Monday, 16th May 2022
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ADC gives free form to female presidential aspirant, urges probe of APC aspirants

By Adamu Abuh, Abuja
13 May 2022   |   4:04 am
To encourage women participation in politics, African Democratic Party (ADC) has handed a free expression and nomination forms to a female Presidential aspirant, Dr Ify George Oforkansi.


To encourage women participation in politics, African Democratic Party (ADC) has handed a free expression and nomination forms to a female Presidential aspirant, Dr Ify George Oforkansi.

This is as the party demanded explanations on the source of N100m used by the Presidential aspirants of the ruling All progressives Congress (APC) to procure their nomination forms.

The party handed the form to Oforkansi shortly after she declared interest for the plum job in Abuja.

She expressed confidence of emerging triumphant at the general election, if given the party ticket at the primary.

Oforkansi promised to transform the country from its current status, as the world poverty headquarters to the world prosperity headquarters.

She also said as a good mother, she will not sit comfortably and watch her own children suffer hunger, maimed and lavish in joblessness.

She said, “If I am allowed to govern our dear country Nigeria as president in 2023, I shall tackle unemployment, find solutions to insecurity, religious intolerance and inculcate women and youth massively into governance.”

Oforkansi further said that she has been compelled by the present predicament and the dilapidated condition of the country to run for the presidency to help rebuild the nation, fix the economy to become one of the best in the world.

The presidential aspirant said she will boost the education and agricultural sectors, oil and gas, health and power sectors, as well as harness the country’s natural resources.

According to her “A woman, Flora Shaw formed this country, if she should be revived from the grave to see the present condition where her children are dying of hunger, killed and destroyed, various kinds of agitation and what have you, she will surely weep uncontrollable. Only a woman can set this nation on a good course before it is too late.

“I am on a rescue mission, a mission to rebirth Nigeria. The land has drunk enough blood. Only a woman can revive this nation since men have failed to tackle her fundamental problems over the years. We cannot remain fugitives in our own blessed country.”

The chairman of the ADC Board of Trustees, Senator Patricia Akwashiki who spoke during the North Central stakeholders meeting of the party in Abuja at the weekend remarked that the payment of such monies smacks of crass insensitivity to the plight of Nigerians.

The Nasarawa born politician called on APC presidential aspirants to disclose how they earned the monies used to procure their expression of interest and nomination forms.

She maintained that ADC would offer its expression of interest and nomination forms to aspirants with the wherewithal to administer the country.

According to her: “2023 is a different ball game all together. The ADC is open to Nigerians to make the right choice. In doing so, they should look at quality of those they are voting for. Our forms are free for youths, women and for people with special needs.

“Our forms are not expensive not because we don’t like money but because we want quality people. Today people can’t afford education, power and petrol. Even the food is nowhere to be found. Our people are suffering. Yet we have cabinet members buying forms for N100m.

“Where are they getting the money from. Nigerians should ask this question, they should demand explanations over such display of insensitivity.”

National leader of the party and House of Representatives member, Mr Leke Abejide, who spoke in the same vein enjoined Nigerians to vote wisely at the poll.

“We don’t have the money. Our forms can’t go for N100m. We didn’t steal Nigeria money to flout it. All ministers, who bring such money to buy APC form, we should ask him where did he get it from. Nigerians must be careful not to mortgage the future. ADC is a different party and it is the party that can salvage the country,” he noted.

ADC’s Vice Chairman, Dr Peter Edeh argued that it would be just and equitable for the North Central geopolitical zone to produce the occupant of the presidency in the 2023 poll.

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