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Be Irresistible To Your Man


image source thefrisky

image source thefrisky

FOR most of us, women, when a new man comes along, we start thinking and saying to ourselves, “could this be the one?”

This just best describes me, sometime back actually, but if you are anything like I was, on your first or second date with a man, you might be thinking about what the rest of your life “together” will look like.

It is not the same for men. The guy is most likely not going to leave that date wondering what the future will be like (even if he likes you). Men’s brains just are not wired that way.

Women tend to look into the distance for the relationship, while most men are all about the moment. This is not anyone’s fault; it is just an example of how men and women’s brains are wired differently.

Many women do not enjoy the dating process; they want to rush through it as quickly as possible to get to a commitment.

I remember always feeling this way till I just had to shake it off. One day, I was tired of dating and I just wanted to find “the one.” I was always in my masculine energy trying to “make something happen” in dating and relationships, and all that I did was push good men away on a deep level.
The truth is: Masculine-energy men go crazy for a woman who is living in her feminine energy when she is fully experiencing life and getting inside of every moment.

When I started practising experiencing one moment at a time, everything shifted and that is when I started meeting good men.

When it came to dating, I went from being results-oriented (“could this be ‘the one’?”) to becoming more process-oriented (“I
wonder who this man is and why he showed up!”), and this made all the difference in the world for me.

We, women, can get very caught up in looking in the distance for the relationship. We tend to worry about how it is all going to turn out and most men are the opposite; they just want to feel good in the moment.

If you could reverse that, and just play in the moment, if he is the right man for you, he will want to keep coming towards you! “Forever.”

To most men, it is just a bunch of moments strung together. This does not mean that if a man is waving red flags, you should ignore them. You absolutely want to trust your instincts and boundaries, and not allow yourself to invest in a man who is not looking for a relationship, if that is what you want.

That said, when you are looking for a relationship, you do not want to push; you want to draw a man in. This is not a “game” at all; it is a whole new way to live your life!

So many of us are rushing through our days, just “going through the motions” and living our lives on autopilot. Women who are naturally irresistible to men know how to slow down the tempo of every moment, so they can actually experience it while it is happening.

Practise slowing down your movements, the tempo of your voice, and entire conversations. The idea is to get inside of every moment.

When you are talking to a man, you want to actually experience his words and his eyes, feel the air on your skin, and really take in everything around you.

All of this will make you much more sensual and tactile. And it gives him a moment to breathe.

Men can feel turned off when we are moving too fast. They want to know that you are interested in getting to know who they are, not just looking to them to “fill a role.”

Many women feel frustrated, hopeless or just plain exhausted from kissing too many frogs, and I understand that frustration, because I am still kissing frogs, looking for my prince. I think I have found him though.

But anyway, let me tell you that it only takes one man to make the whole journey worthwhile.

Once you start getting in touch with your feminine energy by slowing down the tempo and getting inside of every moment, the right man for you will not be able to get enough of you; he will want to experience more and more moments with you.

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