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Bathroom is the ultimate rank of your hotel and home

By Maria Diamond
10 August 2019   |   4:09 am
Oftentimes people tend to pay absolute attention into polishing structure, furniture and accessories to meet a gratified standard...

Oftentimes people tend to pay absolute attention into polishing structure, furniture and accessories to meet a gratified standard in their homes and hotels, thereby neglecting the bathroom.

It would interest you to know that the quality of your home or hotel is determined by the quality of your bathroom.

Show me a structured and classy home or hotel and I will show you a bathroom specifically planned and designed by an expert.

The first place civilized people from the first world inspect when they walk into a hotel or a home is the bathroom, and a dysfunctional bathroom is a set-off.

A tastefully designed bathroom is a well-being oasis in your own home or hotel – a haven of peace where you can relax.

People who understand that the home or hotel is ranked by the quality of its bathroom, know the necessity in hiring a special bathroom engineer, different from a construction engineer, to design the bathroom. And of course the importance of maintaining a sparkling clean one. There is nothing more luxurious and extravagant than a well-structured bathroom without all the plumping and wiring in the open.

A bathroom designer knows how trite it is to have exposed plumbing and wiring, so he infuses everything underground such that all you see in the bathroom are the appliances, your water closet, bathtub, washbasin and other accessories.

What your bathroom should be
Your bathroom does not necessarily have to be massive but ensure that it is well structured.
. Ensure to tile all over and optimise a large space with floor-to-ceiling tiles.
. Your bathroom should have thorough finishes, elegant fittings and timeless accessories.
. Follow the footsteps of some of the world’s best hotels with fearless design choices that will help you achieve a designer bathroom look even in your home.
. Hide away toiletries in an under-basin cabinet and keep the scheme smart with a smooth slate grey floor.
. Your bathroom should be a place where you can read, relax, have private conversations without a feeling of irritation, a odourless place where you can breathe.

Planning a bathroom with shower
A flush-fitting corner shower with a rain showerhead paves the way for uniquely relaxing wellness moments. A slim line washbasin together with a compact toilet and a space-saving vanity unit will combine comfort with freedom of movement.

Planning a spa bathroom
When it comes to planning your very own spa bathroom, you can give free rein to your creativity. Find inspiration with gentle bubbling indoor hot tubs, flush-fitting wellness showers with rain showerheads, elegant washbasins and high-quality taps and fittings, as well as tasteful accessories to create the bathroom of your dreams step by step.

Planning a guest bathroom
The planning of a guest bathroom is a challenge, especially because of its generally smaller size. In order to make the most of the available space, you could opt for a practical compact toilet or a narrow washbasin. A space-saving walk-in shower can complete your fully equipped guest bathroom.