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Unlocking perplexities of the world

By AbduRafiu
21 January 2021   |   2:57 am
Those who long for a world of orderliness, loftiness, peace, and tranquility can’t but ask whether our world when they consider the extra-ordinary events and, indeed

Those who long for a world of orderliness, loftiness, peace, and tranquility can’t but ask whether our world when they consider the extra-ordinary events and, indeed, the uncertainties of these times and how far the range of perception can get into the near future to reveal what is stored therein, using the binoculars of life’s principles. There are things connected with us and there are currents to which we are connected, currents spun by us human beings to supply the loom for the weaving of our carpet of fate.

As I was saying…our dimension of our experiencing lies in-between low rhythm vibrations and ultra vibrations in a world organised on energy levels. I did state that there is life other than we see in existence. We see and feel only what lies within the range of our eyes to see and our other senses to feel. It is not humans, animals, birds, reptiles, and ants that are the only entities in existence.

Can anyone deny the existence of electric currents? Yet we cannot see the currents as they move along a copper wire. Who, like the ants, can smell a cube of sugar three rooms away? Diabetics don’t even know or suspect anything is wrong with their urine until ants, picking the smell of sugar several metres away, have converged on it? What signals visible to man do vultures receive to gather over a dead animal in the neighbourhood bush? Poor little man, he thinks so much of himself!

Contemplating the world unseen, so to speak, and the energy levels in which we swim, we find that a man sees and feels forms and shapes, colour and tone, and hears sounds that are homogenous with the energy level of his own world. The energy worlds that are not homogenous are intangible one to another. Three radio or television sets demonstrate this. Switch two to the same frequency and channel, and you hardly can distinguish which one is on. Switch Channels Television and AIT to different channels and you hear each distinctly. They do not blend. Their paths do not cross.

Before I come to how fate comes into all this, whether as a nation, a people, or individuals, while still on a vibration level, it is important to state that many conceptual questions such as the phenomenon of witchcraft are resolved in this principle. As witchcraft is dark and evil, it can only operate in low supra-earthly energy fields in contrast to the point of an anchorage of noble volition. Thus noble souls are “untouchables” for witches. They flee from the out streaming radiations of the hallo of aura of a noble person. Only those who swing in the same low energy planes as witches can be affected by them and so can fear them. Christians will recall that, as the Lord Jesus Christ approached the man possessed of demons, which were physically invisible because they were in the ethereal, that is, higher vibrational state than the physical, they could recognize Him. However, this could not have been through His physical body since they were not physical, but through the more vibrant luminosity of His own ethereal cloak, which the Disciples were also permitted to behold with their own specially opened ethereal senses during transfiguration.

In respect of fate, we would be dealing with the world of natural beings and of radiations. If from the hypothesis we now assume that elemental or nature beings, spirits, and angels live each species in his own different energy world, the finer able to permeate the slower, but the slower never able to go beyond its own species, one leg of the equation is resolved. The other leg should pose no problem. Even if we do not believe the scientists that everything is radiation, that everything that is visible is condensation of radiations, we at least do not doubt that ice is condensed water and scientists have proven that water is condensed atoms of hydrogen and oxygen gases in a union or that these gases can be transmuted to rays. Let us come closer home. Anyone who has concerned himself with the study of uninhabited rooms or buildings will readily confirm that the uninhabited ones are healthier and habitable and more presentable. This is not perchance the consequence of human attention. The inviting state or aroma suggests something more—the inhabited building receives and is permeated by something from man which the other in disrepair and falling apart lacks. That is radiation.

Nature beings are the brains behind what we call Nature or Natural Laws. Understanding their links, with human fate requires an understanding of the simple process of transformations. As I did state last week, everything starts from light or white heat. Light radiates and the radiation gives rise to pressure which impels motion. Motion generates heat and heat, radiation. It is in the midst of heat and from radiations that forms and the union of forms come into being. The blacksmith puts his iron in his furnace of fire. When the iron is red hot, he begins to mold it into whatever tool he desires, whether into a hoe or a cutlass. Manufacturing companies have their foundry. Human deeds arise from volition and volition exerts pressure. The pressure from the invisible and perceptible volition, in accord with the Law, heats up the ethereal environment where forms of the nature of the volition, good or evil, are fashioned by the elemental or nature beings who stand in loyal service of the Creator, weaving for man the carpet of his fate in accordance with the nature and measure of his volition. This is no esoteric sweet-talk as such matters are branded by skeptics. It can be recalled that a man called Yuri Geller demonstrated the power of thought on British television for a few years in the 80s until women, frightened, complained to the broadcast house authority and the programme was stopped.

Nature beings, acting as potters, weave forms identical with the content of thought volition, speeches, and deeds. A hateful thought thus produces thought-forms of hate. Deeds imbued with love produce love forms in immeasurable proportion in reciprocity. What I am getting at is that by natural law which is an observation of the activity of elemental also called nature beings, there is a congregation of identical forms. It is the same law that separates liver cells from brain cells or makes lions separates from elephants, salmons from tilapia and whales, and smokers from gospellers. Weaker forms are drawn up by stronger forms until a community of thought forms of hate comes about, individual hate forms or love forms are linked with their authors by radiation threads. The hate community will help the hate form that has been produced to fulfill the author’s objective towards the object of his hateful thought. If they find homogenous soil in him, they whirl up hatred against him in his environment, whether in the office or in the family as the case may be. The hate may lead to murder. If he is pure, that is, hate-free or is imbued with love, there is no anchorage in him and the thought-forms have no effect, like the two sets on different channels that do not jam. Someday, the community of hate would definitely return to him to close the cycle of the thought-forms of hate that he once produced, even though carelessly. The saying that what a man sows that shall he reap many times over thus assumes a living meaning and reality. Consider the possibility of counting 450 ears of corn from a cob of maize. Recalling that there could be 10 cobs on the stalk, one would be alarmed to see how one thought-form under the law of sowing and reaping could return with 4,500 thought forms a person, the author. Or we imagine a mango tree that has produced hundreds of thousands of mango fruits in 10 years. The bountiful harvest came from only one seed! We even go to court to enforce our right of ownership to the mango tree. But we do not remember when the elemental beings bring the harvest of our sowing in thoughts!

Having demonstrated how virile and active thoughts and speeches are we can now show in all simplicity how the carpet of fate is woven. Every thought takes on form, or rather threads emanating from thought or speech are woven into forms automatically by elemental beings. The thoughts are attracted away to similar thought-forms. A huge collection of them forms power centres which are continually nourished by thoughts of the same kind from people from different parts of the world. The forms which correspond with the content of the thought and volition in the speech are connected to the authors. The forms are kept alive through accumulated energy inherent in them and driven about in the universe. They are tended with the same dedication, accuracy, and perfection that plants of the field are nurtured to maturity—whether they are useful plants or weeds. It is the attachments of these forms that chart a person’s path which he must tread willy-nilly—whether he likes it or not. The connections remain with him until they are severed which may take years, decades, or centuries. When the fruits of these thought-forms, products of thoughts or deeds ripen, they return in radiations, fed into stellar radiations of the stars (we remember horoscope?) to be led unerringly to the sower or authors. When these fruits ripen will depend on the nature of the seed. Yams, for example, take nine months before they are ready for harvesting, maize three months, and vegetables between 10 and 15 days; bitter-kola 28 years!

The radiations lead a person to circumstances, communities, or country which will permit him to experience in full measure what he has sown—poverty, pain, diseases, oppression, or joy, happiness, and prosperity as the case may be. In some cases, if a person has changed before the Karmic returns come knocking, the blows of fate are weakened, or neutralized or dispersed depending on the degree and strength of the change, which automatically takes on a corresponding form. However, in accordance with the Law, the harvest must come, even though weakened in consequence of the change now in the author, and of no effect in what is called symbolic redemption. So is it that a man who would have been crushed by a car or a heavy-duty vehicle, knocks his leg against the rim of the car in a fit of absent-mindedness; a man who would have dropped dead on the ground, knocks his toe against a stone, or a man who would have died in a car accident merely bruised his knees or was not even wounded at all, but he was in the vehicle or he was merely passing to witness the accident. Little wonder, we are admonished that in everything and for everything we should give thanks. It is the wisdom of God that rules the world. The wisdom is expressed in the immutable and self-enforcing Laws of Nature, the perfect and incorruptible Laws of God.

Where then is the forgiveness of sins? There is forgiveness of sins, but not as is generally thought. This will be treated at the appropriate time in the future. So will prayers. The primary objective of this column is only to draw attention to revelation of higher knowledge spreading on earth today which In the Light of Truth beams its unique Rays on all matters of life and existence, for peace, joy, and happiness, here and hereafter. The world is in decline. Youth rebellion has been going on in Thailand for six months. Fires in California and Australia are perennial. Now, 400,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the United States. The country has recorded more than 20 million infections. There is a resurgence of it in Nigeria. On Monday NCDC recorded 1,617 new cases of infection and 14 deaths in the country and 1,301 on Tuesday. On Sunday, the figure was 1,444 new infections, bringing the total as of that day to 110,387 cases. Knowledge of the Laws of Creation is the road to understanding the perplexities of our world and the key to unlocking them.

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