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The Oceanna: redefining Nigeria’s skyline


Nigerian Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA)

Each country’s skyline is defined by her most iconic structures, be they natural or constructed. This is part of what determines the volume and quality of tourists that the country is able to attract, constantly.

Tourists are known to visit some countries just to behold certain iconic projects or monuments. The Flames of Azerbaijan and Burj Khalifa, Dubai are two iconic projects that presently define the skyline of and confer dignity on host nations, Azerbaijan and Dubai respectively. Interestingly, both projects were conceived for and are now serving these purposes.

While some countries are famous for their religious/cultural landmarks, others are known for their manmade icons such as the Statue of Liberty, New York, USA, the Eiffel Tower, Paris, and the Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark, to mention just a few examples.

Nigeria’s efforts at scripting her name and skyline in the roll-call of international landmarks is traceable to 1997 with the famous national theatre, purpose-built for the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC).

Hosting the world was always going to be a big issue and Nigeria had to show her might on this occasion after Senegal (Dakar) hosted the maiden edition in 1966. An event where over 16,000 people were expected to participate, gifted Nigeria a befitting national theatre and an ultramodern housing estate.

Forty years down the line, it has taken a private initiative to attempt redefining or improving on the Lagos skyline and the Nigerian national identity. The Oceanna – born of the Ocean, is springing up at the Atlantic Oceanside at the Victoria Island area of Lagos, in a show of ambition and clear redefinition of luxury being championed by Grenadines Homes, a member of the Palton Morgan Holdings.

Adeyinka Adesope, Group Managing Director, Palton Morgan Holdings, shares the vision behind The Oceanna. “We looked at Nigeria in the comity of nations and asked ‘how do we make our little contribution to dignifying her and contributing to the economy from our segment?’ The dream is to hoist the green-white-green proudly high among other national iconic projects that distinguish their host countries.”

Armed with this dream, Grenadines Homes’ management had to study the Nigerian estate industry in comparison with what shaped other countries’ image profiles via the skyline and opted to trust the Nigerian dream to globally proven professionals and consultants.

Adesope explains that “having grown up knowing the national theatre as Nigeria’s landmark identity and watching it lose flavor to quality management, got us thinking about how to deliver a befitting landmark development, to fuel national pride, aspiration and help discerning people find their place in history. That’s what gave birth to The Oceanna.”

This idea, already entrusted to leading and proven professionals and consultants across the world has come with its little pleasant surprises. The mixed development (comprising commercial, recreational and residential) is already a proven commercial success guaranteeing investors mouthwatering returns. The Group Managing Director shares on the investment side.

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