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Woo That Lady




I KNOW you may not want to read further because you feel you are already a pro in this but I hope those who wish to read will learn a thing or two on how best to approach the lady they admire. One thing I must remind you is that ladies, just like you, are human beings with needs for companionship, affection, and friendship. They are not a strange breed; they have vision, passion, and purpose just as men.

I am sure by now, you have that lady who is your dream woman. It’s possible you have her, it’s possible you don’t have her. It’s also possible you want to have her but cant because you don’t know how to approach her.  I want you to follow these very simple steps. Don’t get it twisted; this is about ladies, not girls.

Find out what gets her hooked first We are different and what gets our attention differs.  For me, it’s intelligence.  For another lady, it could be your calm disposition, career, or spirituality. Watch her from a distance first, study her personality, and use what she likes to woo her. You can woo a girl just by saying hi; a proper lady takes her time to study you.

Do not be shy about it. No matter how less of a man and substandard you think you are, you are a man and can get the princess of Wales to fall for you if you know who you are. Drop the timidity and know that you are a man.

Be mindful of your look; don’t overdress and don’t appear tattered. In fashion, especially when you are yet to know what she likes, keeping it simple is safer. Don’t just rush from your office to that evening date without freshening up. Brush your mouth and use a good cologne. In using your cologne, always remember that little is much.

Begin with subtle compliments and appreciation; ladies are moved by words. Appreciate her personality and be honest about it; you don’t need to be a comedian to express yourself. Talk about what really got you attracted to her. Forget about beauty and straight legs and seductive eyes at first, concentrate on more tangible things. Admire her intelligence, focus, strength, godliness, and hard work. These are the things that matter more to a real woman.

Be real and down to earth, the worst that can happen is that she failed to give you enough time, but a second is enough to leave an impression that will make her long for you all the days of her life. Maintain eye contact and speak calmly to her soul. Avoid being loud. Real ladies hate lousy men. Save her the embarrassment. Don’t make her to ask for the restroom just because she has to escape from your public show of shame.

You don’t need to show her how much you have in your account. I remember a certain man who came to my office with bank statements and landed property documents just to prove to me that he has what it takes to take care of me; what a foolish way to insult a woman. You don’t need to show off the designers you are wearing. You don’t need to tell her how much you spent to customize your Bugatti. Such things get real women turned off. A woman appreciates you better when she is left to discover who you are.

Be yourself and speak gently to her Listen to the things she isn’t saying with her mouth. If she still maintains a perfect eye contact with you, then your wooing isn’t doing a thing to her, but when you see her shy and sometimes avoiding eye contact, you are closer to where you wish to be.

Take things slowly…

No matter how much you love her, don’t rush her into falling for you. After the first date, send her a text to be sure she got home safely, but don’t call her. If she wants a second date, she will call or send messages to chat with you days after your first date. Give her some time and always be available to help and support her. Show more interest in her career and future than her body.

Always listen to her and get to know what she cherishes and appreciates; most times, they are not the most expensive or the things you feel all ladies cherish. If you go on with the mindset that what women want is money, you will lose the right woman. Yes, we want money and comfort (who doesn’t), but there are things we appreciate first before money.

The mistake guys make is approaching a lady with this mindset hence, their inability to be real. A bad girl will see through you, take that money from you, and dump you later for the right guy. When you know those subtle things that make her feel on top of the world, you sure have registered your name in the deepest part of her heart.  Never forget, their is that little girl in every lady Wooing is a lifetime journey. Whether you are courting, dating, or married to her, you need to daily and constantly remind her that you made no mistake choosing her. Never stop giving her those words of affirmation. Who knows; the things you compliment could be the things she is most worried about. Now you see how a sincere compliment can give her confidence that will last a lifetime.

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