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Adorn your home with beautiful flowers


What is an elegant home without the beauty of flowers in the surroundings to bestow your atmosphere with the serenity of nature? Having flowers in your home increases happiness, reduces depression and anxiety whilst improving emotional contact with family and friends.

So, if there is a better time to plant new flowers of choice or have your existing indoor and outdoor flowers flourish better, the rainy season is your best bet. For those who have outdoor plants in their home, you must have noticed how nicely your plants are growing right now as a result of the
The rain does not just help flowers grow and reproduce; it also allows them to disperse themselves much more efficiently. This is why even your indoor plants shouldn’t be left behind, as this is the time to bring them out into the rain to flourish better with the season.

Wondering if your indoor plant can tolerate being soaked with rainwater even if the soil is already wet? Of course, rainwater contains more oxygen than tap water. The oxygen in rainwater gives you a margin of safety when soil is saturated.
So, if you are ready for a refreshing atmosphere free of air pollutants, it’s time for some new plants both in your exterior and interior. Flowers not only make a space feel cozier and welcoming, they are also good for your mental and physical health.

Benefits of Rainwater on Your Flowers
* Rainwater frees nutrients and minerals in the soil your flowers need to survive. As the soil absorbs rainwater, a film forms around soil particles. The roots then absorb these particles in a process called diffusion. These nutrients are carried to the rest of the flowers.
* Rain helps wash off dust and any other dirt or debris that may be on your leaves. However, if you have indoor plants with delicate leaves, don’t leave them in a heavy downpour.
* Rainwater dissolves the salts and other minerals in the tap water, especially if your tap water mineral is quite hard. Hard water is not a health risk to humans, but it will cause a layer of salt and calcium carbonate to form on the soil or roots of your plant, which will eventually begin to repel water. This is why rain water in its season is perfect for your flowers as it is naturally soft and can help flush these minerals out of the soil in your indoor plants container. Hence, a periodic leaching as this is an excellent save for your flowers.
* Rainwater also clears out the stomata or respiratory pores on your plant’s leaves, improves its ability to take in carbon dioxide and nutrients for photosynthesis. This will help your indoor and outdoor flowers healthier and grow better.


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