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When the economy is to blame for the economy


economyIn separating the dancer from the dance we are able to blame the dance for bad leg movement as well as unco-ordinated hand and shoulders lifting and dipping. Same thing with Economics. Once we have succeeded in separating the seller from the sold, the buyer from the bought, we are free to chastise the bought and the sold. If both bought and sold are the same material or the same service all the better.

What is wrong with the transaction it is the bought and the sold that are to blame. You do not blame the buyer or the seller. And since these two are inanimate materials or else emailed materials or even simply ideas sold and bought no action consequent upon their rottenness can be made as compensation. That’s what makes blaming the economy for the economy is so much fun.

To God be the Glory when things are good and the Devil be damned when things are bad. Having handed our victories to God and our defeats to the devil we are free to roam without sin! We are blameless and without responsibility. Even thieves who contribute their humble tithe to their churches claim the devil made them do it. If the police release them and forgive them this one time, they will not steal again. Elite thieves simply deny, they didn’t do it! The country’s money just found its way into their pockets.

Let us then reflect on our economy that is to blame for the state of our economy. First of all is ours a capitalist economy? There are two sectors. There is the formal economy, which speaks of interest rates, bonds and capital markets as well as direct foreign investment or DFI. In fact, when our TVs presenters present these figures, they say them as if they know not what they are saying. In truth they know not what they are saying. This foreign language formal economy also includes and involves banks. Banks normally are about lending money, investing money, dispensing money as needed, right? More about this later.

There is the informal sector. This is the section that is based on what TM Aluko of blessed memory author of “One Man One Wife” describes courtesy of his character in that novel Royalson, acclaimed letter writer “the unwritten but verbal verbose and oral history of Idasaland.” It is also described as subsistence existence economy or here today gone tomorrow economy. The frequently never asked question is ‘Can this informal economy take us to the height of world economy’? It is bigger than the formal economy. Do these two constitute a capitalist economy?

It is difficult to call it capitalist seeing how capitalist economy works where it came from. But then there are eggs and there are eggs. Same thing with economies. They said consumption couldn’t fire an economy. Japan said it can. They said capitalism could not live side by side with political party dictatorship. China says it can. Who says that somewhere in the future we will not discover a formula that will make it possible for subsistence existence economy lift us the head of world Economy?

What are the other characteristics of our economy? One major characteristic is irregularity. Salaries and payments are irregular. Those who live on salaries, pensions and old age grants do not get the money on a regular basis. Those who live on bribery also do not get bribed on a regular basis. Kidnappers live in fear that families, friends and well-wishers who contribute to ransom money never do so quickly and on time. What about those who live on begging? You cannot depend on when the alert is coming in. What irregularity means is that nothing can be planned ahead. And as the old English adage goes, he or she who fails to plan is actually planning to fail. Our failures are all over the place for all of us to see.

Another characteristic of our economy is the settlement system. This is a special payment system perfected by a former military president. You want things to go your way, you settle those who can make it happen. Like you want a third term for instance, you pay those who can panel-beat the constitution to yield a third term. Or you don’t want an opponent to stand against you in an election, you settle your opponent. A settlement economy is again plagued by irregularity. How often do you get a chance to be settled by someone looking for a third term?

Finally, the third characteristic is uncertainty. Aimasiko lo ndaamu eda! Not to know when menaces human beings is the ancient wisdom of our people. In spite of this knowledge of the evil effect of uncertainty we do nothing, unlike other economies, to minimise uncertainty in our lives. Or rather what we do to stem uncertainty is so puerile, so unsophisticated it falls flat and becomes undependable.

What, Mr. Trouble asked a university professor of economics (with a lower case ‘e’) professing at our Roadside University in the area of criminally sourced financial derivatives, what is the solution to an economy riddled with irregularity, settlement system and uncertainty? He was told that the solution is a Prayer Economy. Capitalism is a Preyer, please note the difference between ‘prayer’ and ‘preyer’, capitalism is a preyer economy. It preys on the people of God through the power of Satan. To counter it we must deceive Satan by using something similar to what Satan knows – prayer. With a prayer economy we can defeat the capitalist preyer economy.

There are difficult questions for the professor, according to Mr. Trouble. Is prayer regular? Is prayer inimical to settlement? Is prayer certain? All over the country as Trouble travels around it seemed as if the only economy that is thriving is in fact the prayer economy. Fat churches are being built on large land allocations. Thousands attend church services and vigils not only on Sundays but as well as on Mondays, on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays. The prayer economy has become a 24/7 economy. Aleluyah!!!

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