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Welcome Mr. President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari


Buhari, afetr returning to Abuja from Daura

The elections have come and gone, winners emerged and the president will again be sworn in come May 29, 2019.

During the campaigns, Nigerians did not witness much on issues bothering on plans on how to move Nigeria forward as far as governance and economy are concerned rather, it was more of if you Daga me; I’ll Takar you campaign.

Campaign of calumny, insults poured and shared, individual and political party attacks, campaign of lies and blackmail from the major political parties especially.


Even at the political debates organised by various groups, we did not witness as much as we would want to people analysing Nigeria’s myriad of social, economic and political challenges, how it could be tackled for our collective growth and development.

Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari and indeed the All Progressives Congress must realise that the political campaigns are over and they must embrace all Nigerians irrespective of their political leanings for the sake of peace, unity, and progress of the country.

It is imperative for the party to settle down and hit the ground running. Nigeria is in an intensive care unit, needing every urgent attention to survive, apparently there is no time to waste.

There is no time for unnecessary delay, propaganda and showman show but, for the government of APC to begin an emergency delivery of Nigeria from the lame duck position it has found itself. We cannot continue this gallivanting, at 59, Nigeria is old enough to truly be the giant of Africa, in action and indeed.

Since 1960, every government both military and civilian has always rehabilitated the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, one wonders when this road construction, rehabilitation will end? There is no government that has not virtually worked on this road yet, there is no end in sight. Nigerians now see it as conduit pipe.

The President Muhammadu Buhari-led government must complete this road construction in this his second term. Let this road and all other major roads, bridges, be attended to with zeal.


The 2nd Niger Bridge has always been a campaign slogan that has not materialised since 1999. This government must use the building of this bridge to prove a point to the Igbo’s.

Same for the Onitsha-Enugu road, East-West road, Umuahia-Port-Harcourt road, Mile2-Badagry road, Benin-Asaba, that has become a nightmare to travelers who must ply the route. The Government of APC must realise the importance of these roads to the economic survival of Nigeria.

This government must end the incessant ASUU strike. And, it can possibly be done by government using sincere approach at solving the grievances of these lecturers. ASUU strike has become a ritual, and this is retrogressive to our academic growth.

From investigations, it is not all about pay, allowances but, poor academic environment that is not conducive for learning.

Nigeria’s science and technology, social-economic and political survival depends on the managers of its sectors tomorrow. We must then not fail to organise the sector that will produce and make them thick in the challenges of tomorrow. Education remains the only key to open our growth and development!

The near lack of medical care in Nigeria has come to an alarming state. The rich travel abroad to seek for medical care while, the poor groan in pain until they die for having no wherewithal to visit the hospital for treatment. And, this is a country with so much abundance to build world class hospitals with modern facilities to cater for its peoples.

Our leaders since 1960 have made housing an agony for their people. Meanwhile, it is supposed to be an essential part of life necessitating the government to make it a priority. This government must at least set the pace at ending this problem.


Nigerians can own one, two bedroom bungalow, flats all across Nigeria.

It is government’s will that can drive it. We cannot continue to instill suffering on the same people we claim we have come to serve, enough, they say, is enough. Let there be housing for the people!

The economy, from all indication is dragging on its feet and something urgent need to be done to re-organise the business environment for both local and foreign investors to come in.

No doubt, Nigerian citizens are strong, industrious, ingenious, but there is no government to organise them for maximum advantage.

Nigeria has the advantage of leading African market conveniently if properly organised and that we must do.

The Nigerian youths apart from education, must be trained in one handwork; carpentry, mason, hairstyle, fashion, painting, auto repairs, etc., this would help in the speedy reduction of unemployment and improvement in the economy.

The Mountain Top University, owned by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church adopted that as compulsory qualification before graduation of any student from their institution. And, I think it is the right way to go.

We must re-invent our lost glory in sports. Nigeria used to be a force to be reckoned with in the world as far as sports is concerned, whatever happened that we lost out? This government must re-invest in sports to help eradicate poverty and unemployment in the society. The next four years of this government can be used to strengthen citizens’ faith in Nigeria and in its leaders. The change can begin now! God bless Nigeria!

Uzodinma Nwaogbe wrots from Ikeja, Lagos

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