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Beauty of tropical plants

By Sereba Agiobu-Kemmer
11 May 2019   |   4:11 am
If you’re like me, no matter where you live, you’re determined to add some tropical greenery to your garden, even if only in containers that can be moved...

Dramatic lighting in a tropical backyard garden

If you’re like me, no matter where you live, you’re determined to add some tropical greenery to your garden, even if only in containers that can be moved to more comfortable spots as the weather fluctuates. How do you go about this? We can start by enjoying some garden design inspiration from these beautiful outdoor spaces filled with tropical plants…

Plants That Make an Impact ’ll begin with the plants! There’s nothing like a garden filled with tropical statements, such as the 40-ft wall of greenery below! The beauty of vertical gardening is on display, thanks to plants such as Acorus, Carex, Colocacia, Philodendron and Begonia.

To add height, consider a hardy plant with a tropical look, such as bamboo. Clumping bamboo isn’t invasive, so it won’t easily spread to other areas of the garden. Below we see golden goddess clumping bamboo make a statement against a neutral-toned wall

Lighting To highlight the bold shapes of tropical greenery in your garden, consider using dramatic lighting, as shown in the outdoor space below. Bright colors and tropical plants are enhanced by the strategic use of lighting

Tropical plants make a green wall in a side garden

This garden has a stunning impact blending Tropical and Mediterranean designs. Fills the mind with amazing gardening possibilities.

Don’t underestimate the power of container gardening when it comes to tropical plants. This may be the perfect solution for climates that are anything but tropical. Containers (that aren’t massive) can be moved indoors during cold climate and relocated to the shade during the hot weather.

Adding Color to Tropical Gardens
Now let’s talk color, an important component of the tropical garden! Try painting an outdoor wall a vibrant color. For example, the orange wall is a radiant focal point in the outdoor space below, which features greenery of all heights. On a side note, succulents such as echeveria are a wonderful addition to the tropical garden.

Containers of tropical potted plants

For an extra dose of brightness, try adding a few colors to an accent wall. Unexpected hues can give a tropical garden true personality. For example, the shades of purple, magenta and pink below beautifully offset the succulents in shades of blue and green. As noted above, succulents have a look that can enhance a garden tropical theme, especially in desert climates where other tropical plants won’t thrive.

Outdoor seating can introduce color to the tropical yard. The lime green chairs and umbrella in the next featured image below are vivid yet soothing.

Mediterannean and Tropical styles combine in this modern garden

In addition to colorful seating, a painted door can create a bright focal point. As we saw with the painted wall in a previous picture of this section, orange is a popular color for tropical gardens.

Speaking of orange, check out the blooms on the patio above. In addition to the blue-green door, the plants themselves add a lovely dose of color to the space.

Colorful plants, radiant walls, vibrant seating which are interesting, functional and simply beautiful…there are so many ways to add style to the tropical outdoor space! Are you inspired ? I know I am!

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