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5 amazing reasons you should hire a wedding planner


The ‘ember’ months are here again; the period of the year characterised with so much events, mostly weddings.

A lot of details and activities are involved in putting together a wedding and many couples would rather plan their weddings, with help from friends and family members, only to discover they are making a mess of the whole show.

To many celebrants, hiring a wedding planner seems like an unnecessary expense, especially when trying to keep the costs as low as can be. But guess what? That is not true!

In this article, we are going to show you five reasons you should hire a professional to plan your dream wedding for you.

1. You Will Save Money
This certainly is the opposite of what you have always believed, that because you will have to pay the wedding planner, you will have to spend more money. Not so!

A good wedding planner will save you the money you spend on hiring him/her and even more. Once your planner knows what your budget is and how strict you are about sticking to it, he/she would know how to go about getting considerable discounts on several items, based on his/her working relationships with vendors and suppliers from past events, thereby saving you a lot more than you would have done if you were to plan your wedding by yourself.

2. You Will Save Time
Instead of you having to run around having series of meetings with vendors and suppliers and trying to decide the caterers, decorators and so on, your wedding planner can help fix all of those details.

When you let a professional run your event, you worry less about logistics and have more time to network and make the event more enjoyable both for yourself and for everyone involved.

3. You Can Easily Achieve Your Objective
Having a flawless wedding with fantastic decoration and a smooth running programme where guests are well treated like royalties will most likely be top among your objectives. But guess what! Only the professionals in the event industry can make that happen.

A wedding planner knows what makes for a fabulous wedding, because he/she is an expert in that field, while you are not. You are only an expert in your area of business or career.

A wedding planner knows what will work and what will not work. He/she equally knows how things should be set up to avoid a catastrophe. When things are not going on as planned, he/she knows how to quickly put alternative arrangement in place to still deliver a beautiful event.

So, why not allow someone with the know-how to handle your dream wedding and deliver your objectives?

4. You Can Relax
Planning your wedding by yourself is really a big job because of the several details that go into it. You will have to run around to find a venue, carry out an exhaustive search to find the right vendors and caterers, shop for your gown and all personal effects and so on. These can be really stressful.

Hiring a wedding planner on the other hand gives you chance to breathe. You can relax and be at your best on your wedding day, instead of running around like a madman/woman trying to make things work.

5. You Will Feel Like A Royalty
This is probably what we enjoy most as an event planning company- making our clients feel like guests at their own events.

Every responsible wedding planner should make you feel that way on your D-Day. You should not need to worry about little details, about things going wrong or about who has eaten and who has not. You should be able to shine, feeling like a royalty, even at your own wedding.

To further help you get the best deals for your dream wedding this period is our ongoing promo that runs till March next year. Put a call across to us today and we will be more than glad to deliver to you a most memorable wedding on very low budget.

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