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A call for action from our leaders


Joy-UmorenIn a Nation where hunger, poverty, unemployment, power failure, killings, kidnappings, accidents, and hardship, etc, have become the order of the day, it is pertinent for our leaders, both past and present, to come together and think of the way forward.

It is a pity that things have deteriorated to this level, yet our leaders are unperturbed. Rather than come together as one to proffer solution to these challenges, they are busy nailing each other. You flip through the pages of a newspaper and there is nothing to hope for. You turn on the TV and it’s the same thing. Propaganda has come to stay as everyone keeps fighting to stay relevant.

In the midst of all this, the poor masses are suffering. How can we make progress when our hearts are filled with so much hatred? Our youths have been torn apart as some of them don’t even know which camp to belong.

Most comical is the fact that those who defected to the ruling party have become saints. The question is, if we are all saints, then how did we get here? I am calling on our leaders to please forget the drama, and come together and think of the way forward before we lose it completely. This is not the time to apportion blames, the child is already born in the market square, hence there is no need telling the mother to close her legs. We need solutions, not more problems.

We are the change we seek, let’s strive for the common good of our beloved country and bury our personal interests. Let’s give peace a chance, let love be our greatest virtue. Let’s arise and build one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity. The time is now; tomorrow might be too late.
• Miss Umoren is a recent graduate of the University of Calabar.

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