

North Korea has twice before this year fired missiles over Japan—in 1998 and 2009, but said those ones carried only satellites. This time it was the daring launching of a medium range ballistic which experts in the field say are “unambiguously for military purposes”, unlike those of 1998 and 2009.

All these years stretching to 25, what all Presidents before Trump had used was dialogue sometimes stick and carrot in form of talks and sanctions once the support of Russia and China was secured.

In 1963, three major countries, the United Kingdom, the United States and the then Soviet Union and some other countries keen on world peace and had not become nuclear states signed what was then known as Limited Test Ban Treaty which obliged them to pledge to refrain from nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, under water, or in outer space. Underground testing was still allowed. France not being part of the treaty continued testing until 1974 and China until 1980. There was the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1996 agreed to by the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia, the former Soviet Union, with China and France joining this time. This came after the United States had its last underground tests in 1992, the United Kingdom in 1991, Soviet Union same year, China and France, both in 1996. The comprehensive test ban did not come into force immediately because eight more countries were being expected to join the league. India and Pakistan not even being signatories, for example, had their last in 1998.

Mankind has been toying with dangers the full implications of which we are yet to grasp. Mankind is worried about the consequences of a nuclear firing which include the attendant release of radioactive materials into the atmosphere which cause incalculable physical harm as well as serious environmental pollution. Effective solutions have not been found for the disposal of nuclear wastes and even industrial toxic wastes with the resultant health challenges in the form of cancer, heart diseases and more. In 1965, a Skyhawk attack aircraft with a nuclear weapon crashed into Philippine Sea. It was reported that nothing of it and the pilot were ever found. In March, 2011, there was Fukushima nuclear accident which led to explosions and release of large amount of radioactive materials into the environment. Presence of radioactive materials often result in poisoning, unceasing radiation sickness such as bone fractures, anemia, all kinds of deformities even for unborn children as well as severe jaw cellular injury called necrosis. They can degrade immunity which easily leads to cancer or diabetes. These are ailments which are physical and may yield to skillful management by doctors at best.


The danger of the rhetorics by Mr. Trump and Kim Jong-Un portends even greater danger for the whole world than what we can see or experience physically. It will, therefore, not be surprising if the products of the rhetorics alone become one of the tools of purification in both foreseeable and unforeseeable future. What does this mean? The fury of the hurricanes , from Harvey to Irma, form Irma to Maria, and the Monsoon winds have just demonstrated to all mankind the trumpets of the World Judgment that they are, as well as agents of reformation and renewal they will always be until the end of time. The elemental beings driving them are the governing and regulating conscious forces of Nature, the executive loyal servants of the Most High working with unbelievable precision and engendering harmonious beauty, unfortunate and painful devastation on the trail of their activities might have been. According to higher knowledge spreading on earth today, the elemental beings also known as Nature beings govern chemical processes of inanimate matter and biological processes of animate entities. A certain species of them form bodies of souls in advance of their incarnation as would-be babies in expectant mothers.

The gifts in the ground such as atoms which are split as well as other minerals meant for lofty upbuilding purposes are what are being converted into weapons of destruction. Spirit particles otherwise called spirit motes give rise to the formation of atoms and elementary particles. Cell molecules of the human bodies are made of atoms. Out of wrong living, the animating influence which the human spirit exerts on the human bodies put together by the nature beings using spirit motes is dimmed, resulting in malfunctioning of necessary organs which in turn results in cancer and diabetes. It cannot be surprising that human beings pay a heavy price for the misuse of atoms as part of the ingredients for nuclear power.

Thoughts lead to action. Thoughts are generated in the brain. Where they lack the guiding and refining influences of the intuition the thoughts are narrow as the brain operates from a narrow field whereas the intuition streaming from the spirit has unrestrained latitude field of activities. Because of the untrammeled material pursuits, money, power and fame and other kindred preoccupation, the influence of the intuitive perception is overshadowed and so mankind has come to rely mostly on thoughts generated by the frontal brain, cerebrum.

Thoughts have consistency. Thoughts of war flow into what is known as ethereal world where they are given form by a species of nature beings. These attract similar thought-forms or are attracted by similar thoughts, and become power centres. These are continually nourished by human beings and upon completion of maturation processes, they manifest for harvesting. A man who sows the seed of war is connected to his own sowing even after he may have left the flesh. If the harvest is not ready before his departure he will be forced to reincarnate in circumstances for him to harvest the longing of his soul in the previous earth life. All those who clap or admire the rhetorics and boasts of war will also be linked for their yearning for war to be realised. Anyone who may be fleetingly playing in thought or who may be off his guard and nourishes thoughts of war will be unconsciously connected such that everyone would later share in the harvest according to the measure, many times over, of his contribution.


For the larger world, the consequences of the thoughts and boasts of war are ethereal environment pollution. It is scarcely realised that there is no separation between this world and the next world called the beyond. The entire Creation is one. There are only parts of the whole, different planes such that the closer to paradise the lighter the plane of existence and the farther away from there, the heavier the plane stretching to the region of Darkness and hell. Whatever happens in one part affects the other. This is why it is possible to deposit psychic wastes arising from intuition in the ethereal environment to defile it.

A German plasma physicist, Friedbert Karger, is quoted as saying: “Telepathy actually proves: thoughts are energies, they are not ‘nothings’, they are not free, as so many try to fool themselves. Thus many treat their thoughts as mercury batteries were previously treated when they were thoughtlessly simply thrown away. But man is responsible for his thoughts. Now as most men do not know this or do not admit to it they use them carelessly and irresponsibly. Thereby they constantly damage and poison their ethereal environment.” (Building Future Societies by Stephen Lampe.)

As it is with thoughts so is it with words. Everyone knows the power of words. They lead to action, instantly or delayed. Words also take ethereal forms which press for materialization sooner or later. To avoid wars which Trump and Kim Jong-Un are trumpeting, all men of peace and goodwill only have to counter the rhetorics with purity of their own thoughts. Pure thoughts will require the same dedication if not more, as the thoughts of the war mongers. I do pray that the same purity of thoughts will be employed as a weapon for peace also in our country, Nigeria.

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