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Accursed money


couples in a relationship PHOTO:Pixabay

If a man was truly in love with a woman, that man should be Lanre. His heart was full of love for Foluke, and he showed it in every way, not minding what anybody would say behind him.

Some people said spiteful things against Lanre. Some called him a womaniser, others called him a ‘woman wrapper.’ But ‘love,’ they say, ‘is blind.’ So, Lanre was really convinced that what he felt for Foluke was pure love and nothing short of that.

Lanre wasn’t the only suitor. Actually, many men were crazy for the love of this enchanting, beautiful and delectable lady called Foluke. Lanre was a graduate of Electrical Engineering, while Foluke was a polytechnic graduate of Business Administration.


At age 23, Lanre was already a graduate. He had now finished his studies, but to get a job became very difficult for him. For seven years, he went about with his university certificate in search of any job at all, but he couldn’t get one.

His parents too were not helpful with regards to getting him a job. They were poor and had managed, out of nothing, to see him through his education. His parents didn’t have the connection and the wherewithal to sponsor him for a personal business.

Lanre was tall and lanky and exuded self-confidence. He was so poor that he had only a shirt and a pair trousers and a worn out sandal, which was as old as time. His only shirt and trousers were patched in several ‘strategic’ and noticeable places.

Despite his poverty-stricken condition, he always maintained a cool and cheerful disposition, believing that he would overcome his problems and travails, no matter how choking and frustrating.

He was really in love with Foluke and whenever he was with her, he forgot his worries and pitiable situation. Foluke’s presence gave him joy and excitement.

Lanre was close to 30 now, but still had not gotten any means of livelihood; he smelt of poverty and lack. Even his situation had reached a point where rats and other rodents started eating and nibbling at his university certificate. He was based in Ekiti State.

That fateful week, he made up his mind to come to Lagos to ask the hand of Foluke in marriage, being madly in love with her. His parents kicked against such an idea and explained their position to him. Lanre met Foluke during his national youth service.

“Lanre,” his dad called, “don’t let your heart rule your head. Foluke is a Lagos girl; you are still unemployed. Wait till you get a good job, because lots of women are interested in how full a man’s pocket is, particularly Lagos girls.”

“But dad,” he replied, “I can’t continue life this way. Very soon, I’ll be 40, and without a wife and children. I am in love with Foluke and I know she’s also in love with me. I just want us to do a quiet, inexpensive introduction, so that I can be rest assured that she’s completely mine. “I’ll go to Lagos with my uncle and a couple of friends to do a formal introduction. After that, we can then do a society wedding when money comes, and this time, you and mum will be there. What do you think about that, dad?”

“That’s okay by me, son. I give you my blessing. My hearty regards to Foluke’s parents. Be careful when you get to Lagos. May God be with you on your journey,” Lanre’s dad concluded as he bade his son farewell.
(To be continued next week)

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